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Chapter Directory 423 Chapter 17 PVP Competition
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 17 pvp competition

     Chapter 17 pvp competition

     Ye Ci sat cross-legged on the edge of the lake in Red Lake City, using a soft cotton cloth to gently wipe down the 110-level crossbow machine she had just received-Holy Flame. She looked calm, as if the most important thing in the world was to wipe the crossbow machine. She lifted the crossbow machine, placed it in front of her eyes, and then sighed in an imperceptible corner, then wiped it with a cotton cloth.

     The surface of the Red Lake gradually rises with a curl of smoke, which at first glance seems to be like a traditional Chinese ink painting, nothing more beautiful can be imagined.

     "Have you signed up?" I don't know when Bai Mo actually stood behind Ye Ci. I don't know whether Ye Ci found him or not. She has kept the original posture and continued to wipe the saint. Homura seemed to concentrate so much that he had already forgotten.

     After Bai Mo's voice fell, Ye Ci didn't answer immediately, as if he hadn't heard it. It was only after a long time that she returned: "Yeah."

     "How many times do you think you can get?" Bai Mo leaned against the big tree behind Ye Ci, looking at Ye Ci who lowered his head to wipe the crossbow machine like a smile yet not a smile.

     Ye Ci shook his head: "I haven't thought about it."Bai Mo is not talking anymore. He is still leaning on the tree, but his eyes are cast on the Red Lake. There are many boats slowly shuttled in the mist, and the singer is leaning on the boat from time to time. Singing beautiful songs in unintelligible language, everything is as beautiful as an oil painting. After a long time, Bai Mo squatted down, stretched out his hand, patted Ye Ci's shoulder lightly, and then said softly and lowly: "Come on."

     Ye Ci turned back half of his head, looking at Bai Mo, his lips curled up: "Of course."

     Bai Mo stopped saying anything, stood up, turned and left here, leaving only Ye Ci sitting here quietly, sorting out his thoughts.

     Ye Ci listened to Bai Mo [email protected]@'s footsteps and left. She walked farther and farther, until she couldn't hear her anymore, she completely recovered her spirit and continued to wipe the crossbow machine. But at this moment, her thoughts have drifted far.That was a matter of the previous life. At that time, she was still Sorcerer. At that time, she was not called Gongzi You. It is also such a pvp competition, with many similarities, but also many different places. At that time, no one would stand behind him to encourage himself, nor would there be an established opponent. At that time, I was solitary and selfish but so sorrowful, as if there was no place for myself in the whole world. However, she was so proud that she didn't care about everything.

     In fact, in recent years, Ye Ci has gradually forgotten a lot of things about the last life. From such an impressive past to the present, it seems that there are only a few fragments that I still remember. Jumping from a building is one thing, and Fleeting Time. Fighting is one piece, then, then...jumping is one piece.

     It seems that, other than that, there is no more impressive thing. However, according to the current life development, maybe it won't take long, maybe it won't take long, she can't even remember these things. Ye Ci exhaled, put the crossbow machine behind his back, then took out a jug of wine from the package, raised his head and took a sip, squinted his eyes and looked at the mist in the distance of the lake, and his thoughts seemed to be all of a sudden. Back to the only time in her last life when Fleeting Time had an intersection.That was the final arena of Fate's first pvp personal competition. She thought she was going to win, but the situation was reversed in the final. Fleeting Time seemed to be a different person all of a sudden, with such fierce operations, such accurate skills, and so fast. Movement, such a deadly attack, as if everything had been arranged by the computer, all coincidences did not seem to be explained by science. She has always claimed to be a top Sorcerer, in fact, she is indeed a top Sorcerer, but her top Sorcerer has become so vulnerable in front of Flying Time, she can't even be like howling wind and torrential rain in him. Survive more than three minutes under the attack, and fell into the finals with so much unwillingness and so much resentment. It was also in that battle that Fleeting Time finally became a god.

     She blinked, and she didn't know how long she had been staring at the lake so quietly, she felt a little tired in her eyes. She closed her eyes again, and the fight seemed to reappear in her mind. Every move of Fleeting Time was played back in front of her eyes like slow motion of a movie, and then she silently recorded Fleeting in her memory. The operation of Time was compared with the operation of the current Fleeting Time, and I was surprised to find that the Fleeting Time now seems to be more aggressive than the Fleeting Time in memory. Is it because of an opponent? It's because my Siberian butterfly has changed too much.And later, and later. Just when I wanted to challenge him again, Hunter God Fleeting Time seemed like a wind that came and went without a trace. It disappeared from Fate and ceased to exist, making this an eternal regret in her heart. She suddenly remembered that Bai Mo asked herself just now, she wanted to get the number one, she smiled. Now she really has a very indifferent view of this pursuit of fame and fortune. In fact, it doesn't matter which number one is, even if Eastern is lost. The title of Continent Solo King is also indifferent, as long as, as long as... can surpass Fleeting Time.

     Yes, although Bai Mo advised herself, she must leave herself a goal and an enemy, after all, it's lonely at the top, but she still can't restrain her desire to defeat Fleeting Time, nothing else, just In order to fulfill the extravagant hopes of the two lives, although she knew it was difficult, who would know if she didn't try?

     She admitted that Fleeting Time is a very strong opponent, so strong that she sometimes has no power to parry, but how can this be? She still has to fight once. Fighting, this is such a beautiful thing. Only when fighting, the muscles, blood and thoughts on the whole body will condense into the most unified body. There are no other ideas, only fighting, fighting, and continuous fighting until Until the death of the war.Ye Ci once asked Fleeting Time why she left the e-sports world. Although she knew the reason for a long time, she still asked him because she wanted to hear him answer this question in person. At that time, Fleeting Time gave the answer she already knew. He said: "Because there are no enemies. Because there is no passion for fighting."

     She thought that she was actually the same person as Fleeting Time. If there were no enemies and no goals, then fighting would become a luxury. If even fighting became a luxury, life would be so boring.

     She just sat there thinking of God, and suddenly, the set reminder time rang. Ye Ci came back to her senses. She looked at the current time. It was time for her to explore Zhuogu Sacred Mountain again when she had an appointment with Fleeting Time. She packed up her thoughts and bags and headed towards Zhuogu Sacred Mountain. Up.

     When she arrived at the Bone Bone Sacred Mountain, Ye Ci couldn't help but shiver. Although her level is no longer bloody on the map of Zhuogu Sacred Mountain, there is still no way to resist the bone-hard cold. She pulled out the warm fur clothes and put them on her body, and ran towards the place she had agreed with Fleeting Time. When I arrived at the appointed place, from a distance, Ye Ci had already seen First Squadron in the whiteness of the ice and snow. The warm bonfire was burning under the leeward rock, and in the big stone nest under the rock, there was a man wearing black fur clothes. People.Ye Ci walked to Shiwozi, sat down, stretched out her hand and drew the heat greedily by the bonfire, and then she asked Fleeting Time: "When did you arrive?"

     "It's not a long time, it's just a bonfire." Fleeting Time looked up at Ye Ci. The slender phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and a soft light came out from it, which looked very warm. , Even warmer than the bonfire in the ice and snow.

     "I remember you were always on time, why did you arrive so early today?" Ye Ci pulled the somewhat entertaining fur coat. She was too thin. The fur coat made according to the standard model was a bit empty. If it is not tightened It can't keep warm at all.

     Fleeting Time heard Ye Ci's question but did not answer. He just took out a can from the campfire, opened it, took out a tin jug from it, and handed it to Ye Ci: "I just warmed up the wine, drink it. Although there will be no blood loss here, but the wind is too cold and it hurts the bones. It is better to drink some wine."

     Ye Ci also rude, took the flask directly, twisted it and poured a few sips into his mouth, and then handed it to Fleeting Time: "You drink too, you are of the same level as me, you may not be able to resist it much. cold."

     Fleeting Time just laughed, took the pot, and after a few bites, he said, "Have you signed up for the pvp contest?""Yeah." Ye Ci looked at Fleeting Time on one side, and pulled on his clothes again. Although he warmed up a bit after drinking, it seemed that no matter what he did was unnecessary in such weather. "How about you?"

     "I also reported." Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci, patted the stone beside him and said: "Sit here, let's talk."

     Ye Ci glanced at him, but didn't refuse, and sat beside him openly. Fleeting Time stretched out her arms and took Ye Ci into her arms. Although Ye Ci still felt so close and somewhat awkward, it was much better than at the beginning. She found a more comfortable position and leaned against Fleeting Time. On his chest, he listened to his strong heartbeat again and again. "You quoted a Western Continent quota, right?"

     "Yeah." Fleeting Time tightened his arm a bit, allowing Ye Ci to lean closer to him. Sure enough, it's the best way to keep warm in such an icy world.

     "It seems that we won't meet until the finals." Ye Ci squinted his eyes and raised the corners of his lips: "This time, I will definitely win you."

     Fleeting Time didn't answer her right away, but lowered her head to put a warm kiss on her hairline, and then smiled softly and said, "I don't know how to put water."

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