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Chapter Directory 428 Chapter 22 Climbing The Wall? Primary Three?
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 22 Climbing the Wall? Mistress?

     Chapter 22 Climbing the Wall? Mistress?

     After the Wisteria Garden incident, Ye Ci showed respect from a distance on forums. She no longer dared to do things so high-profile. In addition, the relationship between her and Fleeting Time in the game was basically due to the dust has settled. Let the public lose gossip and prying eyes about what happened between them. In the past year, she has basically not been on the gossip version of the forum again. On the contrary, the Raiders version has appeared more often. However, there are many people in the world who like gossip. If there are more people who like gossip, then more people will find gossip.

     After playing a few more games from Arena, she simply went offline to eat and take a bath. After she finished her meal, took a shower, and walked out of the bathroom leisurely, she strolled towards the living room, planning to turn on the TV, a boring and nutritious variety show to waste time. But when she passed by Tan Polang and Bai Mo’s room, she obviously felt a hot light shooting at her. She walked over, then backed back, turning her head and rubbing the water from her hair. While staring at the two opposite sexes in the room.The eyes of these two men were very strange. They seemed to be looking at monsters, or they seemed to be looking at monsters. This gaze really made Ye Ci an uncomfortable one, so she planned to ask, " Are you looking at me?"

     Tan Polang and Bai Mo nodded silently and uniformly.

     "Have you seen me?"

     The two nodded silently, and then shook their heads quickly.

     This is really a weird situation. Ye Ci took a closer look at his body. The cotton pajamas are very conservative. Well, there is no possibility of leaving. She touched her face again, she was definitely washed out without any foam. In that case, what are these two people looking at? She raised one eyebrow and said, "Then what are you looking at?"

     The two looked at each other. This time they were not unified. They only heard them open their mouths together and said something, but the voices of the two people were mixed together. Ye Ci really didn't understand what they were talking about, so she put it down I took the towel and watched the two people wave their hands and said, "Stop, stop, say one by one."Well, this time the two people looked at each other again, and gave each other a look, as if they were talking, you said first. After that, the two of them turned their heads and crackled at Ye Ci at the same time and began to talk. They spoke at the same time, and Ye Ci did not hear clearly. She could only sigh and say to the two people: "Well, let's agree on the order first, and then talk." After that, she continued to wipe. The hair is ready to leave. But not leaving this time, she heard two people yelling at the same time: "You come back"

     Ye Ci retreated to their door again, raised his eyebrows and smiled and said, "Who will talk first after discussing it?"

     Tan Polang looked at Bai Mo, and then said, "Brother Mo, let's talk first."

     Bai Mo glanced at Tan Polang and did not refuse, but directly waved at Ye Ci: "You come in, I have something to ask you."

     Ye Ci's gaze turned on Tan Polang's face, and then on Bai Mo's face, and he began to consider what was going on with these two people. However, she still walked into the room and said indifferently while continuing to wipe her hair: "Hurry up and say anything, I have to go out to watch TV."

     "Did you kick that stinky ****?" Bai Mo looked at Ye Ci's careless movements, feeling more and more that his speculation was correct."Huh?" Ye Ci stagnated, looking at Bai Mo through the gap in the towel, she didn't realize what Bai Mo meant.

     "No, it's not like this." Ye Ci hasn't reacted yet, and hasn't answered yet. Tan Polang over there jumped up first: "It's definitely not like this." He stared at Ye Ci closely and said, "Sister Xiao ci. , Have you climbed the wall"

     "Huh?" If Bai Mo said that Ye Ci didn't react, then Tan Polang's words made Ye Ci cloud in the mist. Her raised eyebrows had knotted a few times, and her tone of voice began to speak. Rise up.

     "Even if you don't want that stinky **** and get out of the sea of bitterness, you can't get on the body of a married man." Bai Mo pulled Tan Polang away and walked in front of Ye Ci with both hands. Grabbing Ye Ci's arm, there is a stance of hate iron for not becoming steel: "You told me this is a misunderstanding, absolutely a misunderstanding. Cousin believes you ten thousand and ten thousand."

     "Sister Xiao ci, we can't be a junior, we can't." Tan Polang was pulled aside by Bai Mo, and then he followed him. Although Bai Mo couldn't get in when he was speaking, he kept doing it when Bai Mo was speaking. Standing on the side, looking at Ye Ci with the same hate iron for not becoming steel expression, after Bai Mo finished speaking, he immediately added a few key points.The two people started shouting about everything in disorder again. Fortunately, Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan are now going for a walk, otherwise the topic would be really lively.

     Ye Ci got a headache when two people called, she yelled: "Shut up all of you."

     Bai Mo and Tan Polang finally closed their mouths, and they all looked at Ye Ci. Ye Ci snorted, and the raised eyebrows represented how upset she was. She folded her hands on her chest: "Climbing a wall? Have a wife? Mistress?" She narrowed her eyes as she said. : "Which one of you two will explain to me what is going on?"

     The mouths that the two people had just closed began to talk again. Ye Ci's temples were once again quarreled by them. She waved her hand quickly to signal the two people to stop talking, but this time she obviously didn't pray for stopping her. It worked, and the two men were still doing sparrows. In their noisy conversation, Ye Ci vaguely heard "forum" or something. Something rang in her head immediately, and she pulled the two people away, and rushed to the computer in a few steps.Sure enough, on the monitor, a page was placed upright, but it was all replies. She grabbed the mouse and scrolled to the top of the page. When she opened to the homepage, she saw a very sensational title---Fleeting Time. The wall was worrying, and the backyard of Huashang was on fire. On the love and hatred of the great gods.

     In the post, I saw dozens of photos. From the moment when Qingfeng stood in front of her, until when Qingfeng left, the photos were followed. The most admirable of these was a short video. That was Ye Ci's video screen with his hand touching Qingfeng's chin to his face. They were very close at the time, and they talked for a while, and finally her finger left Qingfeng's chin, and the two people looked at each other again. The video lasted less than a minute, but it has been viewed more than half a million times.

     The whole post uses a very gossip tone to guess why Gongzi You will be with Qingfeng, and there is such a **** action under the full light of day. The final conclusion is that Gongzi You and Qingfeng both had Fleeting Time and Huashang on their backs, and it is most likely that Gongzi You took the initiative. This kind of inference is simply scorching, and one has to believe it. As for the replies, it basically revolves around this topic. There are people who don’t believe it, people who abuse them, and people who watch the excitement. There are even more onlookers who don’t know the truth. In short, this post is very lively.Look at the posting time, but it was only posted an hour and a half ago, but it has become the hottest post in the forum that day. Ye Ci looked at the number of clicks and replies on the post, and sighed. Why has the post about her in the Raiders forum never received such a high attention rate? It seems that modern people are boring, otherwise, how can they always pay attention to these unimportant but gossip things.

     "Xiao ci, how do you feel when reading this post?" Bai Mo and Tan Polang are already standing behind Ye Ci.

     "Ah." Ye Ci hummed softly: "It's been a long time since gossip. I miss it." Then she smiled, and briefly talked about cause and effects with the two people, and then left their room and turned towards herself. Walked to the room. She didn't notice that after she walked out of the room, Bai Mo and Tan Polang got together again: "I'm betting right, you want to pay."

     "I didn't make a mistake, okay, you can't bully me like this"

     "Child, I am willing to bet."

     "I didn't lose, okay, I bet right without me"

     ...Ye Ci didn't know what was wrong at this time, and she was not in the mood to watch TV. She went back to her room, sat in front of the mirror, and quietly looked at the phone on the table. She suddenly felt that she should call someone? Even if you don’t make a phone call, should you send a text message or something? No matter what, should she go to the game to find Moon Green Hill and leave a message for him?

     Should it? It seems that this is unnecessary. Ye Ci blinked and looked at herself in the mirror again. She didn't need to explain anything. She scratched her hair, which was not a big deal. Thinking like this in her heart, Ye Ci put aside this thing that could not be called a matter. Although she did feel something wrong in her heart, but with a negative EQ, she generously ignored the problem.

     Huashang leaned close to Qingfeng’s ear, giggling a little happily. She said, “Hey, husband, do you think I’m pretty or Gongzi You pretty?”

     Qingfeng leaned on the bed and watched the strategy. Hearing what she said, he put down the strategy, turned to look at her, looked at Huashang seriously, and said sincerely: "Of course my wife is beautiful."

     "In fact, I think Gongzi You is also pretty." Huashang was very happy to be praised by the breeze, but she objectively commented on the conditions of the "rival in love".No, but the breeze sneered, "Gongzi You is not a woman."


     "She's just an old fox." Qingfeng picked up the strategy and continued to look at it, leaving Huashang with black lines on one side.