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    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 38 Vertex

     Chapter 38 Vertex

     Although this is now a battlefield, when the wind blows, it turns out to be as beautiful as a paradise. Ye Ci squinted his eyes and looked at the sky. In the gloomy sky, it seemed to be cracked. Light shot out from the cracks in the clouds, shining light on the surrounding dark clouds, softly rippling. The golden light, that is a kind of contrasting beauty, a kind of beauty that alternates between light and dark, a kind of beauty that emerges from a cocoon, and it is dazzling beauty.

     Ye Ci sits on the rock opposite to Fleeting Time, squinting his eyes and looking into the distance, it seems to be a statue. And Fleeting Time looked at her quietly, as if the noisy war in the distance had nothing to do with him. Of course, in fact, from Fleeting Time’s point of view, these battles did not have anything to do with him. He was sitting here. The reason is just because of Gongzi You.

     After a while, Ye Ci suddenly said, "I met Naga."

     These words really came out suddenly and without beginning and end, even the Fleeting Time, who had been watching her intently for a moment, realized what she was saying. He blinked, then cocked the corner of his mouth, and said to Ye Ci again: "What then?""Then?" Ye Ci finally took his gaze back from the clouds in the distance, and quietly looked at Fleeting Time intently and calmly. Then she put her hand on the corner of her lips and bit her with her teeth. With a strong pull on the middle finger of the pair of gloves, the hand came out of the glove. She raised her hand and shook the smoky ring in front of Fleeting Time, saying: "He gave it My thing is used to help me achieve this victory."

     "Summoning so many monsters, is this the skill on this ring?" Talking to the same top players is less time and effort than talking to ordinary players. Ye Ci didn't even say anything carefully, and Fleeting Time has raised one and The infer three knows what Ye Ci is going to tell him.

     "Well, a more **** skill." Ye Ci raised the hand with the ring in front of him, squinted at the ring on the finger, and said very calmly, as if there were too many rings. The shock it brought was really just a calm joke, there was really nothing worth discussing.

     Fleeting Time paused slightly, those dark eyes appeared deeper, and he slowly asked, "What about the conditions? Naga shouldn't give you this thing for nothing, right? Any npc can't do this, even more. Stop talking about Naga.""I don't know yet." Ye Ci sighed, put his hand down, and met Fleting Time's gaze: "Naga will naturally find me when it comes to time." She shrugged her shoulders: "Look, we It's just a player, but Naga is the ultimate boss of Epic Level Quest, so I can only say what he says."

     Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci's helpless look and suddenly couldn't help it. He bent down and laughed: "This is the first time I have seen a character who can make you so helpless. Even if he is an NPC, it is very helpful. ability."

     Ye Ci was non-committal about Fleeting Time’s comments. She just sighed: “How can I say it? It’s not that I can’t help but this npc is too high IQ. He will always be able to directly address your weakness. People with weaknesses, so they are used."

     "I'm looking at you, I'm very happy to be used."Ye Ci tilted her head and thought. She remembered the excitement when the tide of Alliance players and the monsters she had summoned rushed into the defensive encirclement of the prosperous world. Her eyes were bent, as if they were Just like the crescent moon that just crawled out, she squeezed her mouth and nodded: "Indeed, I was really happy to see Shengshi suffering a crushing defeat just now." She opened her eyes again, looked at Fleeting Time, and made a statement. Fan's innocent expression spread his hands out: "Don't you say that the meaning of fighting is to see the other party fail? It's like listening to live singing means listening to the music?

     Fleeting Time paused slightly, and then laughed louder. He put his hands on the rock behind him, the hearty laughter rushed into the clouds, he kept repeating Ye Ci's argument, and nodded: " The meaning of fighting is to watch the opponent fail, and the meaning of listening to the scene is to listen to the broken tone. Sure enough, sure enough, this is the true meaning of these things." He laughed for a while, and then gave Ye Ci a thumbs up. : "I can't see it, Emperor Truth."

     Ye Ci laughed with him too, it was an extremely relaxed laugh after all the burden was put down.The two people sat on the two rocks facing each other, and just laughed unscrupulously, as if even tears were falling. This kind of relaxation and joy is simply the difference between the bloody battle that is still going on on the front line. In their laughter, it seems that the disgusting clouds in the distance are slowly letting go, and it will be even more dazzling. The golden light fell down.

     After a while, Fleeting Time smiled and looked at Ye Ci and asked, "What do I need to summon so many monsters?"

     "Soul." Ye Ci shrugged, "However, I haven't figured out where this soul came from for the time being."

     "Then what do you use to summon these monsters?" Fleeting Time said to Ye Ci, frowning slightly, he wondered what he knew.

     "I have no strengths, only experience." Ye Ci smiled and sighed, but she didn't see any unwillingness in her at all.

     Fleeting Time blinked his eyes and sighed secretly. As expected, after a while, he shook his head and smiled helplessly: " much experience did you spend on yourself? It should be a lot, right now. How many levels are there?""Fifty-three." Speaking of this free and easy like Ye Ci, I couldn't help but feel a tearful feeling. This is really a cheating, a living cheating. This answer obviously made Fleeting Time have a surprise. He stared at Ye Ci with wide eyes, as if looking at a monster. Ye Ci was a little hairy by him, and he waved his hand again and again: "Don't look at me like this. If you change You, you will do the same."

     Fleeting Time was speechless. He thought for a while. Indeed, if he was in the position of Ye Ci today, at this moment, at the opportunity to have such a skill, I am afraid that he would not hesitate to choose this way. In fact, sometimes, one's own interests are the things that don't need to be cared about most. He thinks that he and Ye Ci are indeed the same kind of people. Therefore, he was surprised and distressed about Ye Ci's current results, but he understood. Because I repeat it again, he thinks Ye Ci will do the same, and if he changes to himself, he will do the same. This is probably the fate of people like them.

     People who are called top players are destined to be burdened by ordinary players, whether you like it or not.

     Although he thought so, although he was so sure, even though he understood Ye Ci so, Fleeting Time didn't hold back and asked: "Regret?"

     Ye Ci kept smiling like this, she shook her head resolutely, without even a second of hesitation: "No.""Even if no one will ever know that you did all these things today, they will not regret it?"

     She nodded: "Yes, even if no one will ever know, do you know why?"

     Fleeting Time sighed, how could he not know, he thought, they are a crowd: "Because you are Gongzi You."

     "Yes, because I am, Gongzi You." Ye Ci said clearly, word by word. When she said her name, she increased her strength a little. Maybe Fleeting Time never knew that this choice was for her. What is it, but it doesn't matter, he is right. Having said this, her gaze looking at Fleeting Time suddenly became a little melancholy, and she sighed: "It's just that there are regrets after all."

     Fleeting Time immediately understood the meaning of Ye Ci. He understood Ye Ci's mind. In this pvp competition, she was actually holding back her energy and wanted to compete with herself in the finals. In this situation, I have to say it is a pity. However, he looked at Ye Ci's lips and slowly curled a smile: "I have been moving forward, but I won't stop waiting for you because of this.""I know." Ye Ci took a deep breath, jumped off the rock, raised his arms, stretched his waist greatly, squinted at the distant clouds, let it pass The golden ray of light covered her body, as if the whole person had become a sculpture coated with golden light: "However, it doesn't matter, I will try harder to catch up with you." Then she lowered her arm and turned her head. I looked at Fleeting Time, earnestly and persistently, calling him cautiously: "So, Fleeting Time."

     "Huh?" Fleeting Time just looked at her with a smile, the character slowly spilled out of his nose, as if a small bug got into the blood of a person, and it sounded like a little drunk. .

     Ye Ci smiled and jumped for a few steps, stood by the rock where Fleeting Time was sitting, and looked up at Fleeting Time sitting on the rock slightly, her face seemed to glow, her amber eyes So brilliant, dazzling like glass beads. The corners of her mouth moved, and she slowly said: "So, you must always stand at the top and don't let others have the chance to catch up with you. I will catch up with you in the shortest time, and I will be in a shorter time. It's more than you in the time." She said that she laughed again: "If you can wait for me, please stand at the top of the world and wait for me."The color of Fleeting Time’s eyes darkened, he leaned forward, and moved his face closer to Ye Ci, a little closer, and finally, he covered the soft corners of his lips, and he used Only two people heard the voice, softly pressing Ye Ci and murmured: "Okay, I will wait for you at the top of the world, wait for you to catch up with me, and wait for you to surpass me."

     In the end, everything turned into a water-like *beautiful...