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Chapter Directory 443 Chapter 37—Win And Loss
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 37 Victory

     Chapter 37 Victory

     "Sorry, the soul balance you can use is insufficient." The system prompts you to say this irresponsibly, and Ye Ci really wants to cry, cheating, the things you gave for nothing are really not good. She is still counting on this thing to turn defeat into victory. It seems that this thing is not available now? Of course, what makes Ye Ci feel cheating is the hint. Is it possible that a certain dynamic business platform has already achieved Fate? It's really cheating.

     Just when Ye Ci was struggling, after a few seconds, the system prompt sounded again: "Do you need to continue to summon?" Ye Ci was taken aback, isn't it soulless? Why are there such questions? Could there be anything else right away, now that this point was thought of, Ye Ci was not entangled, and immediately chose to continue the summoning, and then she heard the following tone: "You can choose to summon by soul or summon by experience. "Ye Ci's face is really black, isn't this a cheating? She has no remaining soul, and if she wants to summon in the future, she can only continue to use her own experience, but if she uses it, she will lose the level...This, this is really a cheating choice. However, Ye Ci's thoughts only lasted for a second, and then she chose to summon with experience. For her, or for everyone in the Upward Ho Alliance, there is only one battle like this, and only one success or failure like this.

     Winners and losers, this is the truth from ancient times to the present. If this battle is defeated, I'm afraid that all the previous three years will be wasted. So many people are working hard for it. What she can't let go of, she shouldn't fail. It's that simple.

     A black light flashed on his body, Ye Ci dropped another level, and a group of dark knights were summoned. Since only experience can summon these dark soldiers, Ye Ci is not a pity. Although experience is indispensable in the game, it is the most useless. Now that there is such a use, then Ye Ci is not stingy at all.Only seeing the black light of one after another flashing on her body, one after another team was called out. Although these dark soldiers seemed a little vulnerable under the siege of Ladar's flourishing age, the victory lies in the crowd. No matter when, the human sea tactic is one of the dumbest and most terrifying tactics. With the accumulation of so many dark soldiers, Ladar’s blood fell quickly, but within ten minutes, its blood had dropped to 60. Not only that, because there were too many enemies in front of him, and Ladar’s steps Forced to stop.

     From a distance, there are countless dark soldiers densely surrounding Ladar, like a piece of chocolate cake attacked by ants, and there are many colorful skills constantly rising and falling among the group of ants. Spectacular. Probably because there were too many dark soldiers, those dark soldiers who were unable to attack Ladar simply fought with players from Shengshi. They were summoned, not afraid of sacrifice, not afraid of death, like lonely heroes, they only know how to advance, advance, advance, and walk until they fall.At that moment, Ye Ci suddenly discovered that there is no difference between good and evil in battle. In Warrior's heart, their belief is only victory, which has nothing to do with justice, even more evil, because this is Warrior's mission. Either victory is won or on the way to victory, but at this moment, her cold and rational heart suddenly beats, it is something called passion, it is something called blood. , She thought she would never own these things again, but until today she found out that she had never lost these, no matter what detours she took, no matter what wrong things she did, in her In the heart that was frozen with reason, these things have always been there, and have never retreated.

     Ye Ci turned her body, her eyes twinkling, she looked at Fleeting Time and said seriously: "Leave the rest to me."

     Fleeting Time raised his brows slightly, trying to say something, but after seeing Ye Ci shook his head, he did not speak. Ye Ci smiled and said: "Fleeting Time, everyone has the responsibility of everyone. You have helped me a lot in this battle that does not belong to you. The rest is my own responsibility, so please allow me. I will go on by myself, please allow me to solve it by myself."Fleeting Time just looked at Ye Ci quietly, unheard of the battle on the entire battlefield. After a while, he said, "You insist?"

     "Yes, I insist." Ye Ci nodded, and she told Fleeting Time in a firm tone that she had already decided on this matter, and there was no more room for return.

     In the end, Fleeting Time just smiled. He let go of Ye Ci and said: "Okay." After saying that, he took a half step back so that Ye Ci could smoothly jump from Phoenix's back to the back of the sixth. And Ye Ci just smiled, looked at him one last time, turned around and jumped off Phoenix’s back. After a while, he saw a huge blue sacred dragon flying up again, and the woman standing on it was full of vibes. , Yijiao hunting, unspeakable chic ****. She looked back at Fleeting Time, and the leader hurried away with the holy dragon.

     Fleeting Time stood on Phoenix’s back, quietly watching Ye Ci’s leaving back, the corners of his lips curled up, and finally, he even sighed a long breath. He lowered his head and said to himself: "I want to The responsibility is actually you."What was rolling in front of me was blood, fighting, and endless death. Standing on the top of the battlefield, Ye Ci saw the air rider from a distance and realized that she was flying in her direction. She began to summon the dark air rider again, and after a while, hiding the sky The dark dragon knights and covering the earth, the mounts under their hips spread their huge fleshly wings, let out a stern roar, and flew towards the air knights on the opposite side with a strong rancid smell, like a huge group of huge fleshly wings. The locusts swallowed the whole wheat field in an instant. Ye Ci didn't even see the extra resistance of the air riders, and only dark clouds were left in the entire blue sky.

     The Dark Soldiers and Upward Ho's coalition mixed together, ran wildly across the grassland, and launched the most violent attack on the opposing Shengshi troops. The scream echoed throughout the sky, as if to dye this map red. Ye Ci raised her head slightly, her chin showed a beautiful curve, she looked so firm and skeletal. It is said that people with such a chin have a firm mind and character, and it seems that she is right.The air reverberates with the faintly burnt smell of Spell, which is mixed with the unique dark smell brought by the dark forces, and it turns out to form a special smell that makes the bloodline spray, which is constantly stimulating. Ye Ci's sense of smell even made her hair stand up.

     talk idly about important matters, the ruler over the world, but so.

     The howling wind blew Ye Ci's cloak like flag flapping in the wind, she opened her arms, and something unthinkable whizzed through her veins, as if it was about to rush her to the sky.

     Although there are many people in Shengshi, although Shengshi’s combat effectiveness is very strong, although Shengshi has always been set up on high inviolable, but at this time, under the constant impact of a steady flow ceaseless dark soldiers, they are secure as a city protected by a wall The defense of metal and a moat of boiling water was gradually torn open a crack. At the moment when Ladar finally fell, the long defensive line of Prosperity was finally torn a long hole. Afterwards, Guild of the Upward Ho Alliance and countless dark soldiers poured into this hole a steady flow like a tide, and the victory and defeat seemed to have settled from this moment on.When the attacking crowd smashed Shengshi's players into everything broken and in disorder, Ye Ci squinted his eyes and looked at Shengshi from a distance. There was a light breeze there. He must be very unwilling now. However, this doesn't seem to have much to do with him. This is the case on the battlefield. The victory or defeat is just a matter of thought. Looking from a distance at the players who had been dispersed, Ye Ci stopped and continued to summon the Dark Soldiers. She looked at the time, and it was less than 20 minutes before the Dark Summoning skill technology. So she sent a message to Bai Mo: "There are still nineteen minutes."

     "What's there for nineteen minutes?" Bai Mo couldn't figure it out when he heard Ye Ci's secret words.

     "All the dark soldiers are still nineteen minutes before they disappear. If you move fast, they can probably help you take down Sodom in these nineteen minutes." There is not much time to say the rise and fall of the right now. Terrain, Ye Ci can only tell Bai Mo the most important things now, and the rest can only be said later.

     "Okay, I get it." Bai Mo was taken aback for a moment, and he understood what Ye Ci meant. Although he didn't understand where these dark soldiers Ye Ci came from, then since there is a time limit, he should do it first. The important things are good, and the rest will be ignored for the time being.After finishing the conversation with Bai Mo, Ye Ci took a look at his own level. Hey, it has dropped to fifty-three very cheating. This time the summoning has dropped by more than half of the level, which is really distressing. Seeing the smoke billowing in the distance, Ye Ci smiled bitterly. Now he can't help much and can only wait for the final result.

     Without waiting too much, Ye Ci turned around and headed to the safest place behind. She thought, she knew where Fleeting Time was. Sure enough, at the place where he had just resurrected, Fleeting Time was sitting on the rock, watching her fly over from a distance, his lips curled up with a smile.

     Ye Ci neatly jumped off the sixth child and walked towards Fleeting Time. She looked at Fleeting Time's smiling face and felt very helpless. It seems that some things are destined to leave regrets.