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Chapter Directory 416 Chapter 10 Idol
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 10 Idol

     Chapter 10 Idol

     Sitting on the back of the sixth child, Ye Ci rushed towards the battlefield where both sides were fighting.

     Probably because there was no rigorous preparation for this battle, it started too abruptly, and the location was outside the Eastern Continent main city, so there was no siege equipment on both sides, all of which were hand-to-hand combat.

     Such fierce battles on the plains are actually fighting people. Of course, in addition to the number of people, the leader is also very important.

     The plain in front of Champion City is really flat. Basically, there are no obstacles. Of course, the so-called obstacles refer to large obstacles such as hillsides and waterwheels, not grass Barriers like stack fences without any hindrance. In this case, the safety of Sorcerer and Cleric appears to be an imminent danger, so both parties sent some Rogues to protect their Cleric team, and sent other Rogues or fast-moving professions to deal with the other's Cleric.And when Ye Ci arrived, what she saw was the moment when Shengshi's assassination group tried to sneak attack the Cleric group in Upward Ho. As everyone knows, Shengshi’s assassination team is the first team to become famous in Fate. Not only are they well equipped, fast, and their cooperation is even more terrifying. Under such circumstances, Upward Ho is responsible for protecting Cleric’s Rogue team. Some are weak.

     Ye Ci only saw a Rogue honey Barbie she was quite familiar with, already raising the dagger in her hand and stabling it towards a Cleric vest that was being treated, and this Cleric hadn't noticed it yet, and there was no Rogue protection around him. She immediately raised her hand with an arrow and flew out. Although it was rescued very quickly and knocked out an attack by Honey Barbie, but it only knocked out her accurate head. After all, the skill was released, even if it did not cause fatal damage to Cleric, it also brought him. Some harm came.

     Honey Barbie never thought that someone would come out suddenly at this time and gave herself an arrow. The arrow hit her raised wrist in an unbiased way. The huge force not only made her wrist snap. It drove, and turned a few somersaults towards the rear of the can't help. Taking advantage of this gap, Ye Ci immediately rushed behind Cleric and pushed her into the protection circle.All this happened so quickly. The sister Cleric named Orange only felt the pain in her vest. She immediately understood that she had been attacked, and she just had time to put a mouthful of blood on herself, and she didn’t have time to turn around and see if it was. What happened, she was pushed violently, and she got into the middle of a group of Cleric and bumped into another Cleric. After repeated apologies, she looked back, and it was only then that she had time to see what happened.

     I looked up and saw a slender figure standing where she was just standing. She was wearing a cloak, but the hat had already been taken off. Her long silver hair was tied into a tall ponytail, and her hair followed. The wind was drifting slightly, her body seemed to contain tremendous power, she was turning somersaults to one side, and in the midst of somersaults, the crossbow machine in her hand turned to the far distance. A Rogue sent an arrow.

     This Rogue is probably the criminal ringleader, main offender who just put a knife on his back. And the one who saved herself... Sister Orange felt that she was a little afraid to confirm, although she already felt that she was that person in her heart, but she still didn't dare to confirm. That person was a god-like existence to him, how could he suddenly appear in front of him like this, and he also saved himself, which is too unbelievable.And at this moment, she saw the two Rogues of Shengshi surrounding them again, and they were both blocked by the hunter. Although she used a short sword to fight back against each other's attack, she herself was too close to perform a crossbow attack. After being shot with two skills on the body, the health bar immediately dropped a bit. Sister Liu Cheng immediately applied a treatment technique on her body in a hurry.

     Ye Ci noticed that someone was treating herself. While blocking the two players who were attacking her with a short sword, she took the time to look in the direction of treating herself, and immediately found Sister Orange who was treating herself. It was the little Cleric she had just rescued. She raised her mouth, and quickly solved the two Rogues who were surrounding her. Then she smiled and nodded at the little Cleric: "Thank you."

     Sister Liu Cheng looked at that smile, she didn't think she was stunned for a moment, and then there was a flow of heat from under her feet to her face, and her voice was a little trembling: "Will...guild leader..."

     It's a pity that she didn't finish her words. Ye Ci saw another breach in the Cleric protection circle. She could only smile friendly at this little Cleric: "Protect yourself. Only by living can you have the value of fighting." "After that, he flashed and rushed towards the breach"It's the guild leader." Looking at Ye Ci's handsome gestures, her face became even redder, and her heart kept beating against her chest, causing her to breathe rapidly. Ye Ci's smile was always lingering in front of her eyes, which made her almost fainted. Although Ye Ci had agreed neatly, but she still couldn't move half of her steps, let alone into the battle. She covered her cheeks with her hands, and it was so hot as if she was boiling water. She forced the feeling of wanting to scream in her heart and sent a message to her good friend Sorcerer White Head Mushroom: "Mushroom Mushroom, do you know who I just met?"

     The little white-headed mushroom who was throwing arcane bombs in the Sorcerer camp was very with single-hearted devotion. Suddenly hearing the message from Sister Orange, it seemed rather absent-minded. As she threw another arcane bullet, she asked, "Who?"

     "I ran into the guild leader, I ran into the guild leader." Sister Orange was still covering her face with her hands, sweating from her excited nose."What's the excitement of meeting the guild leader? You are online at 7:30 every night. You can definitely meet him at Guild Square and gather the team to Dungeon. I can see him almost every day." Little White Mushroom and Sister Orange are both five. People from the group, so I see Bai Mo every day when I go to Dungeon. This also makes the white-headed Mushroom totally incomprehensible about Sister Orange’s excitement: "Don’t you see him every day? You are so excited."

     "No, it's not Remote Depths, it's not a big guild leader, it's... it's..." Sister Orange felt that she was so excited that she had some breathing problems. She took two deep breaths, before she could say the term. Hearing that the little white-headed mushroom has reacted, he said suspiciously: "What are you talking about...Gongzi You?"

     "Yes, yes, it is Gongzi You. I just met her and she talked to me." Sister Orange became more and more excited. At this time, the head of their Cleric group treatment saw her paddling and reminded her. , She couldn't even bother to cover her face quickly, and followed the large group to begin to heal the players who were charging ahead.

     "No..." The little white-headed mushroom also became a little excited: "How is it possible that Gongzi You rarely participates in Guild activities, and she is a big red name, it is impossible to come here, will you be attacked by NPCs? I read it wrong""No, no, I really saw her and saved me, and told me to protect myself." Sister Orange's voice became more and more rushing, and she was no doubt excited to add: "Mushroom, don't you believe me? What?"

     "Is it really Gongzi You? Really?" Now the white-headed little mushrooms are also starting to get excited, and the two of them will join Upward Ho. In addition to this Guild has great potential, it is very good for members and benefits are very good, the most important thing is The reason is that Gongzi You is the guild leader of this Guild. For them who have always admired Gongzi You, it is a great honor to be a Guild with her. It's just a pity that they haven't seen the physical Gongzi You since they entered Guild. They were actually met by Sister Liucheng today. How could the two of them not be excited?

     "Really, more real than pearls"

     "How does she look good?"

     "She's so handsome. She smiled at me and told me to protect herself. She told me to protect herself. She saved me and smiled at me." Sister Liu Cheng was completely delirious. Now, her words were completely unorganized, and her operation at this time was everything in disorder, and she even performed several group healing techniques in a row. The blue was suddenly empty, and the group leader named him again.

     "..." The little white-headed mushroom did not say a word immediately, but sighed sadly after a while: "Why am I not Cleric..."As the object of discussion by the two ***, Ye Ci is still struggling to fight in the assassination team, she recruited Ol' Four, although the sixth attack is more powerful, but its size is too large, in the fight It’s a big disadvantage, and it’s easy to become a target for everyone’s attacks. Although Ol' Four is not small in size, it’s exceptionally agile, coupled with its own group stun skills, playing against Rogue, especially Many Rogues are good methods that have been tried and tested.

     The combination of Ye Ci and Ol’ Four is flawless and impeccable. With her speedy attack, the gap that was quickly broken by the assassination group was filled by her. When the Rogue group with Upward Ho resisted another attack from the Shengshi assassination group, Ye Ci told Bai Mo about the coordinates. He sent people to strengthen Cleric's defenses, and after supporting him, he rushed toward the front of the battle line.

     This battle can be said to have exhausted all the combat power of both sides. Not only did the land troops fight you die, I live, but the air combat troops also fought extremely tragically. In the brilliant sky, the screams of the air riders were heard from time to time. Ye Ci rushed towards the front line and looked up at the air combat situation, like wildfire, evenly matched.