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Chapter Directory 407 Chapter One Zhuogu Sacred Mountain
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter One Zhuogu Sacred Mountain

     Chapter One Zhuogu Sacred Mountain

     How many people took this Quest about the king? Ye Ci has no way of knowing, at least from what she knows now, including her, four people have already taken over the Quest, and she also has no way of knowing how the Quest was finally completed and how many people completed it. .

     Among all the memories Ye Ci can remember about the previous life, there is no memory of this large Quest at all. She herself has not received this Quest in the previous life, and she does not know if it is those who did this Quest. The people of did not release this Quest, or, her Siberian butterfly has changed too many things that shouldn't be changed, causing this life to have become what it is now.

     However, no matter what, if you can receive this Quest now, you have to follow the Quest prompts. Although there may be some detours in the middle, this is also a good experience. The game is the same as life, if it is full of happiness and smoothness from beginning to end, it is so boring.Qiu Shui Bu Dian Chen is the Sorcerer's Quest, he and Fleeting Time are both the Hunter's Quest, and Jù Dú must be the Druid's Quest, and the rest are Warrior, Knight, Rogue, Rangers, Warlock, Cleric For professional Quests such as Quest, Priest, Barbarian, etc., who are the players receiving these Quests? Or, when will the players who receive these Quests appear?

     Zhuogu Sacred Mountain is located in the northernmost part of the Central Continent, a bitter and cold place in the north. The harsh north wind blows through, stabbing people's skin with pain like a knife cut. As sacred dragons and phoenixes, they are extremely advanced creatures. This biting cold does no harm to them, but Ye Ci and Fleeting as players Time can't stand it. Even after drinking the most advanced anti-cold medicine, there is still no way to resist the cold wind of Zhuogu Sacred Mountain.

     Standing at the foot of Zhuogu Sacred Mountain, Ye Ci exhaled, and a white mist instantly formed in her vision, which seemed to be able to obscure all the vision in front of her. She pulled the thick fur coat she was wearing, leaning against the tree trunk and waiting for the return of Fleeting Time. There was nothing wrong with the sixth person beside her, but she was still fluttering in the snow. It can be seen that this High-level species are different from low-level species.After arriving at Zhuogu Sacred Mountain, Ye Ci and Fleeting Time tried to fly to the mountain several times, but they were both forced to land because of the extreme cold and rapid and large blood loss. Then they decided to move separately and look for it. Can there be other ways and methods to go up the mountain, no matter what the result, converge at the foot of the mountain.

     Ye Ci went back to the foot of the mountain first. She looked around and didn’t find that Fleeting Time was back. She waited for a while, but after that, Ye Ci had already hit several dbuffs caused by the cold. Such as stiffness, such as bone piercing, such as solidification. She took another bottle of anti-cold medicine from her arms and poured it into her mouth, but the obvious action was much slower than when she first entered this map. This is because of the main manifestation of dbuff brought by the cold , All her movements became sluggish.Ye Ci sighed and drank the anti-cold medicine, and suddenly felt better, but it was only better. The effect of the anti-cold potion seems to be a bit insufficient under the extreme cold. Ye Ci looked at her own state. Although the cold at the foot of the mountain would not reduce her health, her combat ability Obviously dropped more than one level. Fortunately, there are no monsters at the foot of Zhuogu Sacred Mountain. If there are, Ye Ci thinks, she is now afraid that she will not even reach one-third of the original attack power.

     It was so cold here, it seemed that it was so cold that even time was frozen. She wandered in place for a while, and decided that if Fleting Time did not return, she would leave this map first. She was thinking about it, and she saw the flamboyant phoenix of Fleeting Time slowly landing near her. Ye Ci stepped forward and next to the phoenix. It wasn't what she thought of the Fleeting Time, but in such an environment, the phoenix was much warmer. Although it is impossible to resist the cold too much, it is better than nothing.

     Fleeting Time jumped down from Phoenix's back and saw Ye Ci rubbing his hands against the flames on Phoenix's body, and smiled bitterly: "We can't get up for the time being."

     "Didn't find the way?""No, it didn't take long for me to fly up, and it started to lose blood. It's pretty amazing. I guess I won't be able to get up if there is no level 100 here." Fleting Time walked to the side of Ye Ci and stretched out his hand to hold it. Ye Ci was rubbing her hands, leaning to her lips and sighed: "This ghost place is really cold."

     Ye Ci stared at the extremely natural movement of Fleeting Time, and was slightly stunned. Then the uncomfortableness disappeared with the natural movement of Fleeting Time. She sighed, "It seems that the place where the autumn water does not stain the dust is not here. How about it's really not him?"

     "I guess it won't be much better." Fleeting Time smiled.

     Ye Ci snorted and didn't answer the Fleeting Time. If you think about it, if the autumn water does not stain the dust and made this Quest, I would have come to find my free coolie, but now there is no movement, most of it is stuck somewhere. Up. The two stood in the snow for a while, and finally decided to bow their heads to the cold and leave here quickly.

     Anyway, there is no time limit for this Quest. There is no big difference between completing it earlier and completing it later, but now that there is no other situation other than letting yourself die and losing experience and equipment, why bother to find yourself unhappy, It's better to push back, practice leveling, and go later.This trip is not completely unproductive. At least knowing the specific situation of Zhuogu Sacred Mountain, Ye Ci and Fleeting Time returned to Hero City. They planned to find a suitable place for hunters to leapfrog and level up, but they arrived in Hero City. , Fleeting Time received news from Absalom that it was the evenly matched veteran Guild of Western Continent and Genesis-the flashy heart challenged them.

     Vanity Heart is a Guild based in the Americas. It has been about thirty years since its establishment. This history is nearly ten years longer than Genesis. They have experienced six guild leaders in total, and the current guild leader Solomon's coat of arms is a man who is about 30 years old. It is said that he has a developmental vision. Under his leadership, the scale of the guild leader is larger than that of the previous guild leader. Time has grown stronger. Also, in the last life, Genesis has always been under the heart of vanity. Although the heart of vanity does not despise having any deep friendship with the locust Guild like Shengshi, they are one of the super Guilds who have stood firm in that shock. .According to later statistics, after the impact of that flourishing age, no more than 10,000 people retired from the game, and the main force of Guild remained alone. Compared to their nearly five million Guild number, this number of people who left is really not worth mentioning. It can be said that the flashy heart was one of the mainstays that supported Fate in the previous life. Probably for this reason, Ye Ci has a very good impression of them. If it were not due to an unexpected turn of events and Fleeting Time, she would also take the initiative to contact the Solomon coat of arms. In that case, Guild who occupied the mithril vein today would be It's not Genesis anymore.

     After receiving this notice, Fleeting Time seemed a little hesitant. On the one hand, he knew that this Guild battle with public and private himself would participate anyway, and on the other hand, he couldn't let go of Ye Ci. So his expression was slightly embarrassed after the call was over.

     Ye Ci naturally saw the idea of Fleeting Time, she said: "This Guild battle is the first evenly matched Guild challenge that Genesis has received."

     "Ok.""Don’t go and check it out? Vanity is the old Guild, so the old Guild, which can exist for decades, must be outstanding, and their Guild has always been low-key. Don’t look like you are the solo king of the Western Continent, but you are There may be a lot of opponents in this kind of large Guild that are difficult to deal with. It would be a pity if you don't go." Ye Ci smiled slightly and told Fleeting Time of his thoughts. In fact, this is also the thought of Fleeting Time. They are always too alike, no matter from the technology or the idea, so Ye Ci knows that the Fleeting Time he said will be very exciting.

     Sure enough, Fleeting Time pinched his chin and began to think about it. It's just that he hesitated. He looked at Ye Ci and sighed, "I don't trust you."

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment and laughed blankly. She patted Fleeting Time on the shoulder: "Can we not be so hypocritical, you know my roots, what's uneasy about me? Could it be that I couldn't be better without you? You know. , I am doing well without you."Fleeting Time smiled awkwardly, he couldn't directly say that he was reluctant to get together for such a short time. Speaking of it, the time they spend together is really short, and more often they are fighting each other, so this time together always seems precious. He fixedly looked at Ye Ci for a while, then suddenly stretched out his right hand and hugged Ye Ci, took her into his arms, sighed, lowered his head and printed a kiss on her hair, and then immediately He let go of Ye Ci, turned his head and left, and raised his hand to Ye Ci behind him as he walked: "Go."

     Ye Ci stood in place, and the place on his body that was touched by Fleeting Time became hot like a fire. She looked at Fleeting Time's back, and saw him dashing fast, like an off-string arrow, but after blinking, he disappeared from Ye Ci's field of vision. She exhaled, and subconsciously raised her hand and touched her hair, there seemed to be nothing there all the time.

     After standing for a while, Ye Ci turned around and walked towards Xicheng District, planning to go to the Wildcat Pub for a drink, and then consider where to level up. However, she received a call from Moon Green Hill before she reached the Xicheng District: "childe childe, where are you?"To be honest, if there is no need to inquire about it, Ye Ci generally does not want to contact Moon Green Hill for no other reason, just because this man is too gossip, this is probably the most gossip Ye Ci has ever seen Of men, no one. Even his own woman gasp in amazement to his gossip, even if he is betraying the news, why does he know the scandals of some celebrities in various continents clearly? This makes Ye Ci have to suspect that this guy will sell all kinds of news to the gossip section of the forum in addition to selling the game information that various players want to know.

     This is why Moon Green Hill feels a little numb when she takes the initiative to contact her.

     Moon Green Hill shouted so happy, but Ye Ci simply pretended not to hear.

     "Childe childe, don’t pretend to be inaudible. I know you are there. It’s a bit too late for you to block me now." Although Moon Green Hill is gossip, it is nothing more than someone who knows Ye Ci very well. He called out a few times. Seeing that Ye Ci didn't agree, he directly exposed Ye Ci's ignorance of his true face.Ye Ci frowned and couldn't help sighing. She was really not thick-skinned enough to do chip away at a task and not abandon it like Moon Green Hill's harassment and entanglement. After Moon Green Hill howled for five minutes, Ye Ci was really overwhelmed and reluctantly connected his secret words. "Since you know that I'm pretending not to hear, do you want to look for me with such a cheeky? Can't you just follow along and perform the scene that you gave up when I was away?"

     "Actually, I'm very willing to do this, but I think it's better for me to contact you about this matter." Moon Green Hill's tone had a strange feeling.

     "What's the matter? Is it about Shengshi?" Ye Ci heard Moon Green Hill say so, and immediately thought of what he had said to Moon Green Hill a few days ago. As long as there is news of Shengshi, let him contact him, and now Listening to Moon Green Hill's tone, could it be that Shengshi has made some small movements?

     "Prosperity?" Moon Green Hill was taken aback when he heard Ye Ci's question, and then shook his head quickly: "No." Then he paused again and sighed: "I said Gongzi You, my childe god, Is it always in your mind that fight and scheme against each other Guild fight and scheme against each other? You don’t think of anything else?"

     Ye Ci listened to Moon Green Hill's sigh, twitched the corners of his mouth, and said faintly: "Yes, I have other things to think about."

     "what is the matter?""I usually think about Quest, or where to get better equipment." This is Ye Ci's heartfelt thought. For a Mafia of the Three Lives III, nothing is better than being able to find good equipment. Things that make her feel excited, there is nothing more to take troubles to heart than this kind of thing.

     Moon Green Hill was silent for a moment. Obviously, he couldn't say a word because of Ye Ci's words. After a while, he sighed, "Can't you have the normal feelings of a woman?" "

     Ye Ci's face stiffened. That's why she didn't want to connect to Moon Green Hill at all. Who has seen such a gossip man? She pulled the corners of her mouth vigorously, and her voice was full of shadily: "Moon Green Hill, talk to people."