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Chapter Directory 436 Chapter 30 Can't Think Of A Chapter Name ...
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter Thirty Can't think of a chapter name...

     Sir Ditty's face was obviously not good. He is sitting on the rock opposite Ye Ci, his handsome face is now black as if it is Hades. Although Ye Ci’s face I don’t remember the expression of what happened just now, but Sir Ditty is obviously right about what happened just now. Very concerned. You can tell from whether he glared at Ye Ci.

     "What do you think of my proposal?" Ye Ci Barabara said for a long time, but he didn't get Sir Ditty's response at all. This makes Ye Ci a little strange. You know, this man is usually more talkative. I belong to the Lord who will find words to talk for an hour or two without words. It is a bit abnormal to be so quiet today.

     Sir Ditty listened to Ye Ci's words while thinking about the situation just now, feeling increasingly unhappy. According to the TV novels or just according to normal thinking, when you encounter this kind of thing, it is usually the woman who covers her eyes quickly, and then screams "****", right? Why does he think what happened to him is so weird?He looked at Gongzi You's face, and without hesitation remembered what had happened just now. He asked Gongzi You to turn his head, but the woman actually smiled. If he said that this was a normal smile, he would not believe it. He just found that this woman's smile was full of anger, how to describe it ? Well, yes, he thinks he has been raped, he is the guild leader of the super-large Guild, he, a famous figure in Fate, was actually raped by a woman

     Although this woman is very famous, although this woman is very powerful, although this woman makes countless people look up, but in essence, she is still a woman.

     In a scene that seems to be full of sex, a man and a woman, there are **** and being ****, but, why is he the one who is ****? This is simply It's a cheating, this is simply cheating

     Ye Ci looked at Sir Ditty and waited for his answer. However, she found that Sir Ditty was obviously absent-minded, and she didn't know where she went. Ye Ci is a little upset about this, not because she thinks it is disrespectful for others not to listen when she is speaking, but because it would be a waste of saliva to say it again later. So she drew the dagger from her waist and threw it towards Sir Ditty.Sir Ditty only felt that something was flying in front of him, and when he subconsciously dodged, he heard a "ding". The rocks around him suddenly splashed out a lot of rubble, and even a few pieces even splashed on his own. There was a faint pain in the body. He then took a closer look. It turned out to be a dagger, and how does this dagger look like the dagger on Gongzi You?

     After a slight pause, Sir Ditty calmed his mind and immediately knew what had happened. He immediately turned his head and yelled at Ye Ci: "Gongzi You, what are you doing, do you know that I am a commoner professional, and I am *** *Attacks to the vital part will cause death"

     Ye Ci just stretched out his hand and slapped his hair with a seemingly indifferent look, and even exhaled angrily and desperate words: "Didn't you miss the vital part?"

     "That's what if I hide faster." Sir Ditty remembered what happened just now, adding that he felt very angry, so he roared louder.

     Ye Ci glanced at him coolly, and then said even more carelessly: "Aren't you dead?"

     "You, you, you..." Sir Ditty never felt that Old Master Kong was so wise, only a woman and a villain were difficult to raise, yes, yes, the opposite person is both a woman and a real villain too =* *It's hard to deal with"I'm so good to talk to you, you drove there, I called you a few times, and you were all in space, but I just remind you not to be so inattentive, why? What's wrong with me again?" Ye Ci now follows Fleting Time After a long time, I learned from him that my face became thicker, and I became more fluent in talking about scams.

     Sir Ditty is much thinner than the average man in some things, but overall he is a well-mannered, polite and ambitious man, although he is still very upset. Gongzi You just did it to himself again and again. The matter, but in the case of his relative injustice, he still did not continue to talk too much, just sighed and asked: "What did you just ask?"

     Ye Ci rolled her eyes, look, look, she knew that she had said so many and so sincere things just now, but she didn't even hear a word, it was really depressed. However, given that she was the begging party, she then continued to repeat what she had just said briefly, and then continued to ask: "How? What do you think about my proposal?"Sir Ditty listened carefully to what Ye Ci said this time. He thought carefully and sent troops to help Upward Ho deal with Prosperity. This is actually not a difficult task. After all, they are Alliance Guild, besides, Wolf Clan is also secretly and secretly. Having suffered a lot of losses in the prosperous age, if you help Tiantianxiang, it is actually helping yourself, and that's nothing. However, they hadn't torn their skin with Shengshi like Upward Ho did. If there is no benefit at all, he would help. He was unwilling. Besides, this time, the two of them were fighting for a deserted city. They helped and offended Sheng Shi, but it didn’t do any good. This thing was done by a fool, but...Gongzi You is really a hard-to-handle woman, why? Can she get more benefits in her hands? This is really a problem.

     Of course, of course, before this incident, Sir Ditty remembered another thing. He raised his head and his eyes were sharp as a knife, but his face was slightly embarrassed. His voice was a little small, and he grumbled. What a sentence. Ye Ci was not quite clear, she frowned: "What did you say?"

     Sir Ditty became more embarrassed, and he repeated it again. Although his voice was a little louder, it was still no different from stuffing it in his throat, grunting.Ye Ci's voice increased a little: "What are you talking about? It won't be louder, Sir Ditty, are you a man? What do you keep stuffing your throat in your throat?"

     Now the embarrassment on Sir Ditty's face turned into fly into a rage out of humiliation. He stood up suddenly and yelled at Ye Ci: "I'm saying you will return my nude photos to me first."

     Ye Ci sat on the rock like this, and the fallen leaves were thickly spread under her feet. Her dark cyan lock armor exuded a faint light, and she knew that she was not Fanpin. At this moment, she looked up at Sir Ditty, her pale face showed a light and dark expression, which seemed a little unpredictable, and suddenly she burst into laughter. Very suddenly, but not abruptly.

     Sir Ditty always thinks that Gongzi You is a shadily character. His words and actions are always so unpredictable. Even when you laugh, you have to beware of whether she is calculating you, but now such open laughter makes people laugh. The eyes lit up, as if there was no distraction and shrewdness in the chest. Such a smile made Sir Ditty think that Gongzi You might not be so bad, at least, don't be so wary. However, she had something to say to Sir Ditty to immediately take back the evaluation just now.She said: "Sir Ditty, you really believe me, I just said casually, you said you are not a 36d big breasted beauty, what am I going to do with your nude photos?"

     Sir Ditty suddenly gnashing one's teeth, he pulled up the dagger stuck in the rock and threw it over, while throwing it away, he shouted: "Gongzi You, why am I so unlucky, how can I know you like a guy"

     And in response to him, Ye Ci’s laughter became louder and louder. She caught the dagger that Sir Ditty had thrown over, and said, “I knew you were expecting me to take your nude photos. Say it early, say it early"


     Of course, no matter how crazy Sir Ditty was, the final thing about Upward Ho and Wolf Clan's cooperation was finally settled, but Ye Ci was dissatisfied with the final conditions. Originally, she only intended to pay Sir Ditty all the equipment dropped on the battlefield, but, because of the previous events, Sir Ditty severely detained the next 5 tax shares of Sodom City from her hands.

     Ye Ci frowned and looked at Sir Ditty, and sighed: "You are such a stingy man, really, I seriously say, you are such a stingy man""Don't talk to me, I don't want to see you lately." Sir Ditty's face was black and blue, as if he had just experienced some major event, and his mental strength was severely overdrawn.

     This sentence has always been what Ye Ci wanted to say.

     When Ye Ci told Bai Mo about this, Bai Mo was very satisfied. According to his idea, at least 10 taxes must be allocated to Sir Ditty to get this done. He has only paid 5 for it now, and he is really satisfied. At the same time, he also told Ye Ci that he had reached an agreement with the people of World Conqueror and gave them a tax of 5. As for Tang Dynasty, he also agreed to cooperate with Upward Ho and received a tax of 5.

     In this way, this city of Sodom immediately tied up the common interests of several Guilds. No one would dislike the money, and no one would feel that the money is hot. Therefore, Ye Ci is not worried that they will be together again. It is not making an all-out effort in the matter of attacking the flourishing age.As for the taxes that are distributed, there is nothing to worry about. The so-called sheep wool comes from the sheep's back, Sodom City will become a big city second only to Champion City in the future, because here is Eastern Continent's only teleportation stone that directly reaches the Central Continent. Players from Eastern Continent flock to it. , There will be full shops, and the money will come like flowing water. Among these players are Wolf Clan, Tang Dynasty, and World Conqueror. They share the tax here, but they still have to spend money here. Come over and throw it away.

     Ye Ci doesn't need to worry about how to prepare for the siege in Guild. In fact, she is more used to being a forward Quest, and she has never been good at this kind of leader in large-scale battles. She has a specialization in surgery, and she never takes over things that she is good at.

     Although Upward Ho's decision was to do sth when least expected when he was attacking Sodom in the flourishing age, he had no time to deal with it. However, this is just a wonderful idea from Upward Ho. You know, since they can know the attack time of the super-large Guild of Shengshi, why does Shengshi not know the time when Upward Ho came to attack them?Sheng Shi didn't bother to deal with Upward Ho. After all, the people of Sheng Shi have caught up with him. At this time, it is really easy to deal with Upward Ho, but why doesn't Sheng Shi directly deal with Upward Ho, but insists on taking Sodom Cheng, no one knows this matter.

     Qingfeng guarded one's mouth like a closed bottle about this, Huashang just said that he didn't know, why on earth, God knows.

     Fortunately, Guild members such as Shengshi are basically very obedient, so what to do if they say what to do, then what to do. It’s as if Ye Ci is now lurking in the woods outside Sodom with about a hundred field professions, looking at the dense layers of prosperous players not far away, and the team’s channel starts to discuss in a few words. .

     "Hey, look at how they look like iron barrels. Is it to guard our Upward Ho?"

     "Not necessarily, I think whether or not we come to Upward Ho today, they will be like this."

     "How do you know?"

     "Because they are a prosperous age."

     "What's wrong with Shengshi? Shengshi is great"

     "Shengshi is a veteran Guild for many years. It must be a veteran of a hundred battles for this kind of battle. Therefore, I will definitely take precautions like this, regardless of who the opponent is."

     "Hey hey hey, you are still not our Guild person, how can you grow the ambition of others and destroy your own prestige?""I don't have any, I just make an objective evaluation, and even so, our Upward Ho will definitely win."

     "You also know?"

     "Of course, our guild leader is Gongzi You."


     The discussion was still chattering, but Ye Ci was just hiding in the bushes motionless. She suddenly sighed. She felt that the pressure was really heavy and it was a burden to be trusted. However, this burden was very motivating. . Maybe Ye Ci in his last life would never experience this kind of feeling.

     More than once, Ye Ci feels sincerely that it's great to be reborn.

     Although everything in disorder is thinking about these things in her mind, Ye Ci's attention has not been taken away from the people in the distance. Her heart is a little uneasy. This seemingly normal defense is really just defense. Is Upward Ho that simple?

     After hesitating for a moment, Ye Ci finally decided to sneak in and go to the core of Shengshi to see what they were doing.

     So, she said in the team channel: "You continue to monitor here, I will go in and take a look."

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     Fortunately, I can catch up with the update, so be it, don’t blame me, my soul has been devastated, 嘤嘤嘤嘤~~~