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Chapter Directory 440 Chapter 34—Naga
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter 34 Naga

     Chapter 34 Naga

     Suddenly, it became a cloud of gray, and there was nothing to see. Ye Ci was not sure where she was. She tried to move her body, but she didn't seem to be her own all over her body. It just seemed that a powerful force pulled her consciousness out of the body that couldn't move at all. She only felt a headache, she wanted to hold her temples with her hands, but she couldn't do it at all.

     The intense headache became more and more obvious. Ye Ci grew up and wanted to take in a big clean air, but he couldn't do it, he couldn't do it at all. She could only feel that the head hurts more and more, and then the pain spread to the body, to the bones and blood, to the extremities and bones, and to every pore. What kind of sensation and body tearing was actually such pain, and Ye Ci almost screamed out in pain.

     In fact she has already done so. A sharp scream was squeezed out of her throat, piercing to death, even Ye Ci sounded so painful, the scream gradually faded, and finally, the scream turned into breathing. If she still needs to breathe.

     Yes, she doesn't need to breathe anymore.She seemed to sit up, but when she looked down, she saw that her body was still lying quietly on the ground. Fleeting Time was squatting next to her corpse. He was frowning and looking at his corpse, what it looked like. Annoying things, and at the same time, there is one after another soft white light covering his body, which means that he is being constantly resurrected by a Cleric.

     Fleeting Time's expression became more and more ugly. His mouth was closed as if to say something, but Ye Ci couldn't hear it. She could only stand there quietly, watching all this. Although Ye Ci knows that it is absolutely impossible for him to really die, but now this situation is really magical, she seems to have really died, as if it was unreliable in the original social science magazines. The experience is average, the separation of soul and sex, remote and painful.

     "Elf, welcome to my paradise." While Ye Ci was still looking at Fleting Time's expression and thinking about how to communicate with him, the voice just rang again. Ye Ci immediately turned around to follow the prestige, only to see a man wearing a black cloak standing not far away, he looked only the same height as an average player, and thick or light black smoke was lingering all over his body. It looks mysterious and powerful.Ye Ci turned around like this, quietly looking at this npc, which is not far away from him, and secretly taking a look at his attributes. It's sad. From name to level to all attribute points are unknown. . This time I didn't even have the question mark anymore. The big unknowns directly on the attribute board made Ye Ci exhale. This guy is really... mysterious enough.

     "Who are you?" Ye Ci thought for a while, and then quietly asked the question that she most wanted to know now. There is nothing wrong. What she wants to know most now is who the NPC opposite is, and how it treats herself I got this place. It's just that Ye Ci is not sure if she wants to know this mysterious figure and will tell her honestly.

     She thought nothing wrong, the mysterious man in black let out a low laugh from under the cloak, which sounded really joyful, and then he raised his hand. Ye Ci looked at those hands, they were really beautiful hands. Ye Ci can't see a lot of hands, but they are not as beautiful as these. They are a pair of white, delicate, slender, and weak and boneless hands. The plump and round nails were pale, and the fingers seemed to lack blood. Besides, these hands seemed perfect as the most noble works of art in the world.

     one and only.Ye Ci looked at those hands, and suddenly these four words popped up in his mind. These four are really appropriate to describe these hands. She only saw the hands slowly lifted up, the soft black robe slipped from his wrists, revealing the same perfect wrists, and then the hands lifted the hat on the head.

     For a moment, Ye Ci felt that there seemed to be such a bright golden light flashing in front of her eyes. She could hardly open her eyes. However, there was no light flashing, but the person in front of her was really dazzling. feel. With such a perfect appearance, it is even hard to describe in any language. He has long golden hair, which has fallen to the ground, which is so inharmonious compared with this gray environment. Or it should be said that it was originally an unreasonable thing for this person to appear in such an environment, but he just appeared like this.

     Weird, weird to the bones."Who am I? I have asked myself this question before, but I haven't found the answer until now. If you ask my name, I think you should be familiar with it, but the name is nothing but a The code name is enough. As for who I am, I don't know." The man said slowly, and a smile emerged from his face, pure and beautiful like a lotus flower in full bloom under the night sky, making people fascinated.

     Ye Ci was a little dizzy while listening to this verbal explanation. Although she wanted to interrupt or skip such a conversation, after all, treacherous attributes are very useful for ordinary NPCs, and it must be useless to treat such advanced NPCs, so she Be patient and listen to the other person's words, just keep cursing him in my heart: Damn, my old lady just asks who you are, can you just report your name honestly, why do you think you are talking about comics?

     "Familiar with you?" Ye Ci raised her eyebrows and looked at this man quietly. Although her memory is not very good, she is definitely not bad. Would she forget such an unforgettable look like this man? It is absolutely impossible, so she can be 100% sure that this man has never seen him before. Who is he lie? He wants to play in the petty bourgeoisie theater here, but she has no time to accompany him. Ye Ci cleared his throat and replied cautiously: "No impression."That NPC didn't seem to be surprised, or should say so, he should appear so indifferent to all of Ye Ci's answers. He just nodded and smiled: "Actually, it doesn't matter who I am, the important thing is that you are in trouble."

     Ye Ci's already raised brows are now even higher, and she looks at this npc. If there must be trouble, then it's just that the Glory Summoned Beast has died, and it has not killed the opponent's main summoner. Fleeting Time is once again deep in the enemy camp to get his body back, which is like taking it back. The hornet's nest in Shengshi is generally stabbed, and the current Shengshi is definitely every tree or bush an enemy soldier, even if someone has their wings in it, they can't fly in. Then don't think about the summoning formation that can be interrupted. It seems that this summoned beast will be taken out 100%, and if this thing comes out, isn't it really annoying?

     However, the strange thing is that this is an npc, how would he know. Even if he is an ai-type npc, how does he judge that this is troublesome for him?

     Ye Ci thought for a while and finally decided not to pursue such indifferent troubles. What is important now is that the trouble he has encountered seems to be the npc can help. So she said: "I did have a problem, but does this matter have anything to do with you?""Is it related to me? It depends on how you choose." The man suddenly beckoned gently, and an exquisite and simple chair appeared out of thin air. He just sat on it leisurely, leaning there. It is really **** suave.

     "Tell me about your conditions." Ye Ci darkened his eyes before speaking slowly. There has never been a pie falling out of thin air in the world. Since this man got himself to this place and said so many ambiguities, it means that he must be able to help himself solve this trouble, but he solves it. The troublesome method must be something that needs to be done by yourself. In that case, Ye Ci will just ask him what he came from.

     But he didn't expect that when the man heard Ye Ci's words, his expression was stunned for a moment, and then he laughed, his smile was as bright as a flower. He even patted his hands lightly, and nodded and laughed as he patted: "It's funny, so funny, I can't think of it. After so many years, the elves have become so interesting, but they are much more interesting than Dole. "

     "Do you know King Dole?" Ye Ci was shocked when he heard the name. Is it about the branch of Elven King Dole Quest? She didn't have time to think about it, and asked immediately."I just know the name." The man smiled slightly and looked a little frivolous: "I never like to remember the defeated man."

     The defeated man? Ye Ci was stunned. Elven King Dole is an ancient hero, and even the god of war of the elves. His deeds are not unbelievable, and his body is not sturdy, but such a person turned out to be the defeated opponent of the opposite person? So who is this person? Ye Ci quickly began to search for the books about Elven King he had read in his mind. It seemed that he rarely suffered defeats, and there was basically no record in the history books. The only time was...

     Ye Ci's cold sweat began to come out, and the whole back began to come out with cool and greasy damp, she quietly looked at the man opposite, and even felt that her limbs were getting colder.

     She thought, she knew who this person was.

     He said that she should know who she is, he said he could solve the trouble, and he said Dole was his defeat. Only one person can do all this.

     Ye Ci immediately dried her mouth and tongue, she swallowed quite nervously, but on the surface it was still Bubo Furui, which made people unable to see the restlessness in her heart. She breathed out slowly, and finally said, "I'm really lucky, how many people in this world can see your true face? Naga?"Naga seems not surprised that Ye Ci guessed his identity. He still laughed: "Oh, I said, after so many years, the elves are really getting more and more interesting."

     "No matter what my trouble is, I don't want to agree to your terms." Now that Ye Ci knows the other party's conditions, Ye Ci naturally rejected the idea just now. Although, these NPCs have nothing to do with her, but she goes all the way. After working hard on Quest till now, she is about to finish Elven King's Quest, she doesn't want to give up halfway.

     "Really?" Naga didn't seem to be surprised by Ye Ci's refusal: "Are you sure you really don't want me to help?"

     "There is no free bargain in the world. What's more, this bargain is given by your King Naga, and it is impossible to have no price at all. I think no matter what the price you ask for is something I cannot bear." Ye Ci shake He shook his head, although it seemed that he would be defeated this time, but it seemed that it could only be so, and I hope there is a chance to fight back next time.

     "In any case, did you make this decision?" Naga still smiled, seeming to say something very ordinary.

     "Yes, no matter what, I will never betray my faith." Ye Ci replied to Naga in standard game language.Naga nodded, "I have understood your thoughts, but I still want to confirm it again." As he raised his hand, he saw the gray fog all around disappeared. Ye Ci's eyes were Shengshi and Upward. The battlefield where Ho fights. She seemed to look at the situation outside through a thick glass, but people outside couldn't see her at all.

     I saw that in the wild as far as the eye can see, the players of the heyday and the players of Upward Ho, Wolf Clan, Tang Dynasty and World Conqueror were fighting together. The countless skills seemed to be in full bloom like fireworks. When the fireworks were in full bloom, batches of people fell, and batches of people rushed up.

     This feeling was really strange. The first time was not fighting together. The first time was watching the whole battle with cold eyes. But she could still feel the cruelty on the battlefield. Not only that, but she also felt a strong anger. I am angry that I can't stand shoulder to shoulder with them, I am angry about my carelessness.

     She squeezed her fists tightly, and Naga's voice came in her ears. He was calm and relaxed: "Ah, after so many years, you are still so combative. Look, this battlefield seems to be the same as it was thousands of years ago. , Death, death, countless deaths..."A frightening howl suddenly came from a distance, Ye Ci looked up, his face suddenly pale. It was the summoned beast that only saw a huge scorpion appear in the camp of the flourishing age, and all the players in front of it were as small as ants. At this moment, it was holding up two huge pliers and shouting to the sky, looking really terrible.

     "Yeah, they were able to summon little Ladal. It looks like your comrade-in-arms is going to die." I don't know when Naga had already stood behind Ye Ci, lowered his head and grinned against her. He whispered in his ear.

     Ye Ci suddenly relaxed her fists. She lowered her eyes. On the one hand, it was Upward Ho's efforts and on the other hand it was her own interests. What should she choose?