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    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter Fourteen Dialogue

     Chapter Fourteen Dialogue

     The next two people unexpectedly returned to the state they were just now, the highest state-quietly. They still maintained their previous posture, standing quietly on the edge of the vast and messy battlefield. If there are broken flags, horizontal corpses, or piles of wolves that are about to be extinguished on this battlefield, it will be It really smells like a lonely hero.

     But, what a pity, there is nothing. Located outside Champion City, this wilderness is still the sun shines brightly, green grass like cushion, even when the breeze is blowing, you can smell the faint fragrance of green grass, and from time to time there are small creatures such as butterflies and bees flying around. . The scenery is really beautiful, which greatly reduces the taste of the so-called lone hero. It seems that two men whose relationship is difficult to tell are entangled in how to make known to the masses.

     Well, in fact, we have thought too much about all this.

     Fleeting Time stood there like this, squinted at the distance, with a small smile on his lips, as if seeing something fascinated. Bai Mo glanced at him, and also looked in the direction he was looking past. There are still a few dense trees. There is a small pond under the trees, which looks like spring flowers. However, this scenery is in Fate It's too ordinary, and I don't know what's good.Bai Mo was not bored enough to continue to speculate about where Fleeting Time's gaze fell, or what Fleeting Time was interested in, because that was not what Bai Mo was concerned about. In Bai Mo's view, Fleeting Time is just a scumbag who robs her of her sister. He and **** really have no common language. But in fact, there are always many helpless things.

     For example, Bai Mo really wants to beat up this stinky ****, or just kill him directly. But no, even if they don't have a common language, at this time they have to pretend to have a common language and say something together.

     "What the hell do you like her?" Bai Mo sighed after curling her eyebrows for a while: "She is average-looking and of average body, not to mention her temper. She is so bad that I can't bear to spurn it. I even sighed. There is no feminine temperament in her, why would you like her?"Fleeting Time was not surprised by this question. Although this question sounds a bit unpleasant, although this question came from Bai Mo, a man who is very fond of Ye Ci, Fleeting Time Still not surprised. He just retracted the gaze projected into the distance and turned to Bai Mo's body, then gently raised the corners of his mouth, and then he stretched out a hand and gently scratched his hair: "What you said seems to be true. Ye Ci is not wrong. Ye Ci is really not a woman enough, she is not outstanding, she is thin enough, but the areas that should be thinner are thinner, and the places that should not be thinner are also thinner. As for the temper, it is really bad. You don’t know that she was ruthless when she pk with me, I really think I’m her father’s enemy, as for the virtues a woman should have, what gentleness, what be good at understanding others, what’s cute, what’s quiet and obedient, She doesn't even account for the same, so you are not wrong at all."

     When Fleeting Time talked about this, even the corners of his eyes curled up. He looked at Bai Mo, and Bai Mo was also looking at him. Bai Mo's eyes are like a pool of bottomless water. He can't see what's inside or what's buried inside. He just watched Fleeting Time quietly, the wind was calm and the billows were not surprised."But, what's in all of this?" Fleeting Time blinked, took his gaze back from Bai Mo, and continued to look in the direction he was looking at. The corners of his lips continued to curl: "Even if her body is full of faults, what is it? She is Ye Ci."

     Bai Mo listened to this answer and felt a bit with complex feelings. Obviously, he said a lot, and others had a lot of friends, but why did he feel uncomfortable? This feels really strange. It's like my own child. I can say that I have this shortcoming and that shortcoming, but you, an outsider, can't say it. Of course, when Bai Mo felt the most uncomfortable, Fleeting Time said the last sentence. She is Ye Ci. What's wrong? She is Ye Ci. What's wrong? I'm still Bai Mo. What kind of shit answer is this?

     Well, this is indeed a bullshit answer, but it is this bullshit answer that makes Bai Mo unable to say a word of rebuttal in his heart, so he can only keep his mouth shut and stand there without knowing what he is thinking.And Fleeting Time didn't seem to have any plans to speak, he just looked at the small pond in the distance with great interest and smiled, as if there was a huge treasure there. Bai Mo followed his gaze and looked there again, confirming that it was just a scene that was not ordinary in Fate, so he didn't worry about it. He raised his head and squinted his eyes and looked at the blue sky, the weather was really good, the white clouds floating on the blue sky, it was a bit unrealistic.

     Just when Bai Mo really couldn't find anything to say, just when Bai Mo felt that the two people standing here were about to be infinitely obscene fantasy by the squeamish rotten girls in Guild, Fleeting Time suddenly opened his mouth. His voice is very sincere and sincere to Bai Mo feels a bit scary. After all, in Bai Mo's thoughts, Fleeting Time is a scumbag, a woman who abducted a good family, no, a good girl. Can you expect a stinky **** to have any sincerity? Then you might as well expect the sows in the slaughterhouse to sing Farewell My Concubine before dying.

     "In a sense, you and I are actually enemies." Fleeting Time exhaled, "Although I say that is not convincing, I still want to say that you have worked hard for the past twenty years. In the future, Leave it to me."

     Bai Mo looked at Fleeting Time for a long time, and then a cold snort came out of his nose. He put his arms on his chest and said faintly: "Yi Qingchen, you really owe you a beating."Fleeting Time laughed, and he waved at Bai Mo. The peach-faced face was so beautiful that people wanted to shoot it with a shield. He walked towards the place he was looking at, and said as he walked: "You can't beat me, cousin." Then he added: "Whether it's in the game or in reality."

     Bai Mo almost sneered at this statement. He was still standing there, with his hands on his chest, looking at the back of Fleeting Time, his eyes lightly falling on the small pond. Suddenly, he was slightly stunned. A dense tree was reflected on the small pond, and a leisurely figure was leaning on the trunk. Although it was blurry, the long silver hair was really conspicuous. And all of this can only be seen from the reflection on the lake, and if you look at the tree from their perspective, you can't see anything.

     Bai Mo suddenly understood why Fleeting Time was always looking there.He just watched as Fleeting Time walked towards the tree, and then stood under the tree, then he raised his head and said something to the person on the tree, and the person on the tree should respond Something happened, and then Fleeting Time said something, and he just stood there, motionless, and his arms opened slightly, seeming to have been waiting for something. Just after a long, long time has passed, when Bai Mo was a little bored, he saw a figure with long hair jumping from a tree.

     Unbiased just fell into the arms of Fleeting Time, and Fleeting Time's arms were folded. Bai Mo exhaled, turned his head and walked in a random direction. He felt that he was going to Timely Rain to ask about Guild's situation. Who knows what will happen next time in the golden age?

     Bai Mo walked a few steps, and then stopped again. He turned his head back, just stood there for a moment, and then continued to walk forward.

     Sure enough, when a girl is of age, she must be married off.Bai Mo and Fleeting Time stood far away on the edge of the battlefield and didn't know what to say. Ye Ci looked at them from a distance and yawned. She felt a little sleepy. Look around, there is a dense book not far away. The most important thing is that one of its branches looks very suitable for people to rely on, but she has nothing to do at this time, so go there to rely on It seems very as it should be by rights. That being the case, Ye Ci walked towards the tree as it should be by rights, then as it should be by rights fell sharply to the branch, and then as it should be by rights lay down.

     Bright sunlight penetrated through the gaps in the leaves, and hit Ye Ci mottledly, looking a little cute. Ye Ci squinted at the light spots, and felt a little sleepy, and his eyelids fell heavily. I don't know how long it took to be so muddled, Ye Ci's peripheral nerves suddenly woke up, yelling violently, but it was not dangerous. This kind of clamor made Ye Ci's eyes suddenly opened, and he subconsciously looked in the direction of that nerve clamor, and then crashed into a pool of jet-black water-like eyes.

     That person was really too much. He looked at himself like this, without even trying to cover it up. There was a faint smile on the corners of his eyes and the corners of his lips, which looked like the most beautiful peach blossom swaying in the spring breeze.Ye Ci blinked while looking at the peach blossom, then blinked again. She sat up, sat on the branch and looked at him with her eyes down, and then said, "When did you come here?"

     "Just here, you woke up. Did you bother you to sleep?" Fleting Time still looked at Ye Ci with that intoxicating expression. Perhaps because she just woke up, she looks a bit soft when she is usually sharp, so soft that she feels a rush of excitement.

     Ye Ci shook his head.

     Fleeting Time opened his arms and said to Ye Ci, "Come down."

     "Come down?" Ye Ci repeated it, then raised his eyebrows as he watched Fleeting Time's movements: "Come down and come down, what are your movements?"

     Fleeting Time was a little helpless at this incomprehensible answer, and then he said directly: "Jump down, I will follow you."

     Ye Ci really wants to say, do you need to pick it up? Even if it is higher, it is a small appetizer in front of me. However, she didn't know why she couldn't say it, she could only stare at the open arm in a daze, and she didn't know how long.