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Chapter Directory 431 Chapter 25: Get Angry
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter Twenty-Five

     Chapter Twenty-Five

     "But?" Fleeting Time retracted his finger, and the smile on Ye Ci's face paused slightly, and he raised his brows like Fleeting Time. "But what?"

     "However, I am still angry." Fleeting Time said his feelings very calmly. Although his expression on his face didn't look angry at all, he could still catch a little bit of discomfort from the tone of his speech. , Or yes, a lot of upset.

     "What's so angry?" Ye Ci was a little confused by Fleeting Time: "Since you have said and believed, you are angry again?"

     Fleeting Time didn't speak, he just looked at Ye Ci and sighed, feeling a little powerless. It seems that discussing this kind of issue with Ye Ci must not go around in circles, or it is the best way to make it clear. "Of course I am angry, because..." He prolonged his voice, and he leaned over on the table, leaning towards Ye Ci, and whispered very close to her: "You never After being so right to me, how did you let Qingfeng pick up the bargain first?"

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a while, looking at Fleeting Time's slender eyes like peach blossoms, her face was a little hot. She lowered her eyelashes, and her lips overflowed with a sigh, "Well, I apologize."But I don't want Fleeting Time to just sigh Zé Zé and shook his head gently.

     "Then what are you going to do?" Ye Ci's voice became softer.

     Fleeting Time stretched out his hand and tore off Ye Ci's hood, with a charming smile at the corners of his lips: "Don't you think you should compensate me for something? At least, at least a little bit more than the light breeze."

     Ye Ci remembered his actions against the breeze, and looked at Fleeting Time again, his face burned sharply. How can this be the same? For Qingfeng, that is no distraction, that is the enemy. However, if it's Fleeting Time... Ye Ci bit his lip and looked at the surroundings from the corner of his eye. Only found that all the people in a tavern were staring at them. If they knew a little bit of blocking just now, then they were naked and unscrupulous now, and they even wished to stick directly to their table and watch them.

     She was immediately embarrassed and her face became hotter, so she pointed at the Fleeting Time gnashing one's teeth: "Hey, don't go too far."

     Fleeting Time is just staring at Ye Ci, her pale complexion now shows a faint rosy red, which looks amazingly beautiful. He slowly lowered his eyelashes and sighed, "Okay, okay, I accept your apology."Ye Ci exhaled this time, and she relaxed, but in the next moment her chin was lifted up, and the hot and hot, mixed with the smell of Fleeting Time, stuck to her soft lips without any scruples. Ye Ci only felt that the brain became blank with a buzzing sound, and the only remaining consciousness turned out to be-there are many people watching...

     The estrus stops at the ceremony. The estrus stops at the ceremony. The estrus stops at the ceremony.

     While dizzy, Ye Ci's ear kept echoing this sentence, suddenly near and far away. And the blood all over her body seemed to be ignited, and it burned like a prairie prairie, rushing and screaming in her veins. The kiss was very aggressive, as if it was punishing, it fell from her lips into her mouth, entwined with her tongue, overwhelmingly domineering, and people couldn't help shuddering.

     This scene came so suddenly that even everyone in the tavern was instantly still, and everyone stared at the overly passionate scene in front of him with a dumbstruck expression.

     Kissing is a common thing, but most of the people who kiss choose to go quietly in unobtrusive corners, even if they are seen, they can cover it. But the moment in front of him was so shocking that it happened unobstructed. It's too violent, it's too exciting, it's too exciting.Some people sniffed, some touched their faces, and some got excited.

     The bartender in the bar also watched this scene with great interest, excited, and the wine glass in his hand fell accidentally, and a crisp sound awakened everyone and Ye Ci.

     "Fleeting Time..." She wanted to say something, but all the words were swallowed by her domineering lips and tongue. She could only stretch out her hand to push him away, but she didn't expect to be suppressed by Fleeting Time.

     Cheers and whistles resounded through the tavern in an instant, and everyone was boiling.

     "Fleeting Time, a good person, used to praise sb's moral integrity or courage" someone called.

     "Fleeting Time knocked down her and knocked down Gongzi You," someone yelled like that.

     "Fleeting Time, I worship you," even someone screamed like this.

     "Fleeting Time, you are too man", there are more people yelling like this.

     Ye Ci was a little embarrassed at first. Hearing the up here, down there screams, I was even more embarrassed to find a way to sew and drill down. She pushed Fleeting Time abruptly, and the crossbow machine behind with a "slap" was already pulled away in her hand, coldly shining. It's just that her crossbow machine trembled a little, and her face was flushed as if she was drunk.The original lively atmosphere of the entire tavern suddenly solidified and calmed down. At this moment, a hand was placed on Ye Ci's crossbow. Ye Ci suddenly looked up, but she saw the deep gaze of Fleeting Time. For a moment, she sky and the earth turning upside down. When she recovered, she realized that she had been resisted by Fleeting Time on her shoulder. She was immediately embarrassed and angry, and shook her fist at Fleeting Time's back: "You put me down, you stinky ****"

     However, Fleeting Time didn’t seem to care at all. At this moment, the cheers and whistles rang out again, more enthusiastic than before. With such a cheerful voice, there were more players’ applause, Fleeting Time didn't care about Ye Ci's struggle and beating behind him, waving his hands at all the players like a leader, laughing and carrying Ye Ci and quickly left the Wildcat Tavern.

     He was extremely fast, he was originally running on the ground, and then suddenly followed the staggered building steps and jumped onto the roof. Fleeting Time ran on the roof, the howling wind blew across his face, blowing up his hair, although Ye Ci, who was on his shoulders, was still struggling and cursing, but these seemed It can't affect the good mood of Fleeting Time, but a brilliant to the extreme smile blooms on his face.I don't know how long he ran, until Ye Ci gave up cursing and struggling, so he was carried quietly, and completely gave up dealing with this shameless stink. But at this time, he stopped, and then gently put Ye Ci down.

     Ye Ci stood on the ground, only to find the royal clock tower in the center of Hero City. Next to her is the huge bronze bell, and whenever it is punctual, it will ring dumbly. However, it doesn't matter where it is. What matters is that she is very angry now, very angry, quite angry. She didn't even want to raise her hand and patted it on the cheek of Fleeting Time, but the next second, her hand was caught by Fleeting Time. Ye Ci flicked his wrist desperately, but couldn't get away. He just raised his other hand and patted towards Fleeting Time. No idea, that hand was also caught by the other hand of Fleeting Time.

     "Are you angry?" Fleeting Time squinted at Ye Ci, licking the corners of his lips, as if there was a curve that seemed like nothing.

     "Nonsense" Ye Ci's eyes are about to fire, she has never been so embarrassed since she grew up so big. She remembered what had happened again, her mind buzzed again, and her temples began to jump suddenly."That's right, I'm also angry." Fleeting Time's eyes narrowed, and he hummed his nose in an inaudible voice. Although his expression did not change, there was a danger of being secretive. come out.

     I heard Fleeting Time said that she was also angry, and Ye Ci was even more angry. Her voice couldn't help but raise: "Are you angry? Are you still angry? Hey, can you be reasonable? Just now you said you are not angry anymore. After such a big movement, you still said that you were angry, I haven't troubled you yet, okay"

     "Oh?" Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci's face that had become more and more moving because of anger, curled up his mouth and said nothing.

     "Oh what oh how can you do this kind of thing in the public." Ye Ci saw Fleeting Time not talking, and became more fierce. If he carried a kitchen knife in his flaming appearance, he would simply block the gods against the gods, and the Buddha would block them. Like the Buddha's female evil star.

     However, in the face of Ye Ci in such a rage, Fleeting Time didn't seem to care at all, he still looked like a serene. She raised her eyebrows gently, so calm that she almost made Ye Ci mad: "Oh? I did it on purpose."

     "You" Ye Ci almost exploded like an atomic bomb. She broke free of her nose with her fingers at Fleeting Time and couldn't say a word for a long time: "How can you deliberately?""Oh, I'm just making a trademark, what's the matter?" Fleeting Time was still calm, he glanced at Ye Ci, and saw that the finger pointing to him was already shaking with anger, and her cheek The anger was about to explode.

     "Trademark" Ye Ci's voice became sharper and sharper. It can be seen that if the Fleeting Time is fired at this time, she might draw her sword and face each other in the next second.

     "Well, I apologize, I've done a little too much." Fleeting Time's squinted eyes showed a playful smile. He put his hands on his chest, nodded, expressing his sincere apology, and then bowed his head. The face was sent to Ye Ci: "Let's do it, I will make you angry."

     How can there be such a person Ye Ci now really wants to pinch the person in front of him to death, but if he really lets himself hit her and feels that victory is impossible, she can only hate severely after staring at him a few glances, hate Hately put down his hand. And Fleeting Time seems to have expected Ye Ci to be like this a long time ago, so he had to sigh, and brazen faced smiled and said: "Well, look at this matter, we'll be even, and okay."

     "What does it mean to be even?" Ye Ci's breath became a bit severely because she held her breath in her chest and released it. She glared at the faceless and skinless Fleeting Time."Look, you see, the beginning of the matter is that you **** the breeze, right? This is not good, I am angry, so you apologized, but I was not satisfied, so I kissed you. You are angry instead, but I also apologized again. Is this a tie?" Fleting Time analyzed it in a very methodical manner, but the more you analyze Ye Ci, the more you feel that something is wrong. What is this called? Until he opened his hand and sighed again: "Actually, I don't think you have any reason to be angry. You are my woman. What can I do if I kiss you? Are you right?"

     This sentence seemed to be the last straw that crushed the camel, and the small volcano inside Ye Ci suddenly erupted. She turned her head abruptly, and she came to the back of Fleeting Time. At this moment, Fleeting Time was still chattering, only to find that Ye Ci disappeared in the blink of an eye. He immediately wanted to turn around, but at this moment, a powerful wave The strength has passed from his back. Fleting Time, who was standing next to the clock tower, immediately lost his balance and fell from the clock tower.Ye Ci lowered his legs, snorted, exhaled from his nose like venting, and patted his hands, which was so refreshing in his heart. She finally reported a wrong suffered. She wanted to let the slut Fleeting Time know that no one can offend herself if she offends her. Otherwise, she turned around when he was good-looking, and looked at the sky with a happy smile with a happy smile. No, at this moment, a fluttering sound like a bird flapping its wings was uploaded from the bottom to the bottom.

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows and turned around. As expected, Fleeting Time was standing on the **** phoenix and slowly flew up to the point where she was looking straight at her. He was looking at her with a smile. : "Okay, let your breath go away."

     "Humph." Ye Ci didn't bother to pay attention to this guy. He just turned her head and didn't want the next moment. There seemed to be something flying in front of her eyes. Subconsciously Ye Ci stretched out his hand and caught the thing. . She looked down and saw that it was golden jewelry, simple and chic, and exquisitely exquisite. One side was tied by a long golden ribbon, and she could see that it was a headdress tied to her head. Ye Ci took a look at the attributes of this thing-Dora's headgear, charm 3, agility 10.This is actually an ordinary thing with a property, but because it can be superimposed with a hat and it also has 3 charm bonuses, it is also practical. However, Ye Ci remembers that this thing was hyped at a high price in the previous life. In addition to the one that can be superimposed with the hat, there is another reason. This is one of the few decorations with attributes in Fate. Of course, because of its beautiful appearance, many women in the game rush like ducks. When there is demand, there is a market. With so many women wanting to get it, prices have risen again and again.

     However, despite this, there are not many people owned by this thing, just because its explosive rate is too low. Not only the specific boss will explode, the explosion rate has reached one in 100,000. Such a dismal explosion rate made its price prohibitive in the previous life.

     But, why does Fleeting Time have this thing?