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Chapter Directory 402 Chapter 96 The Request Of Sting Bee
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter 96 The Sting Bee's Request

     Chapter 96 The Sting Bee's Request

     Ye Ci remembered what Tamra had confessed to him before he died, which was also the Quest, so he respectfully said: "Stinger Bee, Tamra asked me to pick you up before he died. He said, you are dependent on life and death. My friend, so he hopes to be able to stay with him on the land of his hometown. I don’t know if you want it?” Although this is a Quest, it’s a grave digging. Therefore, Ye Ci still intends to ask the client’s opinion first. Don’t let her work so hard to dig a grave, and at the end arduous and thankless task.

     Sting Bee was not surprised by Ye Ci's words, as if he had already guessed it. His gaze looked far away, and Ye Ci followed his gaze. That direction was the ancient battlefield, where countless elves once gave their lives. Although it is a bleak place now, how many souls are still asleep under the mud?

     "No, my people, I don't want to leave here." The Sting Bee retracted his gaze and looked at Ye Ci, with a smile on his mouth: "It's a pity that you can't fulfill Tamra's last wish."

     "Why? Don't you want to go back to your hometown? There are green trees and green water, brilliant wild flowers and lush zelkova trees..."Ye Ci was interrupted by the slow voice of the sting bee before he finished speaking. He said, "But, there is no comrade in arms there. My tribe, I really want to return to my hometown. I am indeed a good friend of Tamra. But, before this, I was a Warrior first, I was a guard who charged into the battle. Warrior can't escape in battle, even if I'm dead, I can't leave my comrade-in-arms and leave here."

     In other words, although the sting bee rejected Ye Ci, the Quest that Tamra explained should also be completed. According to the general Quest model, it is now a Quest turning point, which means that the next sting bee will give a reply to Tam Pull the Quest. Ye Ci opened the Quest panel, but when he looked at Quest, he frowned slightly. On the Quest panel, Tamra asked to bring back the bones of the sting bee. The Quest still exists, and there is no prompt of completion or failure. Explain that this Quest must bring back the bones of the sting bee.But now that Sting Bee has clearly rejected this request, she can't ignore the will of the ghost npc and directly dig the grave. In this case, the Sting Bee’s favorability value for himself will be greatly reduced. His level is not low. If he suddenly drops to aggro, it is not worthwhile to directly kill himself. Even if it is not that point, he still has something to ask for Sting Bee. If he no longer cares about his life and death in his anger, wouldn't it be that the secret of opening the halo in the temple will not be answered. Isn’t that the gains do not make up for the losses? So, even though Sting Bee is not willing now, he doesn’t say strongly that he will not go home under any circumstances, right? So it seems that maybe things are still There is a turning point.

     After making up his mind, Ye Ci changed another way and continued to say to the sting bee: "The sting bee, elves have always been a trustworthy race. I am proud of your persistence and belief."

     Sting Bee was very helpful to such praise, and he respectfully bowed it, "People, this is the highest praise to me."

     Ye Ci nodded and then sighed long.

     This caught the attention of the sting bee, and he asked, "My tribe, why are you sighing?"

     "Sting bee, I just sigh, I am destined to be unable to be a hero like you.""Why? Every elf with elf blood flowing in its veins can do it. This is our instinct."

     "However, I can't even do the most fundamental credit. Even if I make a great contribution and sacrifice, it is actually like a joke." Ye Ci shrugged: "You have your persistence, it seems, I can only lose faith in Tamra, and hope that he can forgive my slackingness in the arms of the goddess of nature." She said that she saluted the sting bee again and smiling: "I'm leaving, stinging bee, I'll see you again when I have time." She said that without even looking at the sting bee, she turned around and entered the Stealth state, slowly leaving.

     As she moved, she kept muttering in her heart: "Stinging bee, stinging bee, don't ignore it, God, you must bless me, make this sting bee unbearable, open your eyes ..." Before she took a few steps, she heard the sound of the sting bee ringing again: "Wait."

     Ye Ci almost jumped up in excitement. It seems that his ability to fool npc has increased a lot. I hope that Sting Bee's answer will not let me down. She reduced the excitement on her face and replaced it with a slightly surprised expression, and then walked from Stealth to the front of the sting bee, this time regaining her form, and rushing to the sting bee: "What's wrong, Sting bee? Is there anything else?"Sting Bee’s face was somewhat apologetic: "Sorry, my people, I patronized myself, but I forgot your promise." He said and looked in the direction of the ancient battlefield: "But, I still don't want to Separate from my comrades-in-arms, my people, can you do me a favor? If you can do me this favor, I will return home with you."

     "Of course, my hero, you are so considerate of me, I will naturally realize your wishes as much as possible, I don't know what your wishes are?" Yes, that's it. Ye Ci quickly bowed his head and looked respectful.

     "The comrades who used to go on the expedition with me, they and I made a vow in front of the temple that we will live and die together. Now they are all buried on the battlefield, only I am buried here, if I can’t Leave with them, and I will stay here forever. My people, if you want to take me away, please also take my comrades-in-arms away. I think they miss my hometown more than I do." Stinger Bee said .Ye Ci's eyebrows can't help but move, she heard that right, all the comrades...the elves who played in the battle there were no one million but one hundred thousand, let her bring them all back... it would be better to kill her directly. . But despite this, she took a deep breath, and now she can only hope that the game planner will not be so ****, and see how many comrades in arms he will bring back? "Yes, but, how many sting bees should I bring back?"

     "Of course none of them are left. The comrades who vowed in front of the temple with me back then are a small team. We have a thousand people. I hope you can find all their bones, and then we can go back to our hometown together. "The Stinger Bee said so, and at this time Ye Ci has also received Quest. Like all Hidden Quests, there is no need for Ye Ci to accept or not accept, and it has directly appeared in her Quest panel. Ye Ci looked at the Quest request and wanted to go to the ancient battlefield to retrieve a thousand bones.

     She exhaled. Fortunately, it was one thousand, not one hundred and eighty thousand. If that were the case, she would walk away without looking back, resolutely not to do this Quest. Accepting Quest, Ye Ci bid farewell to the sting bee, and recruited the sixth man to fly in the direction of the ancient battlefield.But it didn't take long before she was forced to return to the ground. Because there are too many flying creatures in the sky, and there are even many low-level dragons. Although the sixth is a high-level sacred dragon, the level is still too low compared to these monsters. If she ventures to ride the sixth Xianggu Battlefield, let’s not say that your safety is not guaranteed, maybe even the sixth child will be buried here. In this case, it is better to walk directly from the land. Although it is more dangerous, her goal is small. As long as the reaction is fast enough, it is not too difficult to reach the ancient battlefield smoothly.

     Although this is Ye Ci's plan, it is still very difficult to do. From the swamp of despair to the ancient battlefield, there are about seven or eight maps, and the monsters on these maps are taller than one. He will not be found in the Swamp of Despair, which does not mean that he will not be found in other maps.

     Fortunately, Ye Ci has a deceptive brooch. She disguised herself as the same race as a monster without passing through a map, and then walked next to her, trying not to contact other monsters along the way, so she walked down a few maps. She is relatively safe.The closer you are to the ancient battlefield, the more the remnants of Naga’s army. Because these dark-type demons have lost the leadership of the king, they are constantly wandering and wandering on these war-burned lands, as long as there is a little stranger Breath, they can fly over and tear him to pieces. Moreover, these dark prestige is different from the undead creatures. They are the same as ordinary creatures. They have a sense of smell and can smell different tastes, but the undead do not. Therefore, walking on these maps is more dangerous.

     Ye Ci disguised as a monk in a dark temple, wearing a black cloak, learning their careless pace to waddle on the dry land, but she didn't have a fixed walking route, wherever there were few monsters. As she was walking, she suddenly saw a temple monk walking in her direction. It was different from ordinary temple monks. The robe was embroidered with delicate patterns. Although it was not conspicuous, Ye Ci Still keenly discovered its difference. She took a look at the attributes of this guy not a word or movement, and he was a little boss...Generally, there will be one or two small bosses randomly on the map. They are higher in level than monsters of the same type, have a sharper sense of touch and are more lethal. Ye Ci made sure that the pace would not be too fast or too slow, while consciously avoiding the little boss, but he still passed by. The little boss seemed to have found something when approaching her, and pointed She hissed something, Ye Ci also stopped. She was a little nervous, what to do, she couldn't understand what it was saying. However, she pretended to be an ordinary monk, shrank her shoulders at the little boss boldly, and flashed to the side. Although the little boss was a little skeptical, she did not continue to look at her and bypass her. left.

     Ye Ci took a long breath and was safe for the time being until the guy left the distance. She really didn't want to continue to consume it here, she was too nervous, and she immediately turned around and quickly walked towards the next map.

     After more than ten hours, Ye Ci finally came to the ancient battlefield from the swamp of despair.The monsters in the ancient battlefield are not dense, but each one is elite level, and there are many small bosses, their level is above 200, just such a huge map, roughly, there are about two thousand. The elite, one hundred to two hundred little bosses. It is precisely because of the concentration of high-level monsters here that in the future it will be one of the main in the wild maps for Guild to team up and fight equipment. Not only that, but there are also a lot of Treasure Chests, which are very good.

     Ye Ci's main purpose here is to pick up bones, not to fight treasures, and she does not have the ability to fight treasures, so life-saving is the most important thing. She met a monster wandering far away and avoided it. If she couldn't avoid it, she would simply go offline for a few minutes. In this way, it took four or five days for her to finally collect 999 skeletons. By the way, she opened it. Seven or eight Treasure Chests, got a lot of 200-level equipment and skill books, thanks to the master key.

     Although no one can use these equipment now, it is also a good publicity to put them in the Guild warehouse, telling the members of Guild invisibly that Guild's current strength far exceeds your imagination.After going around the map of the ancient battlefield a few times, she is already quite familiar with this map. She knows how to bypass the spawning points, and also knows where there are more small bosses, and where the Treasure Chest will be fixed. Come. So, she opened a few more Treasure Chests, but unfortunately, she didn't find the last skeleton.

     It is not the same thing to continue to go around this place. Ye Ci decided to go back and ask Sting Bee, if he can't complete the Quest, then think of a way. When he returned to the swamp of despair, Ye Ci once again summoned a sting bee and said to him a little apologetically: "I'm so sorry, my hero, I searched the ancient battlefield for a long time, but only found 999 The bones, the bones of the last Warrior, I really didn't find them. Are you thinking about it, do your comrades go anywhere besides the ancient battlefield?"

     The sting bee showed a somewhat surprised expression, and after a long time he sighed: "My tribe, you are really a person who speak and keep one's promise, and our elves will be proud of you." As he said, he bent down. Turning his body, he patted Ye Ci's shoulder lightly, at least it looked like this, and then he smiled and said, "No, there is no need to find the last bone."

     "What?" Ye Ci looked at his Quest panel, don't you need to look for it? So why hasn't her Quest finished yet?Sting Bee nodded and spread his hands: "Because the last bone is me."

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, and then couldn't help frowning. That's the case. Fortunately, she came back to ask about the situation. Otherwise, she was not going crazy there (to be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to start. Mobile network () to vote for recommended votes, monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.)