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Chapter Directory 434 Chapter 28 Exchange
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter 28 Exchange

     Chapter 28 Exchange

     "Actually, there is no big thing, just a little thing. I hope you can help with the exertion of lifting one's hand." Zero Arsenic smiled at Ye Ci while twisting the drops of water on his clothes. The smile looked really sincere. .

     Ye Ci looked up and down at Zero Arsenic, who was like a chicken. After thinking for a while, I really couldn’t figure out what I could do to help him, and finally said, "It won’t be me in the next match. You, so you let me release the water?"

     Zero Arsenic's face became a little awkward, he scratched his hair, and then said sincerely: "Gongzi You, actually, if I meet you, I won't let you let go." He looked at Ye Ci's pair. Slightly squinted his eyes and smiled: "I have two choices, or I will fight with you and try the taste of failed and wiped over the floor, or I will abstain." Look at Ye Ci and sigh: "Gongzi You, not every man has the spirit of not being afraid of death like Fleeting Time."

     Ye Ci twitched his mouth, really wanting to kick this guy into the lake again. She snorted, "Then what's the matter with you, go quickly if there's nothing wrong, I still have to sleep."Zero Arsenic was upset, and then sighed: "Gongzi You, for the sake of our many years of acquaintance, I’ll give you a suggestion. As a woman, you can’t do this. Men eat soft food, but refuses hard food. If you are like this, Fleeting Time will climb the wall sooner or later..."

     The consequence of Zero Arsenic's tongue chewing was that Ye Ci was kicked into the lake again. Just when he was about to climb ashore, Ye Ci said to him with the crossbow in one hand: "Do you want to die in the safe zone once?"

     Zero Arsenic soaked in the water and looked at the live high and look down Gongzi You, who was holding the crossbow machine in one hand, facing her Gongzi You, her gaze was deep, black as if an invisible abyss. Suddenly I felt very familiar. This is the Gongzi You he knew, cold, selfish, and cruel. He grinned, stretched out his hand, pushed away the crossbow machine pointed at him, and then leaned on the water's edge, looking up at Ye Ci and said, "Who is your opponent in the next game?"

     "I don't know." Ye Ci saw that Zero Arsenic was finally about to say business, and no longer used the crossbow machine to face him, and neatly put the crossbow machine away. She is not interested in Zero Arsenic's problem at all. For Ye Ci, it doesn't matter who the opponent is, the important thing is to knock down the opponent.However, this is just her idea. There is only one Ye Ci in the world, so you can’t guarantee that everyone thinks like Ye Ci, right, at least the one opposite Ye Ci definitely doesn’t think so.

     Although Zero Arsenic heard Ye Ci say that he didn't know, he had already expected it in his heart. After all, like Ye Ci's powerful operation, it doesn't matter who the opponent is. However, the fact that the opponent is not important to Ye Ci does not mean that it is not important to others. For example, her next opponent is very important to them. Thinking of this, he slowly said: "I know.""Oh?" Ye Ci is not surprised why Zero Arsenic knows who his next opponent is. Although the opponents in the audition are all random, this random is not generated just before the game, but has been generated when the registration is closed. After all, facing such a huge pvp competition, it is not just a server. Prepare, Fate's planning and gm must be fully prepared. If the battle list is temporarily generated, there will be some unexpected things. If it’s normal, it’s fine, but now it’s the old enemy of Shenwu ol, glare like a tiger watching his prey, who is waiting for Fate to make trouble. If something happens to such a big event, I’m afraid there will be some fishermen who will profit. Although Wang Jiangnan is young, he is not mentally retarded. Of course he understands such a simple matter. Therefore, he made the list of this match in advance and made the most complete preparation for this event.

     Since the list can be made in advance, naturally someone can see it secretly. Of course, there are very few people who know this kind of thing, but it doesn't mean that there is no. It seems that the current Zero Arsenic obviously knows it. As for what method he uses Yes, Ye Ci doesn't really want to know.Ye Ci looked at Zero Arsenic’s standard smile and suddenly squinted her eyes. Then she slowly bent down her waist and looked down at Zero Arsenic, who was lying on the edge of the water, and said, “You came to me because of me. Opponent?"

     "That's right." Zero Arsenic is a master who meets people and talks a lot, hell talk nonsense. Of course he knows very well that it is best to deal with people like Ye Ci in this way to get the best results. Therefore, he does not go around with Ye Ci at all, "I came to you today to invite you to this matter. Help out."

     Ye Ci's originally squinted eyes squinted even harder when she heard Zero Arsenic say this. She just looked at Zero Arsenic soaked in the water quietly, her eyes were like sharp knives. Shaving his flesh, as if there is no bone marrow, is absolutely unstoppable. At this time, Zero Arsenic looked rudely at Ye Ci's eyes. Although the corners of his lips were still smiling, there was no smile in his eyes.

     Such two people seem to be on both sides of a tug-of-war, and success or failure is nothing more than a single move.

     After a long time, Ye Ci slowly said: "You let me release the water?"

     "No, I want to ask you to abstain in the next game." Zero Arsenic's answer surprised Ye Ci.In this pvp competition, each player has three chances to complete the game. After this game abstains, the opponent in this game will smoothly advance to the next game, and the abstaining player will not necessarily be counted as a loser. A game, of course, requires that you win two consecutive games in the subsequent battle. If you only win one game, it will be counted as a tie. If there is no win, it will be directly counted as a loss. Therefore, for the average player, waiver on the spot is something that is used only when absolutely essential, but for Ye Ci, waiving once is nothing great.

     However, whether it is willing or not is another matter.

     This is why Zero Arsenic is here today.

     After Ye Ci listened to Zero Arsenic's words, her eyes, which had been as black as a starry night, became deeper. Her lips were pressed tightly, making it impossible to see what her thoughts were. Although Zero Arsenic didn’t know anything at all, he came here today in return for his determination to persuade Ye Ci to agree. Therefore, he slowly said, “Gongzi You, your opponent in the next game. It’s Thousand Sunsets."Ye Ci's expression didn't move, even the light in his eyes didn't flicker, as if Zero Arsenic said just now that this has nothing to do with her at all. In fact, in Ye Ci's mind, this in itself has nothing to do with her.

     Zero Arsenic carefully observed Ye Ci's expression, hoping to see a little bit of wind and grass in the expression of Furui Bubo, but he was a little disappointed, but Ye Ci's expression did not change at all, as if he had just been She didn't hear what she said at all, or she seemed to be just a stranger even if she heard it. He sighed secretly in his heart. Facing an opponent like Gongzi You is really bad, he said: "I know, for you, it doesn’t matter who your opponent is, but, Gongzi You, this opponent is For us, it is different. If you beat him, then Mad Willow will not be able to meet him in the next game. This..." At this point, his voice paused slightly: "This is not our fight. Guild would like to see it."In fact, when Zero Arsenic asked her to abstain in the next game, she already knew who the opponent was. However, when she heard the name from Zero Arsenic's mouth, she still had another kind of Wonderful feeling. She looked at this person, he was still a gentle and modest gentleman, but when he first entered the game, he was standing in the military behind Thousand Sunsets. At that time, they were so trusting and so harmonious, but things are difficult. Sure, in just a few years, Thousand Sunsets has become the opponent he will capture.

     Ye Ci straightened up, walked a few steps, and sat down where she was just lying, putting her feet in the water. She looked up at the vapor-filled lake in the distance, and the sun engulfed by the vapor, without speaking for a long while. How can there be no eternity before people and people, she thought, in the last life, when Thousand Sunsets went to the end, was it Zero Arsenic who was by his side? However, I can't think of it anymore, it really is too far away.

     For no reason, she felt a hint of irony, this is the so-called life.Zero Arsenic didn't interrupt Ye Ci's thinking aloud, he just walked onto the shore quietly and sat not far from Ye Ci, waiting for the woman's final answer. After a long time, he finally saw the woman who was not move a single jot lowered her eyes, her lips curled up, and then turned to look at him. Then, he heard her cold voice: "Reward?"

     Zero Arsenic exhaled, and finally showed a relieved smile on her face. As long as she was willing to pay, then the matter would have been done. He was still worried that Ye Ci would not agree, so he said: "Well, let me give you a very secret message about Shengshi."

     "What?" Ye Ci was really interested in this matter, and her eyebrows were raised. Zero Arsenic beckoned to her, Ye Ci gently leaned forward without any doubt, and put his ear to Zero Arsenic's side, and Zero Arsenic also attached to her ear and said softly: "Shengshi intends to attack Suoduo. Ma, time is..."

     Ye Ci couldn't help being surprised after hearing the time, place and plan. She sat up straight and watched Zero Arsenic ask in a low voice and sternly: "How do you know?"Zero Arsenic smiled and said: "As long as we want to know, there is nothing we don't know." When he said that, he paused again: "Moon Green Hill doesn't know about it. How about this reward. Not bad right."

     "How do I know if you are lying to me." Ye Ci calmed down quickly. She absolutely did not doubt that Zero Arsenic had this ability. She doesn't know the consortium, that in this world, things that can be solved with money cannot be called things. It's just that this matter is related to Upward Ho's important development in the future. She has to be cautious. You must know that in order to attack Sodom, Bai Mo almost overwhelmed all his wealth in this matter. If this matter makes Shengshi disrupt the situation , Then the development of Upward Ho in the past few years is really called ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful.

     Zero Arsenic stretched out his hand, patted Ye Ci on the shoulder, then stood up: "Gongzi You, we have never been enemies."

     After thinking for a while, Ye Ci said indifferently, "No one who lied to me will have very good results."

     Zero Arsenic laughed haha: "Don't worry, our Zhan Ge never wanted to be an enemy of Gongzi You, and now we don't want to. After all, if I lied to you, it would not be cost-effective to face two top players."Ye Ci didn't look back, just turned his gaze, and finally fell on the lake again, and slowly said, "I seem to remember that I still have something to do. I probably won't be able to participate in the next game."

     The smile on Zero Arsenic's lips got bigger and bigger. He turned his body and walked away. As he walked, he said, "Ah, that's a pity, I still wanted to watch the battle."

     Ye Ci listened to Zero Arsenic’s footsteps and walked away. Then he lay down again and contacted Bai Mo after a while. After she told Bai Mo what she had just said to Zero Arsenic, Bai Mo also He couldn’t help but was a little surprised, but he soon calmed down: “This news is really timely enough. If we find out that the prosperous age will play Sodom at that day, it’s really add hail to us. to snow."

     Ye Ci does not comment on Bai Mo's sigh, it is true.

     Then Bai Mo asked: "Why is Zero Arsenic willing to tell you such valuable news?"

     "My next opponent is Thousand Sunsets. He wants me to abstain and I agree." Ye Ci did not hide Bai Mo from this matter.Bai Mo froze for a moment, and then sighed: "That's it. I said how willing he was." Then Bai Mo laughed: "Whether a thing is worthwhile depends on who it is. You see, the prosperity of the world is for us It’s so important but it doesn’t matter to Zero Arsenic."

     Ye Ci nodded: "Yes, Thousand Sunsets is just a dispensable battle for me, but for Zhange Guild, it may be the decision to give two people a life and death battle for Fate in the next few decades. Up."

     Bai Mo went busy on her own. Ye Ci seemed to be the only one left between the world and the earth. Suddenly she took out the crossbow machine, opened the crossbow, and shot an arrow toward the lake. Then she looked at the arrow disappearing in the vapor and smiled.

     once you've shot the arrow, there's no getting it back, this is life.