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Chapter Directory 437 Chapter 31—Sneak Attack
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter 31 Sneak Attack

     Chapter 31 Sneak Attack

     Ye Ci's Stealth is relatively high, which also makes it impossible to find her at Stealth. However, this did not make Ye Ci feel confident and bold and unscrupulous. On the contrary, she jumped from the tree to the ground with extreme caution, and then slowly walked past the relatively low-sensitivity Warrior. . Fate is so big, there are definitely a lot of secrets of masters that you don’t know or have seen before. If you don’t have cautious and solemn, you might be found in the next moment. Ye Ci has never been the kind of willing to lose in small things On the contrary, she is more willing to do every little thing well. The so-called details determine success or failure.The wind blew slightly, blowing the leaves, and bending the grass. Ye Ci moved carefully along the direction of the wind. Although it was fast, it took one step at a time. Will not step on the wind direction, such walking past will leave a very light mark, as long as it is not staring at it, basically no trace will be found. Fate’s game is very real, not to mention natural scenery. Even the impact of wind, rain and thunder and lightning on all things in nature is real. Take the invisible Ye Ci walking on the grass, this dense grass will definitely Leave the footprints she has walked, especially when the hair is blowing. If she walks against the wind, even if she is Stealth invisible, all players will find her whereabouts. Therefore, Ye Ci should not only pay attention to the wind direction when walking, but also use the shadow of the grass when the wind blows to Concealment her own pace. This kind of technology is difficult or not, but it is simple and not easy, and it is definitely not possible without a long period of pondering.Probably Ye Ci pays great attention to this kind of details, so when she found out that Fate had such a situation, she trained herself in Stealth or stealth for a long time to walk under such conditions, which led to her current Stealth basic It's hard to be found. After the game has been open for about half a year, many players have discovered this secret. Everyone pays special attention to the footprints of their feet during Stealth or reconnaissance. However, Ye Ci was already ahead of everyone by then.

     She just as in the past cautious and timid, but quickly passed the guards like iron barrels and walked towards the center of the flourishing age. After passing the guard players at the extreme edge, Ye Ci discovered that Shengshi had arranged far more players here than he had imagined, one after another, one after another.

     What are they doing? Are so many people really just to take Sodom City? If it was to capture Sodom City, why didn't she find any large engineering equipment?Ye Ci swiftly passed over the tip of the grass, carefully observing everything and reporting what he saw to Bai Mo's back. However, even so, she still feels a little uneasy. The interior of Shengshi is too quiet. The quietness makes her feel hungry is not like a siege. At least it is impossible to hold back one's troops without moving in a general siege. It's like this densely packed with troops, it's not like a siege. If this is not a siege, then what is it?

     She walked slower and slower, not because of physical exhaustion, but because as she got deeper and deeper, Rangers became more professional. Rangers is not as agile as Rogue, and balance is not as strong as hunters. However, among the three agility classes, he has the highest perception. Therefore, in large-scale battles, this class is generally used to defend against each other. The Stealth assault class is similar to the scouts in ancient wars. Although Ye Ci has such a confident Stealth that few people can discover, she is still a little nervous in the face of so many Rangers, for fear that she will be discovered without paying attention.Eventually Ye Ci stopped, quietly looking at a place less than five meters away from him, where there were four Rangers standing together. Ye Ci frowned and carefully observed the situation of these four Rangers. Judging from their equipment, the level of these four Rangers should be around level 80, and their equipment is basically level 80 purple. Installed. In fact, this is nothing, the game is now open, as long as you have money, a purple outfit is not particularly difficult. However, the problem is that these four people seem to be ordinary players in the heyday, or players of non-main force groups.

     This looks a bit bad. Ye Ci knows that Shengshi is rich, and he also knows that there is a big consortium behind Shengshi, but it is far from expecting that Shengshi can be extravagant to this point. Ordinary players at the 80th level can all wear purple. Pretend... This has to be said to be a terrible thing.

     She took a deep breath, and then quietly said in the Leader channel: "I am now about two-thirds of the distribution of players in Shengshi, and there is still a distance from the center of the leader account. The players distributed here Rangers have increased significantly. Their level is generally above 80, and their equipment is visually purple."

     "Purple?" Bai Mo was surprised."Yes, purple, it doesn't seem to be the main player, but all of them are purple outfits, which is very good." Ye Ci took a deep breath, as she reported so while observing the four Rangers in the distance. , I saw them standing upright, as if watching all directions and listening to all directions. It is conceivable that Shengshi not only attacks very powerfully, but also pays great attention to defense. After a while, these people began to whisper to each other. However, they did not use ordinary chat channels, so Ye Ci could not hear them, and Ye Ci had not learned lip language, so they couldn’t learn from their lips at all. Ministry movement to understand what these people are talking about. But it can be guessed that they should be discussing this battle.

     While they were whispering, Ye Ci seized the gap and passed them lightly, heading for Stealth deeper. There are more and more Rangers inside. Ye Ci looks at these Rangers. They are all uniformly equipped and of high quality. It can be seen that these people should belong to a department. She suddenly felt that this should be like a Shengshi assassination team. The organization dedicated to investigating the enemy's situation. Looking at this scale, Ye Ci couldn't help taking a deep breath. This is just the prosperous age of Eastern Continent. If all the prosperous players on the four continents are added together, how terrifying is it?She shook her head. This question is not currently considered for the time being. The question that needs to be considered now is what do they gather here? When Ye Ci was lurking outside the defensive circle thinking about this issue, she could only hear a rumbling voice coming from a distance. She was taken aback for a moment, and immediately turned her ears to listen carefully.

     But the voice never came over again. Could it be that she had heard it wrong? impossible. She absolutely does not believe that she will have auditory hallucinations for any objective reason, so this voice is...

     Ye Ci was still thinking about what the sound was, but he heard another rumble from a distance. That’s right. This voice is definitely not auditory hallucinations. Not only is it not auditory hallucinations. This voice is still... Ye Ci's heart suddenly chilled, her brows wrinkled tightly, it wouldn’t be what she thought, if it were. Words... I'm afraid that Sodom today is destined to fall into the hands of Sheng Shi.

     Not daring to delay any more, Ye Ci rushed from the gap in the defense to the direction of the sound, and did not dare to stop for half a step. Her footsteps were extremely light, and her speed was as fast as a gust of wind. The more nervous she was, the more cautious and careful she was. There was nothing wrong with it. After running for about ten minutes, she finally saw it from a distance. Her pupils couldn't help but shrink, this prosperous age... Sure enough, she couldn't underestimate it.I saw that in the clearing, there were players standing in a circle. Under their feet was a huge magic circle shining with purple light. These players were all standing on the small magic circle around the big magic circle. They seemed to be singing together What happened, and the purple light of the magic circle in front of them became more and more enchanting, and in the middle of the magic circle, the place that was originally green grass gradually turned into a black hole. At this moment, the magic circle made a rumbling sound again, and after the rumbling sound, the small black hole was a little bigger.

     This is the summoning array.Ye Ci counted the players standing in the small magic circle. There were probably more than 30 players. It seemed that the thing summoned was definitely a big guy. The Summoning Array is a relatively rare existence in Fate. It is necessary to summon a rare monster from the void through a specific scroll to help the summoner fight. Generally speaking, the more players participating in the summoning together, the stronger the summoned beast’s ability and the greater its lethality. This kind of summoned beast was very common on the battlefield in the later stage of Fate. At that time, there were many ways to contain the summoned beast. However, in the early stage, the appearance of the summoned beast was basically heaven-defying. As long as the summoned beast appeared in the battle, it was basically Going up means that the battle has already been decided. However, although the summoned beasts are powerful, they are not absolutely obedient. They are originally monsters sealed in the void. They have various personalities and can be obtained. Naturally, they are proud. If the summoner's ability is not enough to control the summoned beasts If it does, it's easy to be bitten by this guy, and finally make yourself a mess.

     Therefore, in the later stage, the main players who can be responsible for summoning these summoned beasts are not only high-level and strong, but more importantly, they must have a high control ability. But now, Ye Ci's gaze swept from the magic circle, and soon she found the figure of Qingfeng, her eyes were narrowed, if she guessed correctly, the main player of this summoning formation is Qingfeng.Although Qingfeng is not the highest level player in the entire heyday, his strong ability, quick response ability, and fierce maneuverability are all as everyone knows. Ye Ci can't imagine that this summoning formation is other than Qingfeng. , And Who can be the main player. Looking at the current situation, their summoning time is at least half the time. If you want to prevent them from summoning the summoned beast, the only way now is to kill the main summoning player, that is, light breeze.

     Ye Ci looked at the players around the magic circle. They are all elite soldiers. Judging from their equipment and positions, they are all elite players of Eastern Continent. They want to take a breeze in their hands. Getting to the head is definitely not an easy task. However, even if it is not easy, it does not mean that it is impossible. Ye Ci took a deep breath. No matter what, she must kill Qingfeng, even if she hangs here.

     After making up her mind, Ye Ci changed her pace and slowly moved closer to the breeze. She was slow and careful, and she hid her steps and figure very well, although she didn’t know if it was possible. It is perfect, at least not let the elite players in charge of the last defense discover her existence.Ye Ci reported the incident to Bai Mo through a whisper while approaching towards the breeze. Bai Mo looked a little worried: "Are you going to kill the breeze under the noses of so many people? This is too risky."

     "There is only this chance. If we don't kill the breeze at this time, we will have no chance of winning at all to attack the city of Sodom. The summoned beasts summoned by thirty-two people, I am afraid that we will lose all the strength of the Guilds. I have to be able to deal with it. After all, there is no way to restrain the summoned beast. If that happens, all our preparations will be wasted." Ye Ci took a deep breath after saying this: "This is our only chance. ."

     Bai Mo was silent. Of course he knew that what Ye Ci said was the truth, but he also considered a problem. Ye Ci sneaked into the breeze under the noses of so many people. For the spike, if Ye Ci dies, he cannot choose to resurrect by picking up the corpse, but can only choose to resurrect in the graveyard. If she is resurrected in the cemetery, her full strength will be reduced by 50 for an hour's weakness penalty. Within this hour, she will basically be unable to participate in the battle, so what chance is there for Upward Ho to win the air battle?Ye Ci of course understands Bai Mo's thoughts. She said again: "Don't worry, I have notified Fleeting Time. He should be nearby now. If I have any situation for a while, he will join Upward Ho's siege. "At this point, she smiled slightly: "Besides, Bai Mo, how can you be sure that I will hang up?"

     Now it seems that there is no better way. Bai Mo can only take a deep breath and say: "You must be careful, it's better not to hang up."

     "Don't worry, who am I? I am Gongzi You." Ye Ci smiled confidently, then closed the whisper, and concentrated one's attention completely and walked behind the breeze.

     Closer, closer.

     Ye Ci looked down at the saber in her hand. This is the orange dagger she got from the game Concealment branch Quest. The melee attack is extremely fierce. If she tries her best to insert this saber into the heart of the breeze, she wants to come to the cloth. Profession will definitely kill you in one blow. When thinking like this, she had already stood behind Qingfeng and raised the saber in her hand high.

     At this moment, the corner of Qingfeng's mouth standing in front of her slightly raised...