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Chapter Directory 418 Chapter 12 Consideration Of Light Breeze
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 12 Light Wind Considerations

     Chapter 12 Light Wind Considerations

     Ye Ci's speed is very fast, but the person's speed is not too slow. Just when Ye Ci's dagger was forced towards his roar room, the person unexpectedly flashed past him easily, like this. The dodge method looks ordinary, but in fact it contains great skills. Ye Ci was slightly stunned because of the dodge this time. Just this time, her movement was stagnant, and she was caught by the opponent all at once, her arms twisted her back behind her, and the whole person also bent down.

     The man also leaned down immediately, pressing against her back. He lowered his head and sighed against her ears, "Little childe, you are so absent-minded, but you will hang up."

     Ye Ci gnashing one's teeth, she knew it was this guy. She struggled hard, but she didn't expect Fleeting Time to bind her firmly, not move a single jot at all. She took a deep breath, and suddenly lifted her leg backwards, hitting Fleeting Time with her heel severely, and smoothly heard the muffled sound of Fleeting Time, and then he let go of his arm.

     Ye Ci straightened up, turned around and smiled at Fleeting Time, who was covering the wound with his back and back, and said, "Little Fleeting Time, you don't care so much, but you will hang it."Fleeting Time is also wearing a secret cloak like Ye Ci. At this moment, his whole body is wrapped in a cloak so that he can't see his face, but the bitter smile in his voice can be heard clearly: "I said, You are so cruel, are you planning to stay a widow before you pass?

     This is too naked, even if it is a cheeky like Ye Ci, she feels a little uncomfortable when she hears it. She gave a slight meal and snorted: "Why didn't you say that you came to the door..." After I said it, I felt that something was wrong again. Why did I suddenly talk about marriage and marriage? What's wrong with this? She didn't have time to think about it, and immediately changed the subject: "Why are you here?"

     "Oh, let's join in the fun." Fleeting Time is not upset about Ye Ci's sudden change of topic with one thread, one hair. Anyway, he has heard one of his favorite words, even though Ye Ci said it unconsciously. , But having this sentence on this trip is equivalent to not coming in vain.

     Fleeting Time's answer really made Ye Ci speechless. She twitched the corners of her mouth a few times: "You came from Western Continent just to join in the excitement of our fight with Shengshi?" No matter how you heard it, she felt unrealistic.

     "By the way, check if the elite group lent you has any serious work." Fleeting Time bent down and stuck it to Ye Ci's ear and whispered: "Or, the answer you want to hear is that I am watching your?"The corners of Ye Ci's mouth tremble more severely. Although this person is indeed his boyfriend in terms of identity, how does Ye Ci feel that this person is always so awkward? She raised a hand and pushed Fleeting Time away from her. After taking a long breath, she said: "Do you think it is appropriate for us to stand on the prosperous battlefield like this now? I came here to sneak attack. of."

     "Oh oh oh. That's it." Fleeting Time nodded, but his voice was incredibly relaxed. However, this ease wanted Ye Ci to knock him out with a fist. At the next moment, Fleeting Time had stretched out his hand, grabbed Ye Ci's wrist, and ran towards the dense crowd. As he ran, he asked: "How many Clerics of the Prosperity have you killed?"

     Ye Ci looked at his still red and black name, and answered calmly: "Who knows, there are a lot of them anyway."

     "I think it's a lot."

     "Huh?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows and glanced at Fleeting Time strangely.

     Fleeting Time seemed to feel Ye Ci's weirdness, so he said: "I saw a lot of wandering Rogues looking at the defensive periphery of the Cleric regiment one by one on the way here. Judging from that number, the breeze should not kill you Give up."Ye Ci didn't care about it. She laughed lowly, "How come you don't sound worried at all, how can I be your girlfriend too."

     "I want to worry, but you never gave me this opportunity." Fleeting Time said, but there was a sigh in his voice. It's just that he quickly changed the subject. He said to Ye Ci: "Let's come to a game. See who kills more Cleric in 20 minutes?"

     "No problem." Ye Ci nodded, and then the two quickly separated, rushing in two completely different directions.

     While constantly killing Cleric of Shengshi, Ye Ci suddenly thought that the way they get along is a bit strange. Maybe they are couples, but how is their way of getting along different from the way couples get along in movies on TV? Together, they seem to always be a competition, always a competition, and no one accepts anyone. Sometimes Ye Ci can't help but think, can she and Fleeting Time get along like ordinary couples? For example, to see a landscape, such as to do something...well, well, she can't imagine what she can do with Fleeting Time besides fighting. However, this seems pretty good.If you say that a Ye Ci has already been badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire). Then adding a Fleeting Time really makes the light breeze extremely hot. Of course he knows that another person has been added, and this person must be Fleeting Time, but what's the use of knowing? He couldn't catch these two people. If he couldn't catch them, it would be nothing.

     After hearing the return of Cleric's damage again, Qingfeng severely knocked the chariot in front of him with his fist and took a deep breath. Sure enough, the difference between advanced players and top players is not a little bit different. What he should have imagined is that being able to retreat from a dozen or so assassination regiments alone would be like a fish back in water in this kind of melee.

     Although not reconciled, Qingfeng has to admit that with the strength of their current prosperous players, no one can surpass Gongzi You or Fleeting Time. Although the scale of Upward Ho is really not worth mentioning compared to Shengshi, it is not easy to deal with Guild with top players. Qingfeng sighed and began to think about whether his current strategy is right?

     As if unconsciously, he walked into a dead end.All because of the mithril vein. Although mithril’s advantage is only reflected in magic defense, according to the light wind’s strategic vision, this mithril is definitely more than just a mithril shirt. The more the game develops later, the game’s magic defense The higher the requirements, the greater the demand for mithril. So, what if mithril can be used to build weapons? What kind of effect will that be? Qingfeng felt that he could not imagine.

     Therefore, if Shengshi wants to dominate Fate, not only the number of people must go up, but the economy must go up, and more importantly, there must be resources to suppress the lifeline of the entire game. Before the emergence of more important resources, the mithril vein is clearly Fate's most important lifeline resource in the future. Shengshi has sent a large number of news spies to inquire about the mithril veins on the Maga continent, but so far, apart from the four known mithril veins, no other mithril veins have been discovered.To be honest, Shengshi doesn’t want to get along with Upward Ho. Let’s not say that this Guild has a hard bone like Gongzi You. The equipment of this Guild is the best among all Guilds of Eastern Continent. After all, they push Dungeon too fast. It's coming soon, as if it's like a divine help. This is even stronger than other large-scale Guilds. Their strategy of overthrowing Dungeon is almost impossible to find in Eastern Continent. Such a strong Dungeon implementation speed has kept their entire Guild equipment in the top state of Eastern Continent, if it weren’t for them. The number of people is still relatively small, it will be a headache.

     However, Shengshi was determined to win the mithril vein, but only four mithril veins have been discovered at this stage. Except for the southern continent that was locked by Quest, the other three are occupied by Guild. According to the strength of Guild, although Upward Ho has various advantages, they are still the weakest Guild in comparison with Genesis and the stars. Not only that, Genesis has Fleeting Time, stars have Jù Dú, Upward Ho has Gongzi You, and these three Guilds have a top player. Since all of them are tough, everyone will choose the relatively not too tough one, which is Upward Ho.

     Therefore, Shengshi twice then three times is not at fault with this Guild for Upward Ho, but in the face of interests, a lot of aggro has been born for no reason.However, now, Qingfeng suddenly felt that he had chosen the wrong direction. He suffered several losses on Upward Ho. Did he despise this medium-sized Guild too much? Maybe another goal would be better?

     However, no matter what Qingfeng thinks now, this battle must be finished. He raised his head and looked at the players fighting together in the distance, sighed, and if he continued to fight like this, Upward Ho would not be able to hold it up sooner or later, after all, they were too disadvantaged in terms of numbers. However, even if it lasts until that moment, how much will Guild's Cleric die? If you die one level at a time, how many levels do you have to lose? If the level of Cleric is too low, especially if the level of Cleric, the main force of each team, is too low, it will be more difficult to enter Dungeon. As the difficulty of Dungeon increases, it will make their already lagging progress even more lagging. Is the distance between the big Guild in front of you widened?

     After thinking about it, Qingfeng felt that he was going on like this, even if it was his side who won the final victory, but from the perspective of long-term interests, he was still the one who suffered. The light wind is precisely the one who is the least willing to suffer, so he took a deep breath: "Pass the order and retreat."Lu Wei Dang was a little surprised. Although Guild’s Cleric has suffered a lot of casualties, from an overall point of view, Sheng Shi is already in sight. Isn’t it a shame to retreat at this time? "Guild leader, retreating now is not giving them victory?"

     Qingfeng glanced at Reed Dang, then turned away, his cloak was blown by the wind, and his calm voice came from the wind: "The win or lose in front of me is nothing but petty gains. What I want is the final victory."