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Chapter Directory 427 Chapter 21 See You Next Time
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 21 See you next time

     Chapter 21 See you next time

     After the breeze dropped his voice, he looked at Ye Ci again, and then slowly said, "I hope Gongzi You can think about it. After all, this is something that is good for you and me." His voice It's very light, with a begging feeling, but between the words and the lines is full of arrogance to set up on high.

     This is Prosperity. This is the breeze.

     Ye Ci thinks that someone like Qingfeng, who has been in the online game industry for so many years, is probably a very powerful person in reality or in the game. Such a person probably has long forgotten what it feels like to be low and low, so even if he asks for someone, it is so hard and cold as if it is an order. The corners of her mouth twitched, and she was cold. Did he think that Fate was his own failure? Does he think that her Gongzi You is just a little player who can be squeezed by others?

     "This is what you came to find me?" Ye Ci smiled slightly. She is actually a person who rarely smiles. Even when she laughs, her expression is inevitably mixed with sharpness like a dagger. The smile looked dazzling. However, this smile is different. Her eyebrows are smiling, her eyes are smiling, her mouth is smiling, as if she is smiling all over her body. Such a smile is inharmonious with the name Gongzi You.Although Qingfeng didn't understand the meaning of Gongzi You's sudden change, he nodded cautiously and said, "Yes, this is the only thing."

     Ye Ci exhaled, as if he was relieved, "Well, let's not hide it, light breeze guild leader, this time you have come in vain."

     Facing Ye Ci's refusal, the breeze did not show any displeasure at all. It seems that he had already guessed the ending. He didn't even change the expression on his face. He just continued: "Why? You don't Are you going to think about it again?"

     Ye Ci snorted and was a little unhappy: "Yeah, I really don't want to think about it. However, I don't know how the light breeze guild leader is going to deal with me? Will I be surrounded by Red Lake City or continue? Send an assassination squad to follow me? However, you have to know that no matter what method you use, as long as I don't agree to hand over the Quest lock to you, even if you kill me to level zero, the Quest lock will still be in my hands." Here, the corners of her lips curled up again. It was a very beautiful and somewhat ridiculous arc: "However, I don't know if the guild leader of the light breeze can kill me in the prosperous world?"

     Qingfeng sighed, and he looked at Ye Ci very sincerely: "Gongzi You, you are indeed a top player, and there are many things you can help, but have you ever heard a word that pride is the beginning of demise? ."Ye Ci squinted her eyes, "Ah, this sentence sounds familiar to you. It's just..." She suddenly hooked her body towards the breeze, stretched out the index finger of her right hand, and gently aroused After the breeze's chin, his face almost stuck to his face. There are sharp thorns in her eyes, and the corners of her lips are cold and cold: "If I say, I want to be defeated, will this make you too disgusted?"

     Qingfeng just looked at the face in front of her quietly. She exhaled like orchids, but in that gentle voice resolve was filled with indifferent killing intent. Gongzi You's facial features are indeed not beautiful, but there is a fatal attraction that makes people unable to look away. Qingfeng can't help but think, this is probably the so-called personality charm. It's like now, such frivolous and dusty movements were made by her, not only did not feel vulgar, but on the contrary, there was a faint chill on the back of people, just like now, although she is laughing, but The viciousness between the corners of the eyes and the eyebrows makes people feel like they want to lean up unconsciously. This is really a magical power, maybe this is Gongzi You, fierce and vicious but not annoying.

     However, it will make people hate sb to the bone, terrifying into the bone marrow."Gongzi You, with the current strength of your Upward Ho, you have no ability to guard the mithril vein in the southern continent. Instead of letting him dry up there, it is better to sell it for a good price." Although the current actions of the two people look very * ***, but the dialogue between Qingfeng and Gongzi You couldn't be more pure, with a kind of entanglement in the interests of businessmen, and even this kind of **** action became a little dangerous. "If you sell it, I can give Upward Ho 10 of the mithril mine that is produced every day in the southern continent."

     Ye Ci's originally squinted eyes narrowed a bit, her index finger picked up the breeze's chin, and finally flicked her finger along the curve of his chin, and then she retracted the one. Hand, put that hand on the knee easily, and the voice was relaxed: "You said that, you want to form an alliance with us?"

     "Why? Can't it?" Qingfeng raised his eyebrows

     "I remember..." Ye Ci said slowly: "Sheng Shi and us have a hostile relationship."

     "There are no eternal enemies, no eternal friends, but eternal benefits." Qingfeng looked at Ye Ci's amber eyes, and the smile on his lips was somewhat triumphant. He thought, he should be able to Can convince this woman.Ye Ci smiled softly. Her voice was cold and icy, but with a strange contagious power, which made people feel happy after hearing it, but then she put away this smile: "In that case, I can't even agree."

     Qingfeng's brows frowned slightly, and things did not develop according to his thoughts. This incident made Qingfeng feel a little uncomfortable: "Is there a reason?"

     "Didn’t you just say that? There are no eternal enemies, no eternal friends, but eternal benefits. You are right. Now Upward Ho can be described as the whip cannot reach the mithril vein in the southern continent, but If I sell the mithril mineral vein to you, although I can make a lot of profits, in the long run, I will give my life to you.” The smile on her lips completely disappeared:” Gentle breeze, you are a powerful enemy in this prosperous age. There are not many people who can deal with you without the mithril vein in Fate. If the mithril vein is handed over to you, who can be the enemy of the whole Fate? At that time, we Upward Ho again doesn't 't really matter ."

     "I know what you are worried about." Qingfeng seems to have expected Ye Ci's idea a long time ago: "We can sign a contract, no matter what happens, we will never infringe upon Upward Ho's interests, nor will it deal with Upward Ho. , So you can finally rest assured.""Still not working." Ye Ci still shook his head.

     This time even the breeze was a little surprised: "Why?"

     "Qingfeng, you seem to have forgotten one thing." Ye Ci stood up, bending over to look at the sitting Qingfeng and said, "You did not enter this game voluntarily, you were hired to enter this game. , Your behind-the-scenes boss, if I didn’t guess wrong, is Tiandi Group. Your purpose here is to withdraw Fate from all at the right time, to collapse Fate from both economic and social relations, and make this game completely dead. "

     The relaxed expression on Qingfeng's face disappeared, and he pressed his lips tightly. Although people couldn't see what he was thinking, the expressions on his face all showed that he was very unhappy now. This kind of thing was originally extremely secretive. Even the senior leaders of Shengshi didn't have a few people who was the boss behind the scenes, and where did this woman know about it?

     He did not conceal this question like Ye Ci, but quietly looked at Gongzi You's fierce but indifferent face, and then said for a while: "What do you know about this?"This time it was Ye Ci's turn to laugh. There was a kind of as it should be by rights in her smile. Her eyes fluttered across the face of Qingfeng and then straightened up her waist, saying indifferently: "Qingfeng, you With your channels, I have my means, and you can find out that Quest is locked in my hands. How come I don’t know that the boss behind yours is Tiandi Group? Isn’t there such a sentence? It’s also not to be indecent. I’m just doing it, why do you have a face like a testimony, this world is like this, didn’t you know it long ago?

     Qingfeng no longer speaks. He no longer speaks. It's not that he is thinking about any rhetoric to continue to impress Ye Ci, but that he already knows that for this reason, Gongzi You will never give the mithril mineral vein in the southern continent to his own hands. On it. Although he was sure of such a thing in his heart, he still couldn't help but fight for it again. After all, the probability of the word "failure" in his Qingfeng's dictionary was too small, and he didn't want to let it be in this matter. There was a rush. So he stood up, looked at Gongzi You, and said seriously: "Are you really not thinking about it anymore?"Ye Ci shook his head: "Of course, my position is different from yours. The decision we made is of course different. If you want it to be on brocade, add flowers, it will completely defeat the game in the end, and if I don’t give it, it’s a guardian. I have worked hard for a long time. I don’t want my steps to stop at this place, but the result of stopping is because of you. That’s the reason.” After she finished speaking, she stopped talking, just stood there with her face His expression was indifferent, as if he had never known this person.

     The breeze looked at Ye Ci quietly, after a long time, he finally nodded. "I understand." Sure enough, it failed in the end. Qingfeng exhaled, glanced at Ye Ci one last time, turned his head and left: "Gongzi You, when we meet next time, let's fight for life and death." His voice Flew over lightly.

     Ye Ci looked at the back of the breeze away, his lips slowly curled up, and then the arc condensed into ice. She drew the dagger from her waist, turned it in her hand, inserted it back in her waist, turned and walked into the Arena again.

     What an interesting word to fight life and death.

     She couldn't even wait.