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Chapter Directory 438 Chapter 32 Trap
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter 32 Trap

     Chapter 32 Trap

     Ye Ci calmly looked at Qingfeng's back, and the short sword in her hand slowly turned twice, as if looking for the most suitable position, the one that could kill him in one shot. Finally, her sword stopped, and the tip of her sword was no more than an inch away from the clothes on Qingfeng's back. At this time, as long as her hand shakes, or the breeze moves gently, then the sword will fall into the body of the breeze, perhaps blood splattered on the spot, or life and death, in short, it is a not very happy scene.

     Ye Ci never likes to think too much when doing things. This time is no exception. She quietly held the saber, from the arm to the palm to the finger, a force began to penetrate from top to bottom, as if she had been assassinated thousands of times, this time there was no difference, she raised it slightly. With a sigh of relief, the wrist shook slightly, and the saber as if it was not held in her hand, severely pierced towards the vest of the breeze.

     Hit the target. Without even a slight deviation, the knife immediately pierced Qingfeng's vest, drilled through the gap in his ribs, severely nailed to the heart, and the tip of the knife came out of his chest. This moment is so fast, it's just a blink of an eye, but this moment is so slow, as long as a whole century has passed.Qingfeng only felt a biting cold passing through the vest, and then passing it in front of him. He didn't feel any pain, or that the cold was so fast that he didn't even feel the cold, and he had already seen the tip of the knife from his chest. At this moment, his heart suddenly stopped, and the blood that was still flowing just now lost all the backbone at this moment, rushed out like waves, covered the skin, and passed through the clothes. In the next moment, the sword had disappeared.

     If the breeze did not feel any pain when the sword was inserted into his chest, then the moment the sword was pulled out, he only felt a bone-thin pain rushing towards his extremeities and bones, pain. It made him almost unsteady. In fact, he was indeed unsteady. He only saw his own health drop rapidly, and the system's indifferent and alienated reminder that he had just caused a fatal attack on him with this sword, and he was directly killed by a second. At the moment when the breeze fell, he suddenly became a little unwilling. Although he did use himself as a bait to kill Gongzi You yin*, he never thought that Gongzi You could really kill himself with a single shot. .

     The heart.

     This is the most vulnerable place of human beings, as long as one stabbed, it will die anyway.However, the heart is not so easy to stab. Before deciding to be the bait, many people in the close professions in Qingfeng and Guild did this business. They don’t move a single jot and let the other party stab their heart from behind. However, few people actually get stabbed. Even if a few people were stabbed with accuracy, they would be blocked by the ribs and greatly reduced the attack power. As long as he took a bite of the medicine, he would definitely not die. After doing so many experiments, Qingfeng never died once. It was not that the other party started off leniently, but it was really not easy to stab the heart. Today he relaxed and boldly let Ye Ci appear behind him.

     But when he didn’t expect, Gongzi You really appeared, and he was really hit by the sword, and even stabbed at the most terrible time. Her sword was thin and long, and it looked like a snake from between his ribs. Passing through, even ignoring the defense of the mithril armor he was wearing, he pierced in like this, without any hesitation. After achieving the goal, he withdrew neatly. All of this was so fast, fast. There was no chance to react even when the breeze was breeze. As soon as his life value dropped to zero, the picture in front of him became black and white. At the moment before falling, Qingfeng looked back with difficulty and looked in the direction of Gongzi You just now. The sword just made her reveal her whereabouts. Even now in Stealth, she definitely can't escape the inescapable net he arranged.Sure enough, he saw Gongzi You wandering a little embarrassed among countless brilliant skills. When dodge and fail to win, he would have to take a few hits. Qingfeng was very satisfied with this. It would be a shame if he wanted to laugh out loud if it wasn't for a corpse now.

     "In any case, we can't let Gongzi You die outside of our encirclement." Qingfeng calmly gave orders to Guild.


     Ye Ci's blade flashed, and he heard that the system had reported that she had given Qingfeng a fatal attack and a long string of numbers, no matter what the string of numbers was, it meant that Qingfeng was dead anyway. Ye Ci quickly retracted the knife and wanted to leave. Unfortunately, she had already walked out of the Stealth state when she attacked. Although the breeze was resolved by just raising the knife and dropping it, it also made the arrangement around her a long time ago. All the elite soldiers discovered their whereabouts. In an instant, countless skills chased her and rushed over. She dodged from left to right. However, this is the hinterland of the prosperous world. Even if she is flexible, it is difficult to get her wings. escape.However, even if it is hanging here, it is good to be able to stop the Summoning Array of Prosperity. Thinking of this, Ye Ci looked in the direction of the summoning circle. It didn't matter at this sight. His face turned white. I saw that not only did the summoning circle not disappear, but there was already another player standing where the breeze just stood. , Continue the responsibility of breeze just now.

     Although the summoning circle in Fate requires different players depending on the ability of the summoned beast, one thing is certain, that is, to start a summoning circle requires a player as the main summoner to start. When the main player hangs up during the formation, the summoning formation will disappear, and even the summoning scrolls required by the summoning formation will disappear, which means that the summoning formation cannot be activated. However, if the main summoner does not die and just hangs up other summoners, it does not matter. The biggest disadvantage is that the summoning time will be extended for a period of time. The summoning circle will not disappear, as long as there are other substitute players on top of the death summoner. You can continue to summon.Now that the summoning circle has not disappeared, what does this mean? It shows that Qingfeng is not the main summoner at all. He is just an ordinary summoner in this summoning formation. Ye Ci, a summoner who can be topped by someone who is dead, just feels angry. This gentle wind is so powerful. Mind, I dare to have my own life as bait to come to Yin* to appear by himself, to come to Yin* to kill him by himself. He must have calculated that he will come single, and that he absolutely understands the summoning formation, and that he will think that he is the main summoner, and that he will kill him to prevent the continuation of the summoning formation. . He was right about everything, so he recruited soldiers and recruited himself. Because he knows that apart from himself, Upward Ho has no agile career that can walk freely in the main force of the prosperity.

     More importantly, I was fooled.

     Ye Ci severely shook his hand, letting the roots of his fingers sink into the flesh of his palm, and letting the veins on the back of his hand come out one by one. But now is not a good opportunity to get angry, the opportunity is fleeting, she has completely lost the opportunity to interrupt the summoning formation, this time if she can't retreat completely, she will suffer a lot.

     As she ran quickly, she glanced at the summoning formation coldly, then retracted her gaze and ran towards the outside.Ye Ci is certainly a top player, Ye Ci certainly has the ability to take the top of the ranks of the army, but when she alarmed the whole army, she did not necessarily have the ability to retreat. In fact, Fate is a very fair game. Even if Ye Ci's personal ability is strong, she can't beat an entire elite team with more than a few thousand people.

     Therefore, Ye Ci didn't last long, and he had already consumed his life to the end. At the end, when she fell, she found that he was not far from where the light wind had fallen, she couldn't help smiling bitterly, and sure enough, she still underestimated the light wind and the flourishing age. This Guild has been criss-crossed for so many years. It's not without reason. It's obviously wrong for him to think that he can make the opponent into a mess with his own power. The picture in front of her loses color more and more, and finally becomes black and white. Ye Ci looked at the sky and found that breeze is still, waves are quiet. There was a blue sky. I don’t know when there were a lot of air riders. They hovered and flew far and near, but I could see that they had just burst on time. from.

     I have been self-confident for a long time, but in the end it was a miss. Ye Ci exhaled a long breath. The only thing she felt lucky was that she didn't summon the sixth one just now. If she killed the sixth one, she would really cry to death. You must know whether to resurrect a dragon or a dragon. Shenglong is definitely not that simple...Now, the most important thing is to talk to Bai Mo about the situation here. Ye Ci just made up his mind to tell Bai Mo about the current situation, but saw a figure walk into his black and white vision. This person is neither breeze nor who. I saw that he had stood up alive again, except for a hole in the chest of his robe, I really couldn't see what happened just now, it can be seen that Cleric had resurrected him as soon as he hung it.

     The breeze slowly walked to Ye Ci's "corpse" and looked down at the woman lying on the ground. Her face was still as pale as usual. Although the amber eyes were not closed, they turned gray. After losing one piece, her long silver hair spread out, and a golden quaint and delicate headdress was unusually enchanting. Qingfeng couldn't help but exhale a long breath, squatted down, and looked down at Gongzi You lying in front of him. Although she has been identified as dead in the game, the player actually has a certain field of vision, and She can also hear the conversations of living people, but she can't move or speak.

     Qingfeng confirmed that Gongzi You must be able to see herself now, and that she must be able to hear her, so he smiled slightly with a tone of as if relieved from a burden: "Gongzi You, you can Know, how much work did I spend to kill you?"Ye Ci was speechless. She looked at the air knight in the distance and sighed. She was too greedy. If it weren't for her concealment and being a rebirth, she wouldn't be greedy and want to stop the summoning formation. Right. Hey, to put it bluntly, this is the so-called drowning people who can swim.

     Although Gongzi You, who was lying on the ground, did not answer Qing Feng’s words, Qing Feng continued to say as if venting his anger: "I know you are not pleased to (do sth, idiom) to die like this, but you killed us like this Many people, I only killed you once, and I also feel very unwilling. It's just..." Qingfeng said, here with a long sigh, and then smiled bitterly: "I think I have only one chance to do it. You are dead."

     After that, Qing Feng straightened up and said to the people around him: "Take good care of her corpse, don't let her resurrect her chance to pick up the corpse."

     This is natural.Upward Ho does not have a second Gongzi You, and Eastern Continent does not have a second Gongzi You. Even the entire Eastern Continent will not have a second Gongzi You. As long as her body is here, no one can stop it. The summoning circle of the prosperous age. Although Gongzi You is not the only top player in Eastern Continent, he is the only one who can come and go in the grand camp of agile professions like her and come without a shadow, leave without a footprint. She, the city of Sodom today is equivalent to being put in the pocket of Shengshi.

     Ye Ci, lying on the ground, was really frustrated. This breeze was really too thief. He actually came up with such a way. It seems that Upward Ho will definitely lose in today's battle. She sighed, and then connected Bai Mo's secret language. As soon as Bai Mo received Ye Ci's secret language, she immediately connected, and asked very concerned, "Are you okay?"

     Ye Ci smiled bitterly and looked at the black and white vision, and sighed: "Very good, the grass on Shengshi Daying is quite soft."

     Bai Mo was taken aback for a moment, and then immediately realized what had happened: "What did you say?

     "Isn't this nonsense? There are thousands of players from the Prosperity Elite Group. Can I not die?" Ye Ci only felt suffocated, and then she said half-jokingly: "I have two news now, one good one. Bad, which one do you want to listen to first?"Bai Mo really admires Ye Ci and his joking thoughts. While thinking about how to retrieve Ye Ci's body, he said, "Okay."

     "I killed the breeze in the army." Ye Ci said.

     Bai Mo looked at the sky, is this good news? Well, there is really good news. The enemy general was killed by his own vanguard, which is inspiring good news anyway. He paused, then asked, "What about the bad news?"

     "Bad news..." Ye Ci prolonged his voice, looked at the still shining Summoning Array from his side, and slowly said, "He is not the main summoner."