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Chapter Directory 426 Chapter 20. Man Is Not As Good As Heaven
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 20: People are not as good as heaven

     Chapter 20: People are not as good as heaven

     the sun sets in the west.

     Red Lake City is a city with extremely beautiful scenic lakes and mountain, and with such a fiery sunset, it is even more charming and colorful. In such a scenery, the buildings that originally looked cold have become tender and tender.

     Ye Ci sat in this enchanting sunset and blinked at the man next to him, then blinked again, then she turned her head to the other side, looked at the scenic lakes and mountain in the distance, and stretched out. Her little finger began to pull her ears without image, her expression seemed to be saying, I seem to have heard it wrong, right?

     That's right, her expression and her movements all expressed this meaning.

     The man sitting next to her sighed while looking at her, rubbing his forehead with a headache. He only felt that it was really difficult to communicate with this woman. Why should it be so understandable? He said: "I can hear you clearly, and you didn't hear it wrong."

     Ye Ci stopped picking her ears, her figure paused slightly, then turned to look at the expressionless face of Qingfeng, and then exhaled and twitched the corners of her mouth: "I don't know. what are you saying.""Gongzi You, since I can find you, I naturally know things that others don't know. It's better to know that people don't talk secretly." Qingfeng has checked a lot of Gongzi You's information in private and knows a lot of her habits. , Especially when talking, it’s best not to bend around with this woman, because this woman is very treacherous, and you can easily get around yourself if you go around with her. The best way to talk about business with this woman is deal sincerely and fairly straight back and forth, so that everything is on the table, and maybe you can take a lot of money, otherwise, it will really hurt you.

     In this world, there are indeed some people who are pleased to (do sth, idiom) to let others pit it, but it does not include light breeze. He has never been greedy, but he is also a guy who doesn't want to suffer.

     Ye Ci didn't seem to understand what Qingfeng was talking about. She just stared at Qingfeng quietly and continued to blink her eyes. She seemed innocent, but she was hiding her calculations. Qingfeng just leaned his arms against the wall and looked sideways at Ye Ci. His slender fingers flicked gently on his arms, and he was not in a hurry. Qingfeng knew that the current Gongzi You must be considering this issue. If she didn't think about it clearly, she would definitely not make a decision. This is very similar to her own life in the world.

     Therefore, Qingfeng didn't urge her for half a minute.Ye Ci put her ear picking fingers down, and she narrowed her eyes looking at Qingfeng. Only he and Bai Mo know that he has the Quest lock on the southern continent. Bai Mo will never say it, and of course he cannot tell anyone, where did the light wind know it?

     "I know what others don't know..." Ye Ci gently repeated what the breeze said, word by word, slowly flowing out from the corner of her lips, but her eyes seemed to be the most frivolous The actor generally swept over Qingfeng's body, and swept over again, extremely charming. Then she tugged at the corners of her mouth and drew a shallow arc, her eyes half drooping, and she said calmly: "Since this is something that no one else knows, how can you confirm that it is true?"

     When the breeze suffocated, she was unable to answer the question by her rhetorical question. He just looked at Ye Ci, his eyebrows were slowly twisted, and he seemed to be thinking about something very troublesome. After a while he finally loosened his eyebrows, and the fingers that flicked his arm gradually slowed down. He just looked at Ye Ci quietly, and then slowly said: "Gongzi You, from the southern mainland The Quest lock of the mithril mine is on your body. I am not here today to play a reasoning game with you. My purpose is very clear. I hope to get this Quest lock."Ye Ci raised his eyebrows and couldn't help feeling a little helpless. Really, did you say everything frankly so quickly? You know that she is actually willing to go around with her more, so maybe she can pick up some cheap, but it seems that Qingfeng is not an easy guy to deal with. She had no choice but to spread her hands: "If I had to say that I didn't know what you were talking about, would you mind."

     "I don't mind what you say." Qingfeng smiled softly, "because what you say doesn't matter in front of the facts." Qingfeng spread his hands and looked at the red sun that was about to fall in the distance. , Slowly exhaled: "It's like now, evening is evening, even if 10,000 people say it is early morning, evening or evening, this is a fact."

     This time it was Ye Ci's turn to twist her eyebrows, and she looked at the breeze rather unhappily. Ye Ci has never liked being seen through, not to mention the taste of being seen through by a thimble opponent is quite uncomfortable. However, she had no way to refute Qing Feng's words, so she could only look at Qing Feng with fierce and cold eyes. The latter doesn't care at all, just doing it quietly, like a design battle plan in a tent.Ye Ci looked at the breeze like this, and she suddenly felt a little strange. In the last life, although she was a lone ranger, although she was also a top player, she was still somewhat shocked by such a large Guild leader, but in this life, how could she not feel that way anymore? In the last life, when she knew the breeze, she was a Sorcerer who just entered the stream. She was more envious of this man’s feeling than looking up, yes, envious of his call the wind and summon the rain, envy His great power. That was what Ye Ci wanted most in his last life.

     But, how come in this life, it seems that everything has become so strange again. She looked at the breeze, and it seemed that this man seemed to be the same as herself, with two eyes, one nose and one mouth. How could there be anything to be envious of? There is a lot of sympathy. When she thought of this, she suddenly felt in a good mood, and she no longer thought about how Qingfeng knew that she had the Quest lock on the southern continent, so deal sincerely and fairly said: "Well, this is a fact, so what? ."

     so what?

     The breeze raised his eyebrows slightly, chewing these words carefully, which are really a few words that make people hate. With just a few words, the position of the two people is immediately clear from the passive and active perspective. Qingfeng sighed in his heart, that's why he didn't want to ask for help.Anything, no matter how big or small, just involves the word "seeking", no matter how noble your status is, your position is immediately lowered by three points. How many people in this world are willing to drop by three points? Of course not, let alone his breeze. Therefore, in the past, no matter what happened, as long as it involved asking for someone, he would find a way to turn this asking for someone into someone to ask for it. He was used to having all the initiative, no matter it was for anyone. However, it is really annoying that the person in front of him has no way of turning passive into active.

     When Qingfeng just learned that the Quest of the mithril vein in the southern continent was locked in the hands of Gongzi You, he immediately felt that his head was as big as a fight. If there is someone in this Fate that can make him a headache and make him unable to take the initiative, then Gongzi You must be the first. I have dealt with her several times. The best result is a tie. Don't mention the bad result. Because of this, Qingfeng is not willing to deal with this woman at all, even attacking Upward Ho. He also gave up what was originally planned, bypassing this Guild directly and attacking other Guilds.

     In fact, his decision was correct.After he bypassed Upward Ho, Qingfeng found that as long as he didn't deal with Gongzi You, it was extremely easy to conquer other small and medium-sized Guilds. From that moment on, he decided, until he pulled out the Fate game, if he could not deal with this woman, then he would try not to deal with her.

     It's just that people are not as good as heaven.

     He finally fell in front of this woman. The Quest lock of the mithril vein he was thinking of was not on anyone, but on this woman. After a year, the mithril mine has become the most important metal in the entire Fate. The drop rate of this thing in Dungeon is extremely low, but the players are in great demand. To deal with monsters after level 80, if the player does not use mithril on their weapons, then there is no way to deal with these monsters. If the player does not use mithril on their equipment, then it is easy to be obliterated by these monsters.This setting makes Guild, who has mastered the mithril vein, unparalleled in the limelight for a while. Up to now, there are only four mithril veins discovered. Three of them are occupied by the three Guilds, Upward Ho, Genesis, and Stars. Not only that, these three Guilds are also alliance Guilds, and they probably have common interests, no matter what the prosperous age wants Attack any Guild, and two Guilds from outside will help each other desperately. This is probably the so-called prosperous and all-for-all losses. Although Shengshi is strong and the number of people is as many as the hair of the ox, but there are a few high-level players after all, it is a bit reluctant to fight such three Guilds with their own strength. Not to mention, these Guilds themselves have many alliances with Guilds themselves.

     The game is the same as the reality. There are interests of twisted roots and intertwined joints everywhere. Under such circumstances, Shengshi wants to stabilize the dominance and at least one mithril vein in his hand. However, this last mithril vein is born. Gongzi You's hand.

     This is also the only reason why Qingfeng is reluctant in every way, but finally came to Ye Ci.

     "Gongzi You." Qingfeng sighed again, it seemed that after seeing this woman, his chances of sighing greatly increased. "I came to you earnestly and sincerely, I hope you can sell the Quest lock in your hand to us at Shengshi, the price you open."