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Chapter Directory 411 Chapter V PVP Training Plan
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 5 pvp training plan

     Chapter 5 pvp training plan

     I don’t know if it’s because I’m afraid of being watched by lovers, or because I’m under too much pressure to be with Gongzi You, a celebrity in Red Lake City. Mad Willow quickly offered a price that was satisfactory to both parties. One-handed delivery completed the transaction.

     Of course, as a Physical Attack profession, Mad Willow also proposed to buy a beef tenderloin soup with milk and vegetables, which is the food that Ye Ci just recommended that can increase Physical Attack 100 in three hours. Fortunately, the bar allowed takeout of this dish, so he took a portion with him happily, but it was a pity that he could not bring more.

     The two walked side by side to the entrance of the bar, and when they were about to leave in a small boat, Mad Willow suddenly said to Ye Ci: "Gongzi You, you are selling this video to me in such a big crowd, don't you be afraid of being known by Thousand Sunsets? ?"

     Ye Ci laughed: "What can he know? It is not so easy for the iron and blood to fight us. What's more, if I sell this video to you, can you guarantee that they will not sell the video to others? Guild?"

     Mad Willow thoughtfully, then nodded: "Well, you make sense."Ye Ci jumped onto a boat, then waved to Mad Willow behind him, and said coolly: "Let's go, I'll go first, I have a chance to see you next time."

     "Well, there must be a chance." Mad Willow put his hands on his chest, nodded to Ye Ci's back, and said with a smile. He watched Ye Ci's slender back float towards the shore before taking out the returning city stone and heading directly back to his bound city.

     Since the launch of the Guild battle system, the scheduled Guild battle has been staged almost every day. Although the winner has no corpses to pick up, he can get some merit points and monetary rewards, although it is not as good as the in the wild killing and picking corpse equipment. The money comes quickly, but at least it is a legal and reasonable killing, or a reasonable and legal technique to kill. Of course, it may also be a legal and reasonable killing or being trained.

     In short, after starting the Guild battle, the pvp atmosphere in the game was suddenly aroused. After all, this kind of fixed Guild battle will not lose equipment or experience. Without the fears of trouble in the rear, even the little white rabbit players who don't even dare to step on the ants will inevitably be eager to give sth a try. The whole game is full of soliciting Guild warfare shadows. It can accommodate more people than Arena, and it is also a good thing to cooperate with acquaintances. For a while, in the whole game, reasonable and legal pvp activities begin. It opened vigorously.However, Ye Ci is not particularly excited about this kind of activity, and never actively participates.

     In her opinion, this is simply a naked trap made by Wangjiangnan Children's Shoes. Anyone who has played pvp knows that pvp is the same thing as gambling. If you don’t want to lose, then you just stick to pve and don’t involve pvp for the rest of your life. Once pvp is involved, you are like entering a grand gambling game. Everyone wants to win, but how is this possible? . There are winners and losers. Those who lose want to win the next time, and those who win want to win more. This habit will gradually turn pve players into pvp players, and when they die in this kind of death, they can’t lose the level. The longer you play in the non-equipment mode, the more you feel that the excitement is not enough. At that time, the non-fixed Guild battle and in the wild pvp will slowly spread out.

     At that time, everything is unpredictable, and the unpredictable is often the best thing to mix up the water. Under this circumstance, many big Guilds are unavoidable to suffer a loss. A tall tree attracts the wind is just such a thing, and Shengshi is no exception.

     Ye Ci has always thought so.

     Therefore, she decided not to help tyrant Zhou in his oppression, at least in this kind of legal and reasonable pvp without any fight intent, she did not show a trace of enthusiasm.

     Ye Ci feels very boring.You can push without Dungeon, after you can fight without pvp, and you can do without Quest, all her time seems to be used only for leveling. Although she is very patient, the killing and leveling of many articles and the same rule will inevitably make her feel a little boring.

     Of course, after being bored, it is inevitable that you will have to have some fun.

     This state is the current state of Ye Ci. Her sixth child stopped on the huge statue outside of Hero City, while Ye Ci was lying on top of the sixth child bored. When a player from a hostile mainland comes out of Hero City, you can see the majestic appearance of the sixth person as soon as you look up, and they will immediately take a detour. went. After all, the heroic figure of the sixth who once slaughtered many players at the gate of Hero City has been deeply imprinted in the memories of many players.

     Even if you want to help people achieve a little red name, there is no need to pick up your hard-earned equipment and level, right? What's more, it is Gongzi You, an inhuman fellow.

     "Sixth, do you feel so boring?" Ye Ci rolled over on the sixth's back and let the warm sun bask on his back. I don't know who said that this sunbathing should be even. Otherwise it will be like fried salted fish.

     The sixth man raised his head and whimpered, indicating that he agreed with Ye Ci's statement.Ye Ci squinted his eyes and thought for a while, then he sat up, and then touched the dorsal fin of Lao Liu. Become exhilarated's suggestion: "Why don't we go find something interesting."

     The sixth child raised his head again and let out a magnificent whimper, indicating that he echoed Ye Ci's statement again.

     Then, a hunter riding a dragon appeared on the level seventy leveling map of Northern Continent, who would provoke players who looked good at every level and equipment. When Jù Dú, the first Guild boss of Northern Continent, heard the news, he only felt that a few black lines appeared on his head. This is not Gongzi You who else can have. But shouldn’t Gongzi You be training in the central mainland now? How can no cause, no reason appear in Northern Continent?

     Through Moon Green Hill, this question was answered quickly, but when Jù Dú got the answer, he cheeks streaming with tears could not wait to ask the answer.

     Because it's boring.

     This is the answer from Gongzi You.

     But I did not pick up equipment.

     This is the answer that Gongzi You thinks is very benevolent.

     Such an answer made Jù Dú wish he had never heard of it. Therefore, he very happily accepted the Northern Continent's temporary alliance of attacked players to prepare a group to destroy Gongzi You.When they came out of the main city of Northern Continent and marched all the way towards the snow-colored highlands, they met many familiar players. Seeing this posture, they all sent curious questions: "The continent is today Are there any activities?"

     "Yes, the rare in the wild boss is now available in Snowy Highland."

     As a result, more people joined the team to wipe out "in the wild boss".

     At this time, the "in the wild boss" who was wandering boredly on the snow-colored high ground couldn't help but start to think, this kind of battle is really easy, or else rush to the main city of Northern Continent? However, this kind of thought is just thinking about it. You must know that her big red name is not being seen in Eastern Continent, let alone in Northern Continent. Maybe she hasn't stepped into the main city, and she has been integrated by npc players in the suburbs The super team is gone.

     There are really no surprises in this world...

     The humanoid in the wild boss sighed.

     But, soon, she sighed again, this world really has surprises at any time...

     Because, she saw a group of players who came to overthrow in the wild boss Northern Continent lined up to be adjusted to uniformity (usually of weights and measures) sing triumphs towards her all the way.The human form in the wild boss is just the human form in the wild boss. Even if it’s ****, one-to-five is easy, one-to-ten is a bit difficult, one-to-twenty can barely work, one-to-thirty... …If you don’t run yet, do you really treat yourself as a humanoid in the wild boss?

     Isn't it...

     Ye Ci looked at the Northern Continent players who were running towards a dark mass from a distance with a black line on his face. He turned his head and ran, and greeted the sixth man to fly down so that he could climb up. This time it's Ye Ci's turn to burst into tears, your sister's Jù Dú, this kind of thing does not have to breathe in advance, making her more passive now.

     The humanoid in the wild boss rode the humanoid in the wild boss mount and flew all the way towards the border. On this way, she kept on horseback, and the various long-range magic arrows chasing behind her kept greeting the old six. , Ye Ci had to constantly treat the sixth child.

     She couldn't help sighing, and the trumpet was not easy to provoke.

     Forgot to say, in Ye Ci's eyes, players who are three or more levels below their own are all called trumpets...

     The world is always full of surprises.

     This was Ye Ci's only emotion when he flew to the Mocal Bridge that connects the Eastern Continent with the edge of the snow-colored highlands. Because there she saw the same a dark mass Eastern Continent player team trying to cross the Mocal Bridge to the snow-colored high ground in a crushing situation.What are you doing?

     Ye Ci, who was sitting on the sixth person, quickly discovered that there was an elite group of Upward Ho among this group of people. She became more curious and immediately sent a question to Bai Mo, wanting to know what is going on now. . Bai Mo replied indifferently: "Oh, I heard people say that you were counterattacked when you killed someone in the snow-colored highland, so I brought someone to rescue you."

     "So many Guilds listen to you?" Ye Ci's voice changed in surprise.

     "I told them that after hearing a large-scale Northern Continent gathering on the tip, we can go to collect merit points." Bai Mo answered Ye Ci calmly.

     Ye Ci is speechless. She suddenly discovered that Bai Mo was actually quite bad, and it was wilted...

     After that, Ye Ci also plunged into the fiery battle of the people.

     The battle was not generally fierce. People on both sides died one after another, but another group of players gathered and swooped over. Wangjiangnan’s pvp training policy was first achieved on the map of Snowy Highland. Positive embodiment.