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Chapter Directory 439 Chapter 33 Rescue
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter 33 Rescue

     Chapter 33 Rescue

     This is really not bad news, Bai Mo suddenly felt his head grew. This is really bad news. In this case, Ye Ci hung up and did not interrupt the other party’s summoning magic circle. Although Ye Ci said, there is still a certain amount of time before the summoned beast was summoned. Time, but Bai Mo is 100% sure that now absolutely no one can go deep into the hinterland of the prosperous world again like Ye Ci to interrupt the summoning magic circle this time.

     He couldn't help being a little discouraged, and it seemed that this battle was bound to be lost. It is conceivable that Sheng Shi absolutely knows that Upward Ho has assembled so many Guilds to ambush here today, just to do sth when least expected when they attack the deserted city, and then do the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind the oriole behind Later, but despite this, they insisted that they must have some trump card in attacking the deserted city today. Sure enough, it is indeed a trump card, and at this time of prosperity, it is a thorough trump card. No one can fight the summoned beasts at this stage, just as Ye Ci's holy dragon was invincible before mihril was not popularized.A summoned beast that can be summoned by thirty-two people. This monster must be very heaven-defying. Not only is its level high, but its attack power is also very powerful. What's more important is to take advantage of this opportunity to attract Upward Ho and other Guilds to turn these Guild's main players together. Even if you can't lower the opponent's level, you can at least pick up a lot of equipment. And the most central problem of all this is to deceive Ye Ci into being fooled.

     Bai Mo discussed this issue with Ye Ci again, and finally learned about the causes and effects of the trap set by the breeze, and he couldn't help taking a long breath. The breeze deserves to be a breeze. He can become the boss of the prosperous age not only by good luck. There is no doubt about this person's ability to control Guild. Unexpectedly, this person's tactics are even more chilling. He actually counted that Ye Ci would definitely go to the camp, and that Ye Ci would definitely find a way to interrupt when he saw this summoning formation, and even that Ye Ci would definitely think that he was the main summoner and wanted to kill it quickly.

     He has considered all of this, so he easily brought down Ye Ci, which is equivalent to letting down all the hopes Upward Ho had originally intended to counterattack. "

     "What can we do now?" Bai Mo sighed long, honestly he was not reconciled at all.Ye Ci thought for a while and found that this time it was really failed and wiped over the floor. Even if she racked her brains, she couldn't think of how to reverse the situation. Finally, she was a bit unwilling to say: "You guys wait a moment, I'll watch In the following circumstances, if it fails, we have to withdraw."

     "It's really unwilling." Bai Mo murmured.

     "What about that?" Ye Ci still looked at the summoning circle. Although in the black and white field of vision, the color of the summoning circle could not be distinguished, the light emitted by it was a little bigger than before, and it didn't look like at most. After more than an hour, this summoned beast will be born. "Even if you are not reconciled, you can't fill it with the lives and levels of so many people. What's more, even if you fill it in, you will be dissatisfied. If there is no chance of winning, it is better not to try."

     "Okay, I know, you can observe and observe again, and contact again later." Bai Mo helplessly.The two hung up the message, and Bai Mo, who was sitting on the grass, severely hit the grass with a punch. He exhaled very unwillingly. The high-level person next to him looked at him with a bad face, even if he didn't ask. What happened? Timely Rain frowned when he looked at Bai Mo. He looked around and found that everyone really wanted to know what happened, but in such a solemn atmosphere, no one could speak first. I asked, helpless, he can only be the one who is in his early days. He asked, "Lao Mo, what's the matter? Bad news?"

     "Yeah," Bai Mo nodded, looked up at everyone, and said, "Gongzi You failed the assault, the summoning circle was not destroyed, and..." At this point, he paused slightly, and his brows tightened: " Besides, she died."

     As soon as these words were spoken, everyone's expressions changed. Gongzi You’s concealment and detection abilities are throughout Eastern Continent. If she claims to be number two, no one would dare to be number one. In this case, if she hangs up, then no matter who she is sending in, it’s work now. to no avail. Not only that, but now it's just that Gongzi You's body is full of guarded players. It seems impossible to rescue her body.

     "Who did you say hung up?" Just when a group of people were silent, suddenly a nice voice came from behind Bai Mo.Everyone suddenly raised their heads and looked in the direction of the sound. They couldn't help being shocked. They only saw a man in a cloak standing less than one arm behind Bai Mo. As he spoke, he lowered the hood from his head. He took it down slowly, revealing a long silver hair, exuding a very soft light. He slowly raised his head and looked at everyone. There was a shallow curve on his lips, but he could not feel the warmth of a smile. , On the contrary, a heart-to-heart cold crackled at everyone. This person, who is not Fleeting Time?

     Of course, everyone’s horror is not just because of this person’s Fleeting Time, but more importantly, how did a player like him on a hostile mainland get to the side of everyone while surrounded by layers of defense? ? Bai Mo suddenly felt cold in the vest. Fortunately, this person and Upward Ho are only hostile to the mainland. Fortunately, this person and Gongzi You are unrelated. Otherwise, according to his ability, it would not be easy for Stealth to come in and directly assassinate all the top leaders. ?

     What Bai Mo can foresee, other people can naturally also foresee. Therefore, at the moment when I saw Fleeting Time, all the high-level faces were pale and white, and a few beads of sweat came from the forehead can't help. . Then Bai Mo pursed his lips: "How did you come here?"Fleeting Time obviously didn't want to answer Bai Mo's question, and just continued to cling to his question just now: "Who did you say is dead?"

     "Your wife, she rushed into the Shengshi camp as a pioneer, and the result..." Fruit Jelly saw that Bai Mo didn't speak, so she answered the question of Fleeting Time by herself, her brows frowned, and she scratched her hair : "We don't know a few things, we just know that she has been collected by many people."

     This answer caused Bai Mo to roll his eyes. He glanced at Fruit Jelly, this woman, really... He immediately said to Fruit Jelly: "Whether you can get married or not is the same thing, what a wife or a wife?"

     Fruit Jelly and the others only smiled and exchanged comforting glances, without speaking. It was Fleeting Time. Because of the name Fruit Jelly, he was in a good mood. He took the hood again, and instinctively ignored Bai Mo, turned and left: "I'll pick up her body."

     "Are you sure?" Bai Mo couldn't help leaning forward when he heard Fleeting Time's words. It was somewhat inconceivable.

     Fleeting Time looked at him and laughed: "Of course, my woman can't let so many people stare." His figure flashed and disappeared into everyone's eyes, so fast that everyone present was dumbstruck. , This is the top-level concealment and tracking ability, it's amazing how fast it is.Bai Mo replied first. He looked at the place where Fleeting Time had disappeared and hummed helplessly: "Your woman... is really blatant."

     Ye Ci lay on the grass and looked at the past in a limited field of vision. She was really tired. There was black and white everywhere. It was a headache to watch too much. Suddenly she was a little bit blind. While Ye Ci was watching the Summoning Magic Circle over there, while lying bored in every way, he saw a person lying in front of him suddenly.

     To be honest, this is actually a horror thing. Even people like Ye Ci were taken aback by this situation. Think about it, a person is looking around boredly, suddenly a big face hits your eyes, a pair of dull dead fish eyes and your big eyes staring at you, this is really not easy to accept Things. After that, her gaze turned again and saw several people fall down, and the people who had been guarding her suddenly panicked and looked messy.

     Not only that, but after a while, only a light wind rushed in front of her, looking around, loudly saying: "All the leisurely perceptions of more than two hundred come here, and I must find this person for investigation."There was another roar, because Ye Ci's field of vision was very limited. Although she wanted to know what happened, but now she is a "corpse" and can't move, all she can see is her eyes. A small piece in front, and in this small piece of vision, she saw the flustered Shengshi players running back and forth, and the skills that couldn't distinguish the colors kept exploding. In the summoning magic circle not far away, all the summoners seemed extremely nervous, as if something important had happened.

     In fact, something must have happened, otherwise these people could not be so flustered. Ye Ci confirmed this fact, but what happened? She has no way of knowing. While Ye Ci was lying there and couldn't do anything, she suddenly found that her "corpse" was flying in the air and took off. Here, what's going on?

     Ye Ci's "corpse" was hung up quickly, and she could only see the face of the flustered and angry Shengshi player flashing quickly in her vision. After a while, her "corpse" seemed to have fallen somewhere. Next, she saw a big smiling face, his eyebrows were as beautiful as peach blossoms, he grinned at himself, and then said: "Little childe, meet again."Ye Ci felt a little dazed, and her mind seemed a little unusable. After she was silent for a while, a string of words appeared on the corpse: "Why are you here?"

     "Because you are here." While holding Ye Ci, Fleeting Time drove Phoenix to fly towards Upward Ho's camp. As early as when he approached Shengshi Camp, he had already conveyed the situation here through Moon Green Hill. It was given to Bai Mo. Not only that, but also said his method and plan to rescue Ye Ci. Therefore, when Fleeting Time robbed Ye Ci's body, he flew directly towards Upward Ho without looking back. Although her phoenix fucking awesome, although he himself is also very fucking awesome, but after all, he is just a person after all, with a corpse, it is obviously irrational to fight with so many air knights in Shengshi, the best The way is to run back quickly.

     Fleeting Time’s words made Ye Ci a little speechless, and she said again, “Didn’t I tell you? You can help Bai Mo as soon as the situation arises. What are you doing here? What if you are hanging here too? It's not a bargain."

     Fleeting Time was just driving the phoenix to fly fast, while turning his head, let the phoenix put a few domineering skills on the chasers behind, and then continue to run away. When he was free, he answered Ye Ci quietly and indifferently: What’s the deal? If I don’t pick up your corpse, I’m not a man anymore.”Ye Ci couldn't speak. He could only look at the handsome side of Fleeting Time and sighed slowly, but he didn't know why, but there was a place in his heart that was a little bit happy. Although it's only slight and small, it's a joy in the end.

     There are more and more chasers behind, even a bit of hiding the sky and covering the earth. Fleeting Time frowned, turned his head to look at the people behind, and expressed Zé Zé's impatience. He took out a large bottle of accelerated potion and threw it directly to Phoenix. After a while, he saw that the speed of Phoenix was a little faster. . This speed is so fast. Although Ye Ci can't see what happened, the whistling wind in her ears has already told her how fast the Phoenix can fly.

     After a while, the chasing soldiers were thrown away for a long time. Fleeting Time smiled happily, quite triumphantly: "Do you think I'm just assassinating? In fact, the most powerful thing I do is to escape."

     Ye Ci couldn't help being speechless for a while. She looked at the sky and felt that the so-called great god was not set up on high at all. Really, this was not at all what she had imagined in her last life. It turned out that the great gods were all unscrupulous guys.

     I don't know how long it has been flying, Ye Ci suddenly saw a lot of black shadows flashing past him, and asked quickly: "What's the matter?""Reinforcements are coming." Fleeting Time smiled and looked at the Upward Ho, Wolf Clan, World Conqueror, and Tang Dynasty air knights passing by and passing by. No matter what conflicts they might have with the prosperous world behind, it’s just He continued to descend with Ye Ci, and then arrived at a relatively safe place, then he hugged Ye Ci's body and jumped from Phoenix's back, put her on the ground, and raised her head towards the distance and said, "Come and revive."

     Then, a white holy light shrouded her body, Ye Ci just wanted to open the option to accept the resurrection, and suddenly, a low-pitched voice rang in her black and white world: "Elf, you seem to be in trouble. ."