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Chapter Directory 441 Chapter 35—The Ring Of Naga
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter 35 The Ring of Naga

     Chapter 35 The Ring of Naga

     "Do you know what kind of guy Ladal is?" Naga smiled lightly. His smile was as simple and harmless as a child, but it stopped in Ye Ci's ears like an Ashura crawling out of hell. Horrible. She didn't turn around, just took a deep breath, and kept telling herself, to be calm, to be more calm, and not to be disturbed by this super boss, even if she didn't have the slightest chance to win at this moment, At least, according to Ye Ci's traditional habit, she feels that even if she loses, she has to lose less. It is better to make a profit before losing. In this way, she can be considered worthy of herself.Naga didn’t show any dissatisfaction with Ye Ci’s not to hear, not to question. He went on to say to himself: “Ladal has a good appetite. He usually likes to eat when he’s not hungry. Now After being released after being hungry for so many years, I must have a big meal." Naga said here, and even rubbed his chin gently, and sighed innocently: "Oh, Ladal eats something. It looks the cutest. I haven’t seen it for many years. I didn’t expect to see it today. Elf, you see how lucky you are, let’s take a look together. I think you will love it, just As if I like it."

     Ye Ci slowly turned his head and glanced at Naga with a cold gaze, then slowly turned back, continuing to watch the big scorpion called Ladal running rampant among all the players. It ran fast on the open grass with its legs wrapped in a jet black oily carapace, aimlessly, knocking the players on the grass everywhere and flying. Occasionally, the one who flew in front of him was caught by the two large pliers in front of him and stuffed it into his mouth.

     Although I can't hear the sound of the chaotic war, Ye Ci can already imagine how tragic a situation is on the battlefield now by looking at this picture."By the way, Elf, do you know what Ladal's favorite food is?" Naga seemed to think of something and asked with a grinning Ye Ci who didn't want to talk to him.

     Is it a player? The so-called cannibalism? This is the most direct result, but is it really the case? Sometimes the most unbelievable thing is his own eyes. Since Naga can ask such a question, Ye Ci thinks that the food for this monster called Ladal must not be as simple as the player's corpse. She turned half of her face and her eyes were as sparse as a cold star in the dark. She asked not a word or movement: "If you want to say it, just say it all at once. Do you have to find someone to talk to you before you can say it? Go down?"

     Naga touched his nose, his expression was a bit embarrassing, but he didn't look angry at all. It seems that Naga's soft nails at Ye Ci didn't affect this guy's mood. He shook his head and sighed. "Oh, oh, I suddenly think that Dole is cute, at least when I talk to him, he will answer, even if it is a quarrel, even if it is angry, at least there is a reaction. How come so many years have passed, the elves have become Are you like this? It's so boring."Ye Ci really wants to roll his eyes. Is this guy really the Great Demon King Naga that all the players and all the NPCs have changed? Why does she always think this guy is as shameless as Fleeting Time? Being a rascal is really annoying. She has always saved time, one is one, two is two. If there is something direct and plainspoken, it will do. It is really annoying to talk in circles like this.

     Looking at Ye Ci’s twitching face, Naga didn’t consciously continue to talk nonsense, but said to Ye Ci with a more awkward voice and expression: “Ladal doesn’t eat people. What he likes most is to suck up one. Human ability, by the way, you must not understand that. I put it another way, it is the so-called experience. What it likes most is the so-called experience of you adventurers. According to it, it is the most delicious in the world. s things."When he heard Naga say this, Ye Ci suddenly felt that even the top of his head and heart were cold. She has seen this kind of monster attribute. In Fate, general monsters have different attack attributes, such as whirlpools, traps, and lightning. These are nothing but attack methods after all. Only one type of monster is The most terrible, its attribute is called learning experience. This kind of monster is not necessarily so powerful, but once it is killed, it will lose a lot of experience, which is far more than the loss of life in the hands of other monsters.

     Since Ladar is also a monster with this attribute, according to its level and toughness, I am afraid that it will learn much more experience than other monsters of the same type. In the face of many players who are completely unbreakable in their defenses, Ladal is simply a criss-crossed world. It doesn't matter whether someone is attacking him or not, he just uses those big pliers to clamp the player up and stuff it into his mouth. . This is the real unilateral massacre.Ye Ci looked farther, she tried to see which player was manipulating this huge monster, and whether there was a chance of being instigated, but after watching for a while, her heart became colder and colder. After coming down, Na Radar not only continued to move forward bravely, he didn’t mean to wander back a little bit. It can be seen that this main summoner is a powerful player. Not to mention his strength, his courage and experience are very rich, so that he can make Ladar even better. There is no chance of betrayal at all. If Ladar does not betray, then Upward Ho, Tang Dynasty, Wolf Clan and World Conqueror will be killed and injured.

     If you just drop one level and drop a piece of equipment, it's nothing, but Ladal is a monster that learns experience. Although the experience it learns is random, it will definitely be more tragic than dropping one. , If you happen to meet a player with a low level, it is not impossible to fall into more than ten levels in one bite. Moreover, Ladal slaughtered players extremely fast, if you continue to let it run wild like this, I'm afraid... After this battle, the entire Eastern Continent's Guild ranking will be rewritten.The hope that Upward Ho has finally ushered in, I am afraid it will be completely shattered this time, and Upward Ho will also be completely defeated, and there will be no chance of turning over again. Although, she was only one level down in the end, but how could her level discuss two disparate things together with Upward Ho and the collapse of the entire Guild.

     The strength of a person is never a big deal, only the strength of an entire team is truly powerful.

     For an instant, in Ye Ci's mind, he suddenly remembered the last **** in his previous life. The glorious staff member was humble and polite to himself and had a contemptuous face. He smiled and smiled mockingly. He said: "I'm sorry, Miss Ye, we do not accept players without a team to participate."

     Fate is really amazing sometimes, it always puts the most difficult things in front of you to test your mind. Last time, she unfortunately chose the wrong one. This time, she was lucky that she had another chance to choose. Therefore, she will not make the wrong choice, no matter what price she will pay, she will not make the wrong choice this time.

     Ye Ci took a deep breath, turned around, and looked straight at Naga, with a bright look and a firm expression. With a firm smile on her lips, she said to Naga: "Naga, tell me, what's the matter with you? Need my help."Naga's beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, and a bright smile bloomed on his face, as if it were the most beautiful flower in the world. If you only look at this face, who can connect him with the Great Demon King, the number one in Fate? He smiled and said, "Huh? You seem to be sure I will ask you for help."

     "Naga, I don't have so much time. I have a companion to save, and I have more important things to do." She took a deep breath and clearly expressed her meaning: "I think, You brought me here, it must be because I have something beneficial to you, so please help me stop Ladar and let the victorious side of this battle belong to me in the end, and I will definitely fulfill your needs. Something for you."

     "It's really interesting." Naga tilted his head and looked at it once. After blinking, his figure floated away again. A chair appeared behind him. He went on doing it and looked at Ye Ci with a smile: "It seems so much. You are really an alien, not as interesting as you." When he said that, he laughed: "So, you are willing to be used by me?"

     "Yes." Ye Ci nodded.

     "This is really weird, I always thought that everyone would not be used by others.""If a person doesn't even have the value to use, then what does he mean?" Ye Ci sneered. Although the surface was calm and calm, she was so anxious that she didn't even dare to turn around and continue watching the war. Naga is a too smart npc. I believe this Great Demon King definitely does not want other leaders to do something on their own. Therefore, it is good to urge this kind of thing to do it once, and absolutely cannot urge it a second time.

     "Well, this is really interesting." Naga nodded and squinted his eyes again. His long golden hair was suddenly blown by the wind, soft as soft as willow branches in the spring breeze. He still smiled like that. As if it had become a beautiful painting, at this moment, a ray of light seemed to shine through his eyes, which was very dazzling. Immediately after that, there was still peace in his eyes, and nothing was left: "Very well, since you said that, I would really be embarrassed if I didn't help you." As he said, he waved his hand and saw a pot. Black water appeared in front of Ye Ci, "Wash your hands."Ye Ci looked at Naga a little confused, but Naga still had that smiling face, and couldn't tell what it was selling. Ye Ci had to converge and put one of his hands into the dark black water, which made her pale complexion even more pale. After a while, she took her hand out of the water, and there was no drop of water left on her finger. She raised her hand to look around, suddenly her eyes sharpened. I saw that the mysterious ring that was originally worn on the right middle finger had changed.

     It has completely lost its form and turned into a circle of misty incorporeal bodies, which surrounds her fingers in this way. As long as she moves her fingers, the ring disappears instantly like a mist that has been blown away, but, When her hand stopped, the black mist re-wrapped her fingers.

     Ye Ci felt a little nervous. She looked at the ring and checked the attributes without hesitation. Although it has long been known that the attributes of this ring must have undergone a long-term change, when she saw the attributes of this ring, she still couldn't help but trembled.

     Naga's ring:


     All properties 300

     Additional "stealth" skill, duration 1 minute, cooling time 3 minutes.

     Add "FeatherFall technique".Attach the "Dark Call" skill, which lasts for 1 hour, has a cooling time of 24 hours, and requires 10,000 souls.

     Additional "soul drain" passive skill.

     Attach the passive skill of "Devil's Agent".


     There are just a few very simple sentences on the ring. In addition to the invisibility technique and FeatherFall technique, Ye Ci has no idea about the other three skills. In fact, it seems that this ring is called a divine weapon. Although the total attribute is increased by 300, it is very overbearing, but besides adding attribute points, there are no other combat attributes added, only some unclear skills. .

     However, this thing is a divine weapon, and the name is Naga's ring. It seems to have a lot to do with Naga. Then, these things will have unexpected effects when you think of it. Ye Ci doesn't have much time to explore these problems now. She is fighting Zhengyeol outside, and she can't wait to go out and help immediately.Naga looked at Ye Ci and smiled slightly: "I know you are impatient, go, wait until you have overcome this battle, let's meet again, then, I will tell you what I need you to do." His words fell off. Ye Ci only saw that everything in front of her suddenly became clear, and there was still a dialog box in front of her, asking her to choose the way of resurrection. Ye Ci immediately chose Cleric to resurrect without hesitation. Immediately, she grumbled from the ground. I got up and almost didn't hit Fleeting Time.

     Fleeting Time Seeing her resurrected, the stone in her heart finally fell to the ground, but what happened in such a long time just now? He just wanted to ask clearly, but Ye Ci grabbed him and said, "I know what you want to ask. Now there is no time to explain. Shengshi has already summoned the summoned beast, and now it is the point to find a way to deal with it. "

     Obviously, Fleeting Time already knew about this, and he exhaled. Then he said slowly: "Well, what are your ideas? It sounds like a tragic one. I don't know what the casualties are."

     Ye Ci looked down at the ring on her finger, her expression dignified, she raised her head to look at Fleeting Time and said, "I don't actually know."