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Chapter Directory 406 Chapter 100 Get Together
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter One Hundred

     Chapter One Hundred

     The typical characteristics of the elves are their slender and beautiful appearance, as well as the young and immortal face. Of course, the elves that have always been synonymous with beauty will occasionally appear failed products like Ye Ci, but this does not affect the overall quality of the elves. .

     The elf in front of you is obviously the perfect product among the elf. Although it is only an npc, its perfect appearance and long posture all swear that elf is definitely a kind of god, oh no, it is the preference of planners. Species.

     Although the soul is also transparent, the transparency of this elf is definitely different from that of the sting bee soul. The transparency of the soul is a kind of grayish-white transparency, and it carries a kind of elegant blue smoke. The transparency of the elf in front of him gives people the impression that it has a substantial body, and the overall color is relatively gorgeous, even if it is night. In the diffuse, it also feels like Stealth's teammate.

     However, the most noticeable thing is not his form, but the name of the elf. By observing his attributes, you can see its name-Dole's illusion.

     That's right, it's Elven King Dole.Ye Ci felt very comforting in his heart. After a long circle of troubles, he finally caught a little bit of the main npc of this Quest, which was really happy.

     "Look, who is standing in front of me? They are actually two young elves." Dole's illusion stood leisurely on the lid of the coffin, spreading his hands, and there was a charm that made people unable to remove their eyes. Although it is only an illusion, this name that often appears in Ye Ci's Quest is really attractive. His close-fitting lock armor wraps his powerful muscles and slender figure just right, neither It gives people the illusion of being too strong, and it doesn't make people feel thin and weak, it's really beautiful.

     "Hello, Elven King." As an elf, he respects the king who has long disappeared from his race, at least on the surface. So Ye Ci and Fleeting Time respectfully saluted this Dole's illusion.And Dole's illusion is obviously very familiar with this kind of reverence. He just nodded slightly and accepted the salute of the two people without any special expression. When the two men straightened up, he smiled and said, "Oh, let me think about it, how long have I not seen such a young elf? A thousand years? Or two thousand years?" He stretched out an index finger. Shaking lightly, as if he was really thinking about this question, then he shrugged his shoulders and gave up thinking about this question: "Wow, it's been too long, I don't even remember it. But..." As he said, he paused, with a friendly smile on his face, looked at the two people and said: "You can find this place, it has gone through a lot of tests."

     you guys? Ye Ci and Fleeting Time were slightly surprised by the word Dole’s illusion, and they discussed it in a private chat: "Fleeting Time, he was talking about'you', did you mean that this Quest is the two of us? Can we do it together?"

     Fleeting Time shook his head, "I'm not sure for the time being, continue talking to him, there should be corresponding prompts in the following dialogue.""It is our honor to follow your footsteps." Ye Ci took a look at Fleeting Time, and answered Dole's vision with the most standard game language. "We were eager to see your true face here, but we didn't expect to find only your empty tomb here, our most respected king, please tell us, what happened?"

     Dole still had a faint smile on his phantom face, as if no matter how big it was, it would not affect him, "What happened..." The corner of his mouth was hooked, and then he sighed long : "I really don't want to remember it, it's really a shame to say it."

     After sighing, Dole’s vision told the two of the past, which is roughly the same as what Ye Ci and Fleeting Time learned. The kings of each race organized a powerful alliance of rebels to defeat the demon king Naga, and both sides suffered casualties Disastrously, at the last moment, all the rebel leaders made a magic circle with their bodies and sealed Naga again. The relics they left on the battlefield were collected by the monks of the Glory Cathedral and sent back to the Cathedral for burial. However, because the seal was not particularly perfect, Naga still has some weak consciousness. It uses this weak consciousness to lead its remaining troops and minions, looking for these relics everywhere, hoping to use the remaining power of the heroes above. Open the seal.In the ravages of monsters, the entire Central Continent became ruined, and even the Glory Cathedral became a ruin. When the last monk who guarded the relic died, the purpose of burying the heroes' clothes became the deepest secret, until Qiu Shui Burenchen discovered it.

     After listening to Dole's vision and saying all this, Ye Ci was a little surprised: "You are not sleeping in the grave?"

     "Of course, wouldn't it be too lonely if it wasn't for such a long time?" Elven King Dole does not have the traditional image of a boss in ordinary online games. He looks very young, at least his mentality is very young. "Being locked up in a cemetery is hard enough. Wouldn't it be even more maddening if we lie in the coffin all the time? Therefore, we will still have some entertainment." Dole's illusion is already a black line. Ye Ci winked her eyebrows and smiled: "However, you have to keep this matter secret. If you let other elves know that I am not doing business like this, it will really damage my glorious image."

     "Not doing proper work..." Ye Ci sighed: "What you said is doing right work..."

     "Of course it's lying in the coffin and pretending to be deep. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The illusion of "will be tormented too, it is too inhumane."Ye Ci keenly heard something he wanted from his words: "Where are your soul and sex?"

     "In the very center of the ancient battlefield, if I am not mistaken, there is still a mist there. That mist is our magic circle. I told you just now that the magic circle is not perfect, so it was sealed. Naga has some surviving consciousness. We always thought, let alone too much, this magic circle can seal Naga for 10,000 years, waiting for a new hero to replace us and completely seal him, but..." Dole’s vision suddenly disappeared. The grinning expression became serious: "Recently we have discovered that Naga's consciousness has become more and more active. I think our seal has become more and more loose. If this progresses, Naga will soon break the seal. And that At that time, there will be no more light in the entire Majia continent."

     Ye Ci sighed as he listened to Dole's words. How could this Quest sound like it's not easy to complete? Looking at his tone, there is no way to finish this Quest without a thousand people. She glanced at Fleeting Time and said: "This is probably an Epic Level Quest. This kind of Quest cannot be completed by the two of us. In the end, many people may be assembled. Do you?"Fleeting Time thought for a while, then nodded: "Although it has to gather a lot of people, it shouldn't be a problem to add Upward Ho and the elite group of Genesis. What's more, this kind of Epic Level Quest is available to the participating Guilds and members. Very good reward, I think even if Quest is a little more difficult, Absalom and Bai Mo will not refuse it."

     Of course, Bai Mo would not refuse at all, and of course there is no problem with Absalom's Fleeting Time saying so. Ye Ci thought about it again. If he accepts this Quest, it will be of great benefit to Guild’s reputation as a whole. This will also be a positive factor for the future battle against the prosperous age, so he said to Dole’s illusion: "Dear King, Although our abilities are not that strong, we have a lot of companions. If you want, we are willing to share your worries for you."

     What NPCs often wait for is that the player automatically proposes to help them solve the trouble, so that it is not the Quest they impose on the player, but it can also help themselves to solve the fire burns one's eyebrows. Therefore, this kind of method proposed by the **** players to solve the trouble is one of the tricks used by many smart NPCs. It is like the illusion of Elven King Dole now. Although he is smiling and very kind, obviously, He is using this kind of real inflow method ****Ye Ci and Fleeting Time. Of course, he succeeded.For Ye Ci’s words, Dole’s vision is very satisfied. He nodded, his eyes slipped over Ye Ci and Fleeting Time, and then he sighed and praised: "Our elves are indeed the bravest race. Although this matter does not have much to do with you, you can still be so proactive. I am very grateful for this."

     When Dole's phantom nonsense, Ye Ci twitched his mouth and sighed silently in his heart, no matter what the npc looks like, an npc that can settle for such a long time is not a simple and easy to deal with.

     "Although I am very grateful that you can take on such a heavy burden, but we alone have no way to finally seal Naga. Go, young people, you go to the sacred mountain of Zhuogu. I heard that Danas lived in seclusion there and found him. , Explain to him your intentions, I think he will help you." Dole sighed: "By the way, Danas is the first one on the Maja continent to rank among the holy dragon knights as a great magister. People, this is an old man with a weird temper. He made things difficult for us back then, but this time, I think he will help you." Saying Dole gave two people a broken medal: "This was once It's the medal I got from him, now take it back to him."Ye Ci and Fleeting Time looked at the medals that had been damaged in the original design after the baptism of war, and they breathed out a long breath. From this time on, probably the most complicated and difficult part of this Quest finally arrived Right.

     Then, after Dole's vision said a few innocent nonsense to the two people, the two said goodbye to Dole's vision and left the secret cemetery.

     Leaving the prayer room, walked towards the ground. Because there is no strange and no Treasure Chest here, there are basically no players on this floor of the prayer room, but when two people are leaving, they see a person who is also covered with a cloak coming towards him. He was slightly fat, but his speed was not slow. When he passed by the two of them, he stopped abruptly. At this moment, Ye Ci and Fleeting Time were already spread out in two different directions, opened their crossbows, and put on a fighting pose, and the next moment, two fierce arrows flew towards that person. go with.

     It was too late and it was fast. At this lightning flash moment, the man rolled on the ground and turned into a cheetah and jumped away. If the response of Flying Time and Ye Ci is faster than one can attend to, then the response of Druid is also gasp in amazement."Gongzi You, Fleeting Time, start off leniently, we are not the enemy." The cheetah rolled on the ground again, Druid escaped from the attack range of the two people, and his voice came.

     This voice is really familiar. Although the two people looked at each other and stopped the attack, they were not released from the attacking form. They still maintained the attacking posture, looking at the Druid vigilantly.

     Druid turned into a human posture again. He stood there calmly took off his hat, and smiled helplessly at the two people: "It's me who is not good. I shouldn't stop suddenly, but you two are too fast, not Here comes saying anything further, such a dangerous skill, do you want to kill me in seconds?"

     Ye Ci looked at the chubby face and the smiling Druid. Who is this not Jù Dú?

     What happened today? First, I met Qiu Shui and did not stain the dust, and now I met Jù Dú again. Are the four masters of the four continents going to have a meeting?

     Fleeting Time first laughed: "It turned out to be you." From his familiar words, it is not difficult to see that he should be very familiar with Jù Dú. It's no wonder that they are both the Alliance Continent and the top players, and the Stars and Genesis are also Guild Alliances. It is inevitable that they will have a connection."I thought my body shape was a sign, at least you wouldn't mistake it. This shows that I was wrong. I was covered with a cloak. Even my mother didn't know who I was." Jù Dú sighed and teased herself. Tao.

     "Why are you here." Although Ye Ci and Jù Dú have made a big deal, she and Jù Dú are obviously not familiar with Fleeting Time and Jù Dú, so when Fleeting Time is talking to Jù Dú, she just Silently put away the crossbow and stood beside Fleeting Time.

     "Me?" Jù Dú raised the black eyebrows, his eyes turned on the faces of the two people, and then looked at the current terrain, and suddenly he laughed out loudly: "If I didn't guess Wrong, you and I are here for the same purpose."