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    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter 97 Expansion Pack

     Chapter 97 Expansion Pack

     After collecting the bones of the stinging bee, Ye Ci packed the thousand bones in the package and went directly back to Red Lake City, and then went straight to the newbie village. There are still many newbies in the newbie village, but compared to the overcrowded scene when the server was opened, it is obviously a lot less.

     For Ye Ci wearing a cloak, the newbies can't help but look at a few glances. Some even followed her to the back of the village, watching her bury the bones. According to Tamra’s Quest, the bones of the sting bee were finally buried next to Tamra’s grave. It was not until this time that the Quest released by Tamra was completed.

     Ye Ci exhaled for a long time. Before he had time to stroke the tombstone of the stinging bee to summon him, he saw Tamra’s soul appear on the tomb. He hadn’t spoken to Ye Ci yet, and all the newbies who were watching were shocked. Breathing out, it turns out that there is such a thing behind the newbie village. After spreading the news, the number of onlookers has increased a lot."Thank you, my people, you have fulfilled my last wish. I have nothing to thank you for. There is a gift I gave you in my former home. You can find it." Tamra said. And Ye Ci also saw the final guide on the Quest panel-go to the Tamra House in the Rocky Mountains to find the gift he left for you.

     It's the Rocky Mountains again, and it seems that I still have to go there again.

     After sending off Tamra, Ye Ci stroked the tombstone of Sting Bee and summoned him. The Stinger Bee is obviously very happy to be able to return to his hometown with his comrades. After expressing his heartfelt thanks to Ye Ci, he said: "My tribe, you go to me not only for Tamra's last wish." I feel instinctively that there must be something else when you go to see me. I don't know what it is?

     Ye Ci raises eyebrows, these NPCs shouldn’t feel so accurate. If you haven’t said anything, you already know that I One doesn’t visit a temple without a cause. It’s really smart enough. But thinking like this in her heart, of course she couldn't say that in her mouth. She respectfully saluted the sting bee and then said: "There is such a thing that bothers me, and I can't find the answer. In the end, only come to you to try your luck and see if you can know the answer to this matter.""Oh? What's the matter? Why not tell me to listen." Sting Bee was very interested when he heard this statement.

     Ye Ci honestly told Sting Bee about how he found the temple, how he saw the halo, and why he needed that bow, hoping to get the final answer from him. During this period, more and more newbies gathered here. They saw Ye Ci in a cloak. Although they couldn't see how high her level was, she must be very high, so they were all about wanting her. With the idea of leveling. But when they saw her talking to a ghost-like npc, they knew she was doing Quest. They didn't dare to step forward, so they could only flock to her and continue watching.

     After listening to Ye Ci's narration, Sting Bee was slightly surprised: "You said, you found King Dole's empty tomb?"

     "Yes it is."

     "How do you know that there is empty tomb?"

     "I have a Sorcerer who once opened Lilatiti’s tomb in that cemetery. There are only Lilatiti’s clothes inside. I think, since they are all buried in a cemetery, the specifications should be the same. So, bold. It is inferred that there is the empty tomb of King Dole."Sting Bee hesitated slightly when he heard this statement, and then nodded to agree with her statement. He took a deep breath, as if he was caught in a long-lasting memory: "The Elf Temple... Once we vowed to fight there, following the great King Dor, what a glorious past, even if it was our last We have not been able to return home alive, but what does it matter? We have paid the most precious things for our ideals, for our race, and for this land." He said that he took a deep breath: " I really miss it, let me think about it, what the hell is going on with that halo." As he said that, he closed his eyes and fell into contemplation.

     Ye Ci didn't speak, and stood beside him quietly waiting. At this time, a few more courageous newbies squeezed forward to greet her, and then proactively explained their intentions. Ye Ci was slightly surprised at this. She glanced at the newbies around her, they were all watching here, and all the newbies who dared to talk to her showed envy.However, Ye Ci is never the master of doing good deeds for free. Although these newbies are very sincere, she shook her head and rejected them, and advised: "When you are a newbie, don't always let people take it blindly. This will waste You lose your chance to exercise your skills and position, and in the later stage, if your position is not good, it will hurt your team, which is not very good."

     Several newbies saw that Ye Ci said that most of them were a bit unfair. They left angrily, and a lot of onlookers dispersed. Only one elf Warrior still stood in front of Ye Ci and said to Ye Ci: "Does the position really matter?"

     Ye Ci glanced at him and felt a little regretful for her choice of career collocation. Elf Vitality (Endurance) is light and agile, and inherently high in agility, Vitality (Endurance) is low. Choosing Elf Warrior seems to be almost useless but a pity to give up. However, if it can be honed well, it may not be impossible. After all, there are no rubbish professions, only rubbish players. She nodded: "Yes, in many cases, precise positioning can not only save your life, but also greatly increase your output."

     Hearing this, the wizard's eyes lit up, and he looked at Ye Ci in surprise: "Really? Can it really increase output? I didn't understand anything when I entered the game. I chose the wrong profession, everyone. They all say that the Wizard Warrior is useless. I'm very frustrated. Can moving around really make up for this?"Ye Ci looked at his sincere face, pondered slightly, and then answered honestly: "To be honest, elves are not a good race of Warrior. Humans, dwarves, and beasts are good races of Warrior, but it doesn’t mean they have chosen. Elf Warrior is just useless. Elf’s highest natural attribute is agility. Agility affects movement speed, Attack Speed and Critical Hit. Now it’s impossible for your Warrior to do t, but if you do dps, it’s not impossible. Yes. Because every time you upgrade points, the system will allocate strength and agility, so your speed and critical hit will be higher than other warriors of the same level, so you pay more attention to the accumulation of strength in equipment, and finally add a little bit of Vitality (Endurance ), if you practice your position well, you can even become the output of a team reckoned to be first or second best."

     Listening to Ye Ci’s words, the wizard became more and more excited, more and more excited: "Thank you" because he couldn’t see Ye Ci’s face and didn’t know Ye Ci’s name, so he had to call her a master: “Master, Thank you for telling me this. I think I'm full of hope again. You know, I almost want to abolish this account."

     At exactly this time, the Sting Bee had recovered from the meditation, Ye Ci nodded facing the wizard Warrior, waved his hand again, and signaled that he still had Quest. The elf Warrior nodded and stood silently aside."I remember, back then, King Dole put the bow into the halo before he left, but how did he do it?" The Stinger Bee paused slightly, and then nodded: "That's right. King Er has five arrows. These five arrows are in five colors, have five kinds of magic damage and can fly back automatically. He inserted these five arrows on the altar in front of the holy altar, and then the halo disappeared. After he put the bow in, he drew out the five arrows again, and the halo was restored."

     "Five arrows?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows slightly.

     "Yes, I remember that Tamra gave you a poisonous arrow, one of them. If you can find the other four, then you can open that halo."

     "Thank you for your guidance, my hero." After Ye Ci got the answer, he saluted and said goodbye to the sting bee. She was about to leave, but saw the wizard Warrior still standing by her side. She raised her eyebrows: "What? There's something else?"

     "Master, you are so powerful, can you be my master, I don't need you to bring it, and you don't need to provide equipment, just give me some pointers from time to time..." The wizard Warrior asked Ye Ci very sincerely. .Ye Ci looked at the wizard Warrior, shook his head and refused: "Sorry, I don't like this kind of relationship. If you want to improve, you can think about it and exercise yourself. If you want, you can go to Upward in Red Lake City at level 60 Ho Guild is looking for Timely Rain and let him admit you into the meeting."

     "Upward Ho?" The wizard Warrior got a shock. He stared at Ye Ci with a widened look: "Are you a master, Gongzi You?"

     Ye Ci did not answer, just turned around and waved to him: "I look forward to your arrival"

     "I will," the wizard Warrior said so seriously, but Ye Ci didn't take it as the same thing. It's not that she has been so arrogant that the eye can see nothing worthwhile all around attitude, but, now that there are so many newbies, who knows if there is a gap in the prosperity of the world? refrain from hurting others, yet guard against those trying to hurt you.

     Five arrows, two in his hand, two in Fleeting Time's hand, and one of the arrows of ice is still unknown. After thinking about it, she decided to contact Fleeting Time to take over his two first, and the Frost Arrow can also ask him if he has any clues. The power of two people is stronger than the power of one after all.

     Now that she had made up her mind, she flew towards the Hero City in the Central Continent.Before arriving in Hero City and Ye Ci was still flying in the air, he heard the system message arrived. He said a lot of crackling, nothing more than to let the player find a place to go offline quickly, because the expansion of the expansion will be carried out soon.

     Ye Ci frowned. She saw the official announcement two days ago that she would not release an expansion pack. Why is it so fast? What is this Wang Jiangnan doing? Of course, these are not important. The important thing is that she is flying in the air. Where can she find a place to go offline?

     But you can't do it like that. If you don't go offline now, when the system automatically shuts down for a while, you might be able to file back the character. Ye Ci hesitated for a while, and it's better to go offline in midair. Anyway, even if the sixth child has returned to the pet space when she goes online for a while, she also has a ring of FeatherFall technique, but she is not afraid of falling to death.After being offline, Ye Ci immediately climbed onto the computer and began to check the contents of the expansion. This expansion is the first expansion since Wang Jiangnan has been planned by Fate ol, and it is also a crucial expansion. The success of this expansion depends on whether Wang Jiangnan can become not just in name only, but Fate master planner also in reality. If it turns out that Ye Ci is still sure that Wang Jiangnan is the master planner of Fate, then she is actually a little drumming in her heart. After all, her Siberian butterfly inflamed its wings. Many things in this life are different from those in the previous life. It's all the same, maybe she gave Wang Jiangnan a lot of encouragement, but...she was even more nervous than Wang Jiangnan.

     In addition to the regular opening of more Dungeon, this expansion has added a space-time vortex, through which you can go to another mysterious map. This was not available in the previous life, so Ye Ci was also quite interested when he saw this. In addition to these, the expansion of this time also has great changes to some of the original content.

     First of all, it reduces the difficulty of Life Player practice proficiency, but it increases the preciousness of various formulas. In addition to boss drops, formulas can also be obtained as Life Quests, which can greatly increase more people entering the game.Secondly, a series of assistance systems have been developed for newbie to help newbie adapt to the game faster, and also to get closer to the old players in terms of equipment.

     Third, the fortress system has been opened up on a large scale, and the fortresses on all continents have increased substantially. Guild can occupy empty fortresses and declare war on other Guild fortresses.

     Finally, this expansion piece opened up the Concealment race. The so-called Concealment race is a variant version of the existing races, with better attributes and exclusive skills.

     In addition, I have fine-tuned many skills for each profession. Ye Ci took a look. The hunter's profession only involves a few melee skills that she doesn't usually use, so overall, there is no major change. .

     Ye Ci looked at the content of this expansion and smiled slightly. The expansion looks rich in content and very playable, but, to put it bluntly, there is only one word "grabbing people". Now due to the prosperous age, Fate’s player loss is serious. Wang Jiangnan’s current expansion is to attract more players to the game. He knows the essence of the game. As long as the newbie a steady flow, the game will last forever. Unfailing.She believes that this is just the first step for Wang Jiangnan, and perhaps the same as she thought, Wang Jiangnan's ultimate goal is to crush the prosperity, even if they can't completely drive them out of Fate, it will make them unable to continue to be so arrogant.

     Looking south, there is yours.