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Chapter Directory 424 Chapter 18 Master Planning
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter Eighteen Master Plan

     Chapter Eighteen Master Plan

     Whether it’s Elven King Dole or Great Demon King Naga, these are some first-class NPCs, and even many of them are famous figures in Fate history. The Quest about their Fate is naturally the Quest of Epic Level. Moreover, it is a high-level Epic Level Quest. In the face of such a Quest, it is obviously unscientific to complete it in the early 100s.

     Although they knew this was the result, Ye Ci was still accompanied by Fleeting Time and wandered around the map of Zhuogu Sacred Mountain for a few laps. In addition to being able to resist a little bit of the cold here, they found that they were at their current level. Coming here is too small to die. On the map of Bone Bone Sacred Mountain, any of the most common creatures are of the level of elite little bosses, and all levels exceed one hundred and fifty. If you want to smoothly push to the top of the mountain, I am afraid that there is no elite group of 100 people. It's too possible.

     Two people Stealth looked at a huge snowman not far away, and watched him walking around like no one. It seemed to be very peaceful. They didn't know that it was this huge guy who nearly killed two people. If it weren't for the powerful Feign Death skill that is a bit bug-like, it is estimated that these two people now have no ability to continue to stay here so leisurely to observe the enemy."Did you break the defense just now?" Ye Ci was very entangled in the fact that when she was fighting this snowman just now, she didn't break the defense even when she attacked the vital part. Although she also knew that this was inevitable, but in her heart It was a bit unpleasant at all, so she wanted to ask Fleeting Time to find a balance.

     Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci’s a bit angrily expression, stretched out her hand and hung her hair hanging next to her ears, decided to conceal the fact that she had actually hurt this shit luck, and then sighed. In a sigh of relief: "How can it be possible to break the defense, the gap is so big, and the level punishment is too high."

     Hearing these words, Ye Ci seemed to become a little satisfied. The original angrily expression became a little bit weaker, and he barked his teeth at the snowman. "It is indeed a bit troublesome for a gap of 40 levels. If the gap is 20 levels. Maybe we still have a way."

     This is not wrong. In Fate, the highest level penalty is level 20, which means that damage can be done within 20 levels. It's just a little bit more than level 20, unless it is shit and luck can occasionally break. Defense against outsiders is basically the outcome of not breaking the defense against zero damage. Fleeting Time did not deny or refuse Ye Ci's statement, but just nodded and laughed: "Okay, we will try again when we reach level 130 or above."This is the end of the matter. If you continue to stay here, obviously there will be no results. Even though Ye Ci is unwilling, he can only suppress the faint discomfort and leave the map with Fleeting Time.

     Only after leaving the map of Zhuogu Sacred Mountain, Fleeting Time received a call from Absalom. He looked at Ye Ci and chatted with Absalom for a while before hanging up the voice. Ye Ci stood beside him with his arms folded, watching him raise his eyebrows: "Something?"

     "The Guild Alliance of the Western Continent and the Shengshi Alliance are fighting." Fleeting Time just breathed a sigh of relief, which seemed to be a very troublesome thing. In fact, this is also a very troublesome thing, at least in Fleeting Time's view, it is a troublesome thing, because as long as the two fights do not last for more than ten hours, of course, time is not a problem. The important thing is that as long as these two fights fight, players like him will have to go back no matter where they are. Who cares whether you are playing treasure or creating the next generation, this is really a cheating thing.

     Ye Ci nodded, and suddenly frowned: "Sheng Shi seems to have provoked the alliances of various continents very well recently. Has their strength risen?""Should go up. Actually, fighting with Shengshi is the most damaging thing. They are neither short of money nor lack of people. Our alliances can only deal with them by taking turns." Fleeting Time squeezed his temples with quite a headache. , He has been drawn to support such battles many times in the past six months, and he feels boring to fight. There is no technical content at all, it is completely a sea of people tactics and a sea of money tactics. However, for the Guild alliances who are willing to make money, they are very keen on such battles. Even the players are extremely looking forward to such battles. . Therefore, everyone has a militant demon in their heart, just to see if it wakes up or not. If it doesn't wake up, everyone will be fine. If it wakes up...

     Ye Ci curled his lips. Regarding the Guild Alliance, Upward Ho is one of the advocates. Every time the Guild Alliance in Eastern Continent fights, Upward Ho also runs very fast. It is really public morals are degenerating with each passing day.

     Fleeting Time stretched out his hand, pulled Ye Ci's clothes, wrapped them up a little tighter, and then sighed: "I'll pass first. The monsters on the map here are all quite high-level, so be careful. ""Don't worry." Ye Ci squinted at Fleeting Time and expressed his worry a lot, then waved him to leave quickly. Fleeting Time took another look at her, then rubbed back to the city stone without staying longer, and in a blink of an eye it turned into a white light and disappeared.

     Seeing Fleeting Time disappeared, Ye Ci also felt that there was no need to stay here. She was too lazy to level up, so she decided to go to the Arena to practice hand skills. Since Fate announced that it would start holding this pvp individual competition, Arena, which was already relatively hot, has become more lively. This competition originally encouraged everyone to participate. The number of people who signed up was almost more than 50 players. This also made Arena and Guild battles become more and more burn your hand, feel the heat, after all, plans like Ye Ci There are many players practicing in these places.

     It's just that the original hottest 5v5 competition mode in Arena is replaced by 1v1 and 2v2 modes. After all, this is a personal pvp competition, and the most important thing is to exercise personal ability.

     The office of Fate's master planner.Wang Jiangnan was sitting behind a desk with five monitors, crackling on the keyboard, and looking up at the giant monitor on the wall. He was very busy. Because of his outstanding performance, he has officially changed from the agency master planner, and now he has become the real master behind the Fate game. However, as a master planner, he is not as good as others have seen. He not only has to grasp the direction of the development of the entire game, but also constantly adjust the update status of the entire game based on the commercial data feedback from the market. The trivial matter, this is really something he didn't even think about when he was an ordinary planner.

     Fortunately, after a period of busy familiarity, the current Wangjiangnan has gradually entered the state and has become more and more competent for his current job. And his work performance also made the big boss of glory, Qiao Liang, very satisfied. Instead of restricting some of his proposals, he delegated more freedom and power to Wang Jiangnan. Now Wang Jiangnan can be said to be more and more like his future identity-the father of Fate.

     When Wang Jiangnan was very busy, the door of his office was gently knocked rhythmically. Judging from the habit and rhythm of knocking at the door, I can't guess who is knocking at the door."Come in." Wang Jiangnan said without even raising his head. Then, the office door opened, and a well-groomed man walked in from the outside. He wore gold-rimmed glasses with a gentle touch. With a stack of statements in his hand, he walked directly to Wang Jiangnan's office assistant, and then said to him: "Wang President, this month's market data is here."

     Wang Jiangnan's hands are still beating quickly on the keyboard. Unlike this man, Wang Jiangnan is not wearing a suit and leather shoes. Instead, he is dressed very casually. There is a work card on the neck of the t-shirt and jeans. It became a little messy because of being too busy. He nodded, and said vaguely: "Shenwu was tested last month, are their data on it?"

     "Yes, I have compiled a special statistics of Shenwu's data and a comparison with our Fate. They are all here." He said and handed the report. Wang Jiangnan took it, glanced at it, and signaled the man to go out. He was Tang Nan, the chief secretary called by Qiao Liang from the secretary department of the head office. Although he was a man, he was serious and meticulous and forward-looking. He is also a talented person who has the rational analysis of ****, and it is also a rare talent, but also because of his help, hope that Jiangnan can start the work planned by Du Yu so quickly.This report is made very carefully and clearly, so that Wang Jiangnan can see what he needs without much thinking. He ten lines at a glance compared the chart on the report and carefully looked at the impact of Shenwu on Fate after the open beta. For now, no matter how good Fate is, no matter how perfect it is, it is still an old game that has been tested for three years. Although he has made a lot of robbing methods, it is enough to compete with Fate in Shenwu. It is inevitable that Fate's number of players will be affected after the start of the comparable new game. It is clear from the decline in the number of players on the report last month. However, Wang Jiangnan did not show discouragement or entanglement because of this, he continued to look at the following report.

     The following report was made more detailed. Tang Nan even compiled the number of people who entered the game every day after the start of Shenwu, the number of people who passed Fate, and the number of people who joined the game every day. Wang Jiangnan really admires Tang Nan at this point. You must know that Shenwu's player data are all other people's business secrets. Where did he get it from?Tang Nan made an analysis of these data, and made key notes for the data that requires special attention. In the summary of the entire report, Wang Jiangnan saw Tang Nan's words as follows: "To sum up, although Shenwu’s opening test has a certain impact on Fate, the rate of player loss is faster than before. However, it can also be seen that the number of newbies joining Fate is also increasing, which shows that the loss of players is only temporary. Recalling old players and training newbies is the focus of current work. What needs more attention is the economics of the entire game. Prosperity in the system grasps nearly 30. If they collectively withdraw from the game in the near future, can Fate now be able to resist risks."