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Chapter Directory 433 Chapter 27. Complex Game System
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter 27 Complex Competition System

     Ah, it turns out that today is the Qixi Festival. It seems that yesterday's chapter was released early. Forget it, even if it has been in advance. As for today, I wish there will be brothers and sisters in the world...Well, what? You said it wrong, I changed it, and I renewed, I wish there will be brothers and sisters in the world. Hmm, happy Tanabata everyone~~


     Chapter 27 Complex Competition System

     Time is fleeting between fingers like quicksand. As Fate entered the fourth year of the New Year, the first pvp competition finally kicked off. For this pvp competition, Ye Ci rarely shortened the leveling time and put more time in Arena and Dungeon. It took a full two months and finally changed the set of pve and pvp. Come to Pea Cake, Not a Vegetarian, and Kazuki Huakai, etc., and set aside mihril refine and temper for these two sets. She went to the training ground to find a pillar that won't move and hit it for some damage. It really compares to the previous ones. The two sets of equipment have improved a lot.

     Then came the audition stage of the pvp competition.The advertisements for this competition are really sensational. Not only are advertisements on the Internet everywhere, but even real-life advertisements are hiding the sky and covering the earth. It even appeared on the huge billboard opposite Ye Ci's residential area-Feng Mo became a god, but in this moment

     And on the background screen of this advertisement are all professional player poss in the game. Unfortunately, the male hunter and female hunter happen to be Fleeting Time and Ye Ci. At that time, Wang Jiangnan came to Ye Ci and provided a secret photo of Ye Ci and Fleeting Time in the Arena not long ago, saying that he wanted to intercept certain two images of her and Fleeting Time as the background of the advertisement. , I don’t know if she agrees. Ye Ci originally wanted to refuse, she is now reluctant to do that kind of showy thing, but Wang Jiangnan shamelessly provided a lot of benefits that can develop Guild, and Fleeting Time also said that he agreed, and since then she hasn't It continued to be hypocritical and agreed.However, when the billboard was put out, Ye Ci felt a little regretful. Who would like to look down every day and not see himself on a billboard? Although Wang Jiangnan did catch her cruel, Fleeting Time's ****, Ye Ci still felt awkward. When the billboard was first put out, she, Bai Mo and Tan Polang liked to sit on the city lounge chair opposite the billboard. I forgot to mention that the male Warrior image in this advertising background board happens to be Bai Mo, and the male Rogue image also happens to be Tan Polang, although both Ye Ci and Bai Mo think that the fact that they want to find Tan Polang on the billboard is true. Unscientific, after all, his level equipment is not the top-notch, and he can only operate a little passable, why is he also on the billboard? But although this is unscientific, it has already happened after all, so the two people don't even think about why it happened.

     Hmm, far away, far away.

     In other words, just after the billboard was hung up that day, the three people sat across the highway under the tree opposite the billboard and looked at it. Tan Polang was quite excited: "Look at you, how handsome I am, how handsome I am with the eager look in his eyes, that calm and calm posture is simply too handsome."Bai Mo gave him a sideways glance: "Are you handsome? Since ancient times, this thief has been an all black, no daylight character in a dark corner. You are wretched. If you are handsome, you have to say handsome. I, look, human Warrior like Sunshine, tough and handsome is the most handsome. This kind of handsome is the handsome from the bottom of his heart. This is the natural chic of ****."

     Ye Ci silently watched two narcissistic men arguing about this nutritious issue, but his eyes fluttered to the background board. On the leftmost screen, Fleeting Time and himself were back to back. Stand there. In fact, it is not back to back. This is the preparation action of the two people before the magnification move. However, they were intercepted and put together in front and back, and it looked like back to back. There, my eyes are piercing, heroic, and murderous, while Fleeting Time has long half-squinted eyes, slightly curled lips, calm and composed, and looks very lively. I have to say that the eyes of this glorious artist are vicious, and these two expressions put together to form a strong contrast, and it also sets off the sentence, sealing a demon into a god, but in this moment.Of course, it is not just the hunter profession. In fact, all professions have male and female players, and the captured images are also static and dynamic contrasts are strong, plus the golden characters at the front that seem to be dripping blood, the whole picture The advertising screen is so impactful that people can't help but feel turbulent when watching it.

     Just when the three of them were all looking at the billboard, a young woman took a small Zhengtai who was about four or five years old and walked slowly in front of the three of them. When they saw the billboard, mother and son The two stopped, and saw that Xiao Zhengtai tilted his head to look left and right, and babbled the words on it. "It's a god, but here it's something." I don't know those words. His mother taught him to recite very patiently, but Xiao Zhengtai was obviously not interested in recognizing words, so he wrinkled. With little brows, I looked at the characters on the background panel of the screen for a while before pulling the clothes corners and asking: "Mom, Mom, these people are Who?"

     This girl is probably the person who is playing Fate. She smiled: "These people are all famous people in a magical world called Fate."

     I don’t know if Xiao Zhengtai really understood what his mother said. He just nodded as if suddenly realized, and said: "Then they must have gone to a remote place like Grandma and Grandpa, otherwise they won’t be hung on the wall. Right."Hearing this, Ye Ci, Bai Mo, and Tan Polang were suddenly full of black lines, sitting there like petrochemicals, and it was too late to hear how the ** explained to Xiao Zhengtai, and how did they take Xiao Zhengtai away. There is probably only one sentence left in his mind: hung on the wall... hung on the wall... hung on the wall... on the wall... on the wall... on the...

     In an infinite loop.

     From then on, Ye Ci seemed to be hypnotized. As soon as she saw that advertisement, no matter how many people around her were full of beautiful words about it, she would always think of Xiao Zhengtai’s words, they were all hung on the wall. On, even with her regret and promised Wang Jiangnan’s request, but the timber has been turned into a boat already, even if she regrets a little bit in her heart, she can only put it in her heart, and she said it on her lips. Does not come out.

     However, this is just Ye Ci’s little selfish thoughts. In fact, this advertisement is really successful. The pictures are very lively, the advertising words are very sensational, and there are countless pictures of top players playing on the big screen scrolling. , For a while, players who have tried or haven't tried Fate are fired up, and they are increasingly looking forward to the pvp competition. In this way, the propaganda of hiding the sky and covering the earth overwhelmed the limelight of Shenwu, who was just unsuccessful, and made the leaders of the world feel heartbroken. Of course, these are not things that players like Ye Ci care about. Up.There is only one consequence they can see from the advertising screen, and that is, after the three-month registration period, the number of players on the four continents who signed up for this competition actually exceeded one billion. You know, now the whole Fate The total number of players in the game is only 1.5-6 billion. In this way, almost the majority of players have participated in this competition. This also caused the battle time of the audition to be greatly lengthened.

     Probably because there are too many players participating in the audition, all the special referees that were originally planned have become the system to do it for you. Players who participated in the registration received a number, were randomly assigned an opponent, and then after the start of the game, the registered players can be transferred to a special venue through the designated npc in each city, and the two can fight each other. . The duration of the game is ten minutes. Normal damage is counted as one point, vital part damage is counted as two points, and disabling damage is counted as three points. Fatal damage is four points multiplied by the remaining time of the battle, as long as the knockout is within ten minutes of the match. The opponent can enter the next game. If the opponent cannot be knocked down within ten minutes, the score will be counted according to the damage, and the team with the highest score will enter the next quarter of the game.The final player selected from each continent is 50,000, and a total of 200,000 players from the four continents enter the second-level audition. These two hundred thousand players then selected twenty thousand according to the above scoring rules. Twenty thousand players will become the top ten thousand players in Fate. To put it bluntly, there are twenty thousand high-level players. The number of 20,000 sounds quite big, but compared to the player base of the entire Fate, it is no more than a drop in the ocean, one hair from nine oxen. It has to be said that the ten thousand players who have won the competitions of so many people, even if the ten thousandth is considered a master, even if the great god is not counted, the little god is also considered one.

     Next is the advanced competition, the top 20,000 advanced to the top ten thousand, the top ten thousand to the top five thousand, the five thousand advanced two thousand, the two thousand advanced one thousand, the one thousand advanced five hundred, the five hundred advanced Level three hundred, three hundred advanced two hundred, two hundred advanced one hundred, one hundred advanced eighty, eighty advanced fifty, fifty advanced forty, forty advanced thirty, thirty advanced Twenty, twenty advanced ten.So far the advanced competition is over. The next is the most cruel knockout. At this time, only the last ten of the billion players who participated in the pvp competition are left. These ten people, no matter who is the top player, are not just in name only, but also in reality. They will be divided into two groups, each of whom will face four battles with the other four, and the two groups of players who have lost three and four games in a row will compete for the 70th and 10th place. As for the remaining six players will enter the knockout round again, each will face five fierce battles with several others, and the remaining one to six places will be ranked according to the number of wins and losses.

     Ye Ci looked at the introduction to the competition system of this pvp competition and couldn't help but sigh. This competition system is much more complicated than the previous one. I don’t know if Wang Jiangnan deliberately did it, or continued because of her Siberian butterfly reason? She can see the progress of the game. According to this format, she will have to wait until the advanced stage if she wants to meet Fleeting Time. If she is unlucky, she can only get the last ten knockout rounds. It seems that it is a long, long time since she wants to fight against Fleeting Time in the pvp competition to wash away the regrets of her previous life. Calculate the time and arrange it according to the time of this game, I'm afraid I have to wait until the summer.Although Ye Ci wanted to go straight to the final knockout round, she still had to follow the prescribed order, and she had to go through the preliminary rounds. But the qualifying competition... it was really a huge competition.

     Ye Ci sat on the wooden board by the Red Lake, took off his shoes and put a pair of feet into the cold lake water, his upper body was lying on the template, dozing without scruples. This is a safe area and Red Lake City is the site of Upward Ho. Ye Ci, who is the guild leader of Upward Ho, will obviously not be harassed, so she sleeps dimly. The bright sunshine shone on her warmly, making her very comfortable, until she felt someone approaching, she suddenly opened her eyes and saw an upside-down face. He was standing behind his head, bending over and looking at him, Ye Ci squinted for a while, only to realize that this person was Zero Arsenic.

     She didn't get up either, just lying on the plank like this, watching Zero Arsenic raised her eyebrows and said, "Look for me?"

     Zero Arsenic looked at Ye Ci who was lying on the template with a heavy expression. It took a long time before he said: "Gongzi You, I heard people say that when people are lying down, their faces are big. I have never believed it. I only believed it when I saw you today. A person with such a small face seems to have a biscuits face when lying down like this."Ye Ci couldn't help being filled with black lines by him. It seemed that this person didn't come to find him, but happened to pass by and saw her come over to say a lot of greetings. So she closed her eyes without hesitation, and squeezed a severely word from her teeth: "Go away."

     Zero Arsenic has a thick face. Instead of rolling, he smiled and walked to Ye Ci's side and squatted down. He stretched out a finger to poke Ye Ci's arm and said, "Hey, soak your feet in the water like this. Sleep, you will get cold legs when you are old, I know a friend, a genius doctor, don’t you want me to introduce it to you?"

     Ye Ci opened his eyes again and threw an eye knife at Zero Arsenic. Evil severely continued: "If you have something to say, just let it go. If you don't talk nonsense, I will take it apart.

     Zero Arsenic froze for a moment, then looked up to the sky and laughed, and then touched his chin, his eyes flickering so that it made people feel that he was really unkind. Sure enough, he said again: "Oh, oh, the charm of Fleeting Time is so great, even the little childe is so edified that he can make jokes."Little childe...Ye Ci only felt that her face jumped up. She squinted at Zero Arsenic, who was smiling smugly, and suddenly stood behind him, just before Zero Arsenic hadn’t reacted. She plunged him into the lake with her feet, and then she sat down leisurely and sniffed while looking at Zero Arsenic who was embarrassed in the lake. After a while, Zero Arsenic swam over and climbed onto the shore. His clothes dripping with Huālāla were no different from Luotangji.

     He sat down while twisting his clothes, sighed at Ye Ci and said, "Okay, okay, serious business."

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows as I knew it, and Zero Arsenic said, "Your audition number is 7469."

     "What are you doing?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows again when he heard the words.