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Chapter Directory 409 Chapter III The Prologue Of Guild Wars
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter Three: The Prologue of the Guild Battle

     Chapter Three: The Prologue of the Guild Battle

     Although there was an episode, it was nothing. It did not affect Ye Ci's mood at all. It was just that when she summoned the sixth to fly towards the leveling map, she suddenly thought of a question. She seems to remember that this white fairy tale is the Cleric of the main group of Genesis. They have just accepted the challenge of the glitzy heart. Calculating the time, it should be time for the Guild battle to begin. At this time, isn't it a bit too much for a well-equipped Cleric like White Fairy not to participate? This is not pushing Dungeon, you can do it whatever you want.

     In summary, Ye Ci really feels that Genesis’s team management is really loose...

     Of course, this is what Ye Ci thinks unilaterally. The actual situation is--

     "The fermented bean curd Xi Tzu, what's the matter with your Cleric group, now it's Guild battle, you actually came to tell me that the white fairy is gone, haven't you notified the time of the Guild battle? How did you do it?" The battle is about to start, Cleric The captain of the team, fermented bean curd Xi Shi, came to tell Absalom that the white fairy had left the team and could not be contacted. When he heard the news, Absalom was stunned and then furious."The notice has arrived..." The fermented bean curd Xi Shi wanted to explain a few words, but now he obviously has no stance to defend. He can only quietly agree to a few words and stop talking there.

     "The notice has arrived? Now that the notice has arrived, what's the situation? Don't you know that this Guild battle is a fixed number of Guild battles. All the number of people is fixed. The nails are rivets or rivets, and one less person will not work. Now you come with I said she was gone, where am I going to find a Cleric with such top equipment." Absalom’s voice is getting louder and louder. There were a lot of players around him, but at the moment when he started going crazy, all the people around him All of the people are gone...

     "Can you transfer a Cleric from Wutuan, I actually think that whoever has a good technique..." The fermented bean curd Xi Shi was sprayed into the air and he dared not to come out, locked his neck and murmured his defense.

     "Now it’s not a technical problem, okay? It’s a problem of equipment. We need to have good skills. The alternate team has good skills, but she wears the set and has only six sets of Guild. One less set equals the amount of less treatment. , You do the calculations, you do the calculations for me" Absalom is almost breathing fire.

     Speaking of this problem, fermented bean curd Xi Shi was quite aggrieved. Against the powerful anger of the guild leader, he whispered: "It's not that I want to prepare the set for the white fairy tale, and she is not qualified to prepare the set for technology... …"This sentence immediately blocked Absalom's words. Indeed, this set should not have been given to the white fairy tale. If she hadn't asked for sour apples every day after her suicide, and she was afraid that she would be too inquiring about Guild's internal secrets. As for the hush money, I'm afraid she won't be able to get this set. Speaking of this, he feels even more angry. He really feels that he has lost his previous life for eight years before knowing this guy. But, this kind of grievance and bitterness, he can't tell others, he can only be rough. The team’s fermented bean curd Xishi said: “Go find that woman for me and the deputy guild leader to ask him to put together better Cleric equipment and find a skilled substitute Cleric. If you can’t find the white fairy tale, just Find someone to wear the set and prepare the top"

     "Yes." When the fermented bean curd Xi Shi heard Absalom's words, he immediately flashed back actively, and disappeared in the blink of an eye. I was afraid that if I run a little slower, I will become the cannon fodder under the anger of the guild leader again. .After dismissing the fermented bean curd Xi Tzu, Absalom still felt all kinds of unhappiness. He walked up and down beside the NPC where the Guild was fighting, his face was poopy. It was exactly at this time that Fleeting Time was calm and unhurried riding his saucy phoenix leisurely to his side. Fleeting Time looked at the scorching Absalom, did not say anything, and walked towards the main team on the other side of the hall. Absalom's constipation looked a bit difficult to deal with. Fleeting Time felt that he still didn't want to It's okay to raise this brow, so as not to make yourself unhappy.

     However, when Fleeting Time was moving towards the other side, if no one was walking, Absalom had already seen him as soon as he looked up. He immediately rushed to the side of Fleeting Time and said with a serious look: "Brother, it's me. Brother?"

     Fleeting Time looked at Absalom's somewhat uncertain face, raised his head and thought for a while, then resolutely shook his head: "No."

     "Hey hey hey, you are too interesting, how can you do this?" Absalom cried out like a pig.

     "That one of your face clearly says'I have something bad to say please', I'm not a fool, I will bump into this kind of thing?" Fleeting Time snorted, "Furthermore, with brother You who threaten me with love may not be so authentic."After talking about Fleeting Time, he passed Absalom and continued to prelude. Absalom quickly walked around him and came to him, eagerly saying: "Okay, okay, I was wrong, I was wrong, Fleeting Time, Don't do this, don't do this, help the brothers."

     "What are you going to talk about first?" Fleeting Time looked at Absalom as if something was really difficult, so he stopped, and after thinking about it, he said cautiously.

     "Hey, you can't do this, now my brother is in trouble, you still have to think again and again before acting, you are still not a man" Absalom called even louder.

     Fleeting Time looked at him, squinted his eyes, stretched out a finger and shook it gently in front of Absalom, and said faintly: "Do you know what mistake you made that made me hesitate?" He didn't wait for Absalom to speak, and said: "This must be something I don't want. If it is not, you will directly say no matter how difficult it is. You are such a cheeky person, never do anything terrible. You asked me what I meant before, but this time you asked me what I meant in advance. Let me guess..." He said with a sneer at the corner of his lips: "You came to me about white Fairy tale.""..." Absalom was said by Fleeting Time, he paused slightly, his face was stagnant, and then he breathed a sigh of relief: "Since you guessed it, I won't hide it from you." As he said, he told Fleeting the whole thing. After Time said it, he sighed again: "If it weren't for the critical situation, I wouldn't ask you to do this kind of thing, you know, the sacred guardian set of the glitzy heart (Cleric set dressed in a white fairy tale) There are enough eleven sets, we only have six sets, and we have already suffered a lot from this. If there is one less set, I am afraid that Guild will have no hope of victory this time."

     Fleeting Time put his hands on his chest and squinted, making it hard to figure out what he was thinking.

     Absalom looked at him nervously and swallowed, "Can you find a white fairy tale for me?"

     After a while, Fleeting Time said: "Even if I help you contact her now, you are treating the symptoms and not the root cause. Don't you know that keeping such a scheming woman in the team is a time bomb? The more you are afraid She knows, the more she knows, let me say it’s a bit harder, you’re not afraid to annoy her in the future, does she take Guild’s secret and sell it to our hostile Guild? You don’t want me to come out to fight the fire at that time Accept such a trouble? If this is the case, then I can only say, Absalom, we're afraid that brothers won't have to do it."How could Absalom not know the meaning of "Fleeting Time", he sighed, "You don't show up even if you return to China. You don't know how extreme this woman is. If you do this kind of suicide several times, we will all go crazy. of."

     "Then let her die." Fleeting Time said lightly.

     Absalom's face changed slightly, and he looked at Fleeting Time with disbelief: "How can you say it so easily, although I wish she would really die, but, after all, it was a human life, not to mention, we are still so. Cooked."

     Fleeting Time curled her lips in disdain: "If she really will die, I won't say this. Don't worry, people who call to die every day are very sorry. There is only that kind of muffled voice. , I saw you smiling in the morning, maybe you really committed suicide in the afternoon." He shook his hand at Absalom: "This is the last time I will help you contact this woman. Next time, if you still find me , Then I can only withdraw from the meeting."

     Absalom opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end he didn't say anything.Fleeting Time glanced at Absalom. Before contacting the White Fairy Tale, he found Moon Green Hill through Moon Green Hill employees and sent him a recording to Ye Ci. In Fate, this kind of recording between players on two continents would be very fast if someone helped to transmit it, and it would take only a few minutes to be transmitted to the other's hands.

     When Ye Ci received the recording of Fleeting Time, he was still wondering what was going on. After listening to Fleeting Time to contact the white fairy tale, he raised his eyebrows slightly, and then raised the corners of his mouth. This person, is it necessary to report such silly things to her? Is she such a caregiver? No matter what, the practice of Fleeting Time still made Ye Ci very happy. She thought about it and recorded a few sentences for Moon Green Hill to relay.

     While waiting for Ye Ci's response, Fleeting Time was sitting idle in the hall wiping his dagger. And Absalom was meandering and circuitous violently beside him, and asked Fleeting Time as he walked: "I said, didn't you promise me to contact the white fairy? When on earth are you going to wait?"

     Fleeting Time leisurely looked up at Absalom and said without panic: "What is the hurry, I have to report to my superiors to see if this matter is approved.""Superior?" Absalom was taken aback, and then he reacted with an unbelievable expression on his face: "No, Fleting Time, you are so afraid of your wife before you get married. You are still not a man."

     "Stupid." Fleeting Time gave Absalom a blank look, and said in Ye Ci's tone: "I am not afraid, I am avoiding hidden dangers. Do you think I can't do this? The problem is that I did it without reporting. If something goes wrong in the future, how do you ask me to explain to my superiors? It's not you who dealt with the relationship for a long time, but you said it lightly."

     Absalom was blocked by Fleeting Time for a long time and uttered a word. He could only hold up his finger at Fleeting Time and then squeeze out a few words: "You have today too."

     But Fleeting Time obviously didn't care about what Absalom said, because Gongzi You's reply had just been delivered. He opened the impatient to listen, only to hear the cold female voice inside said: "It's okay to do it, but tell Absalom, not as an example."

     Fleeting Time listened to the words that weren't an example, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but lifted up, even higher.

     Seeing Fleeting Time’s appearance, Absalom was so angry that his teeth were itchy, and said angrily: "White-eyed wolf, did your Gongzi You respond back? What did you say? What kind of evil did I do? How could I be reduced to the point where I can’t start a war? Look at the wink of a woman who is hostile to the mainland"Fleeting Time put down the dagger and inserted it into the scabbard, then looked up at Absalom and said, "Well, my woman said, ‘I’m not an example.’"

     Absalom immediately raised his middle finger at Fleeting Time to express his helplessness and anger.

     After all, she did not contact the White Fairy. She probably did not expect Fleeting Time to contact her, so she blocked all the secret words of all her friends. After making two unsuccessful contacts, Fleeting Time patted Absalom on the shoulder and sighed: "Victory or defeat is commonplace in military operations, don't care too much."

     I don't know if it is because there is no contact with the white fairy tale, or because Gongzi You said something terrible with Fleeting Time. In short, according to Absalom's observation, today's Fleeting Time is like a chicken blood in the Guild battle. Of course, he is also very passionate in pvp, but compared to today, he is really not enough to look at it, which makes Absalom a little bit more depressed. As for, is it just a woman...

     Fleeting Time must have never seen a woman for so many years, and it was suffocated. Finally, I saw a woman who could have seen it well, so let's get rid of it. Absalom secretly slandered in his heart, but it's a pity that Fleeting Time has a bad vision. When you find a woman like Gongzi You, you don't want to turn over for the rest of your life. Absalom couldn't help sighing when he thought of this. Isn't this called every item has a weakness?Just as Genesis and the Vanity Heart were fighting and enjoying each other, Ye Ci received a message from Bai Mo: "Iron-blooded Guild launched a Guild War post to us. I'll take it. Would you like to come?"

     Thousand Sunsets? Ye Ci raised his eyebrows. What is he thinking about? How to find them Upward Ho to start the Guild battle? She had a slight meal and then smiled: "Come on, why not come?"

     Ye Ci's answer surprised Bai Mo: "I didn't expect you to be interested in this too."

     The two chatted again, and Bai Mo went to prepare. However, Ye Ci opened the friends panel and found Mad Willow's name from it, and sent a message: "Do you want a pvp video of Jagged Guild?"

     The other party quickly replied: "I will come over where I want to be."