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Chapter Directory 422 Chapter 15 Three Years
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 15 Three Years

     Chapter 15 Three Years

     Tan Polang has only heard about Fleeting Time, Absalom and the white fairy tale, but only heard about it. Although Tan Polang is indeed a little gossip burning in his heart, he is not a person who is interested in asking about gossip. First, there is no Stamina, second, there is no need, and third... This is really a dangerous thing.

     There are no secrets in the world, but the more you know about some things, it is inevitable that the mud feet will get deeper, and the more mud feet will inevitably become more complicated and deviate from your goals. Tan Polang has never been willing to be a complicated person, so he will not ask about some things even if he is curious.The voice on Absalom's phone today seemed a little strange. Tan Polang didn't ask too much, but intuitively he felt that this matter should be related to the white fairy tale. Speaking of this, Tan Polang's heart is a bit blocked. When he was in Guild of Genesis, he knew that this woman had been in love with Fleting Time for a long time, but Fleting Time was like a snake and scorpion to her, but that woman was really persistent, and every time she had the opportunity When playing Dungeon with Fleeting Time, she is always gentle and gentle. Even if Fleeting Time has always rejected her from thousands of miles away, she still looks like this. Later, for this reason, even Dungeon seldom participated in Fleeting Time, and the chance of Tan Polang and Fleeting Time being in contact was also reduced a lot. For Tan Polang, who has always admired Fleeting Time, because this thing hates white. Fairy tales are not a short time.

     As for later, he changed the mainland, this person also remembered less about this matter, today saw Absalom so anxious to find Fleeting Time, so hum and haw, he remembered this woman again. He couldn't help being a little angry. After all, Tan Polang's definition of Fleeting Time's identity has changed from his idol to his brother-in-law. If there are still people with the idea of Fleeting Time at this time, he would be unwilling to do so. However, seeing Absalom's situation is really unspeakable, he can only sigh: "guild leader, don't you have a Fleeting Time call? Just ask him directly.""If he is willing to say, why should I call you." Absalom also looked bored, and his tone was full of helplessness: "I'm going crazy now."

     In addition to expressing sympathy for Absalom's current encounter, Tan Polang also has the taste of taking joy in calamity and delight in disaster. However, he didn't show it, he just said on the matter: "If it's Fleeting Time, I don't want to tell you, then I can't say it." At this point, he paused, and said with some vagueness: " Guild leader, I don’t want to go there with some muddy water, and I don’t want such muddy water to happen, after all..." He paused again: "Gongzi You is my sister."

     Absalom knows this, but after hearing Tan Polang say this, he was also discouraged and sighed: "I know, I also turn to any doctor one can find when critically ill. I'm really annoying. You. Don't mind either."Hearing what Absalom said, and did not continue to ask what he meant, Tan Polang exhaled, and the stone in his heart dropped. To be honest, if Absalom continues to kiss, he doesn’t know how to answer. If he is really anxious, he can only refuse categorically. I’m afraid that will hurt everyone’s love for many years, not only when absolutely. Essential he still doesn't want to do it. Now that Absalom said so, he no longer struggled with this issue. He added: "guild leader, I don't think I have a standpoint for some things, but I still want to talk about it."


     "Indecisiveness leads to disaster."

     "I know. But, I can't stand the shameless as a brave one." Absalom smiled bitterly, and then talked to Tan Polang Al Sifu Zhuto Su Lv Huang Han Tomb Yi 缁埃ゴ砟開叩那鋈チForgive me 6 Philippine reviews coughing leeches, Zhao Nuo, shoveling, screaming, screaming, climbing palms, talking about Ai Fong, huai, huai, guanhuai, guilty, and guilty, worrying about stubbornness Dad feeds 6 miscellaneous acquaintances in the heart of the ostrich cave ⒄ Gu Qiangchunmei model round the wild mystery, the loyalty partner ⑸ Ping Pirates reef, crisp and crisp tomb, the burden of the lazy tax consultant, the secret thumb of the lazy tax consultant The quality of the squid is tailored and pure: Mei Naxie is enough to buy the alliance and the shallow squid is planted slowly. Naxie is the soil and the earth is reef. The brain is smashed to the end. The appearance of the woman is ナА# ㄆ commentary ∨笥Xuanxuan file pen chlorine boat ya lazy play stupid sled forgivenessAfter washing the dishes, Tan Polang wiped the floor again. While doing housework, he felt that something was wrong. Finally, he put the mop on and took out the phone, dialed the number of Fleeting Time, and just wanted to send it out, but at the last minute, it happened again. Stopped. He thought for a while, and he always felt that it was a bit inappropriate for Fleting Time gesticulate while talking from his own standpoint. Fleeting Time is very good to him, but in his bones, he and Ye Ci are the same kind of people. They are the kind of people who don't want others to give pointers on their own affairs. They never change easily after making a decision. Isn't it a bit inappropriate to call me so rashly now? What's more, if you make a phone call, it will inevitably make things worse because of emotional excitement and rush to talk. It's better to send a text message to be steady.So I canceled the call I was going to make, and after thinking for a while, I sent a text message to Fleeting Time: "Brother Fleeting Time, Absalom guild leader is looking for you. Call me to ask if you are going back, let me ask He asked you himself.” After the text message was entered, Tan Polang thought about it for a long time and revised it several times before finally sending it out. After all, there are few people in Genesis who don’t know about the white fairy tales. The Fleeting Time also understands this. Therefore, this text message tells Fleeting Time Absalom to call him to find him, and it also hints at it. I am not very at ease about the White Fairy Tale, I believe that such a smart person as Fleeting Time can definitely understand it.

     After the text message was sent, I soon received a reply from the Fleeting Time text message. The answer above is simple: "Don't worry, I will deal with it."

     Although neither of them said anything, Tan Polang exhaled, and he was relieved with the words "Fleeting Time". Fleeting Time has this kind of magic. When he says things he doesn't need to care about, he really doesn't need to care about things. He says things he will handle, and he will definitely handle them. Tan Polang put away his phone, and continued to mop the floor happily.

     Ye Ci was curious about what Bai Mo and Fleeting Time said. She put her hands in her coat pockets and asked, "What did you say?"There is no beginning and no end to these words, but Ye Ci believes that Bai Mo must understand. Sure enough, Bai Mo squinted at her, then snorted: "Women shouldn't be too curious about things between men."

     These words really owe you a beating. Ye Ci lifted his foot towards Bai Mo's ass and it was a kick: "Don't be too proud, don't think I dare not hit you."

     Bai Mo ran a few steps in a row. Ye Ci didn't kick him. As he ran, he turned his head and smiled: "You play? You think this is a game, you must beat me?"

     Ye Ci snorted. He didn't want to talk to Bai Mo, but he really wanted to know, so he said again: "Okay, you can tell me, cousin."

     Bai Mo gave Ye Ci a white look: "I really want to know?"

     "I don't particularly want to know." Hearing Bai Mo's question, Ye Ci couldn't put it down again, so he lifted his chin to pretend not to care.

     "Oh, originally I wanted to tell you that if that's the case, then forget it." Bai Mo naturally saw through Ye Ci's mind, so he nodded, indicating that he didn't care about it either.

     As a result, Ye Ci was upset again, and after a long time chattering with Bai Mo, Bai Mo finally annoyed Ye Ci and waved his hand: "Go go, damn girl movie, it's just such a big deal. , Will you let me stop for a while?"Bai Mo said this, Ye Ci simply crawled on his back and beat him hard, causing him to surrender again and again, and finally told Ye Ci the content of the two people's conversation: "It's nothing, just the handover ceremony."

     Ye Ci was confused. She looked at Bai Mo without understanding: "What is the handover ceremony?" Then she suddenly realized: "Is it a handover ceremony for three thousand elites?"

     Bai Mo looked at Ye Ci and didn't intend to continue speaking clearly, but said vaguely: "Anyway, there is a lot of communication with Genesis, and there are a lot of places that need to be handed over."

     Ye Ci nodded, expressing understanding, but I don't know why, but there was a little bit of disappointment in his heart. Even she herself didn't know exactly where this disappointment came from, but there was a corner in her heart that was slightly sour and astringent. It was not uncomfortable, but it lingered.

     The days are not salty or indifferent, and it seems that nothing particularly important has happened. In a blink of an eye, after the Mid-Autumn Festival, although it is difficult, Fate also ushered in its three-year test.During this period, a lot of things happened. First of all, the scale of Upward Ho has been continuously expanding. Now the main force alone has reached 300,000 visits. Although there is no way to compare with the super big Guild, but the combat power is comparable to the average big Guild.

     Secondly, the development of Prosperity in the game is booming. This super Guild with members across four continents has been developing with an extremely rapid attitude. However, in Ye Ci's view, their development has not actually improved. My life went so smoothly, probably because of myself. The conflict between Guild and Shengshi in several alliances occurred more than once, and everyone suffered casualties, but the outcome was uncertain.

     Secondly, Ye Ci has been leveling, and has never given up on the exploration of Zhuogu Sacred Mountain. Finally, when her level reaches 110, she will finally not lose blood on the map of Zhuogu Sacred Mountain. A gratifying thing.

     Finally, Wang Jiangnan made a series of new expansions and new gameplay releases after taking the lead. As the Mid-Autumn Festival approached, he released another very important event-Fate's first pvp personal competition.