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Chapter Directory 447 Chapter 41 Contest
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 41 Contest

     Chapter 41 Contest

     I originally thought that after my level dropped to level 1, then I should completely retreat from the ranks of game masters. But he didn't expect that he seemed to be more famous now than he was at that time, but the reputation is really not so good. For example, the reward order in the Mercenary Guild, such as the chase order that comes with the system, and the announcement on the background board at the gate of the city... As long as it can notify the public, Ye Ci is happy to find his own first name.

     Oh, this is really...

     Ye Ci glanced at the setting board next to him, only to see the notice about himself being posted on it, but now there seems to be no Who onlookers, it’s not like someone just started putting his name on it. At this time, the righteous indignation fills one's breast is full of players who have sworn revenge. I don’t know if it’s too long since time has passed without anyone catching me, or because my level has climbed a little bit so that these people don’t dare to beat a drowning dog anymore.However, no matter what the final reason is, as far as the current situation is concerned, she is still very safe. Of course, as long as she does not raise a sign saying that she is Gongzi You, under the protection of the secret cloak, no one will recognize her. Coming. She yawned, turned and entered the oasis city.

     Ye Ci's purpose for coming here is very simple. He is here to play Dungeon.

     As a dark player of course, there is also Dungeon, but their Dungeon is different from mainstream players. Their Dungeon are all cities, small Dungeon is a small village, and big Dungeon is a big city. Of course, this city is not a city seen by mainstream players, but through a special npc in the city to enter a replica of the same fantasy world as this city. And this illusion is called-Mirror xx. For example, in the current Oasis City, its Dungeon is a mirror oasis. There are also players in this Dungeon, but it is also copied from the real Oasis City.Being a mirrored Dungeon is actually quite interesting. Like all Dungeons, Dungeon is formed when the player turns on the Dungeon. However, unlike mainstream Dungeon, the monsters in the mirrored Dungeon are not fixed, but when the player turns on Dungeon. At that moment, the real scene copied, that is, at the moment when Ye Ci opens the Mirror Oasis, the scenes, players, and NPCs in the Mirror Oasis are the real oasis city at that moment. It’s just that the player replicas and npc replicas that Ye Ci killed in it will not come back to revenge and will die like ordinary monsters and drop experience points and some equipment. It’s just that this mirror Dungeon What happened here has nothing to do with the real Oasis City. Even if Ye Ci kills all the monsters in the Mirror Oasis, it will have no effect on the real players.

     Mirror Dungeon is the only Dungeon that dark players can play. Watching oneself kill the copies of each player personally, in fact, it is easy to distort people's psychology.

     Ye Ci took the knife and dropped it, drew a black long sword from the chest of a player who seemed to be quite high, reached out his hand to wipe off the blood on it, looked at the corpse on the ground coldly, sighed, and killed her like this Sooner or later, she will become a murderer, well, in fact, according to her current guilt value, she is already a murderer.I don’t know if it is to compensate the disadvantaged group of dark players, or to quickly achieve the Concealment branch in the game. In short, the rewards of Mirror Dungeon are very rich, and the experience is so much that people can browse raised in delight, eyes laughing, but ......This kind of Dungeon is not so easy to Clearance. Probably you win some, you lose some, as far as Ye Ci is concerned, the difficulty of the mirrored Dungeon is higher than that of the mainstream Dungeon, and all the monsters in it are high ai. Fight them with a normal There is not much difference between the master players' tricks. If you can finish a mirror Dungeon smoothly, any pvp novice can get a lot of improvement in pk proficiency.

     However, this difficulty will inevitably cause many players who are not tenacious to withdraw from the queue of the dark system and re-convert into mainstream players. As a result, there will be fewer dark players. However, in Ye Ci's view, this is not so much difficult as it is a silent choice. Perhaps in the near future, emerge as a new force to be Dark players reckoned with will have more masters. Ye Ci can't know what will happen in the future. After all, the current situation has crossed too much with her previous life. She can only walk steadily step by step until she can no longer go.With seventy-six health points left, Ye Ci put away his bow, and fell limp to the ground. Leaning on the sixth breath, the sixth is not much better. There are lines on his hard skin. Many scars, large and small. Ye Ci raised his eyes and looked tiredly at the No. 2 boss who just fell from a distance. This is the quartermaster Flander of Oasis City. It is not the most powerful npc in the entire Oasis City, but it is a general squad leader level. , However, Ye Ci almost collapsed because of such a humble little boss.

     She raised her hand and drew it into the package, but when it fell down halfway, she had to raise her hand again and stretched into the package. After a few times, she took out a bottle of supplementary health The potion, pouring towards the mouth. After mentioning that he was about to see Hades’ HP, Ye Ci walked to Flander’s side, bowed, and touched his corpse a little bit softly, and released a few pieces of equipment. Then one or two pieces were just suitable for her grade, and she didn't hesitate to put them on. Since becoming a dark player, Ye Ci’s black hand seems to be a little better. I don’t know if it’s because the negative is positive. In short, every time she plays Dungeon, she can still get a few pieces of her own. The things used, although the burst rate is still a bit embarrassingly low compared to other dark players, it has already moved Ye Ci to cheeks streaming with tears.After changing the equipment, Ye Ci called out the time to take a look, then took out a few huge pieces of rhinoceros and threw them to the drooling sixth. Then he drank two sips of wine and took it with him. She walked towards the door of Dungeon with the sixth child. After recording Dungeon's progress there, she left the Mirror Oasis without looking back.

     The sun was really good, the warmth shining on Ye Ci's body, she raised her head and squinted to look at the sun, wishing to take off the loose cloak on her body and spread it directly on the ground to have a good time. People come and go in Oasis City, but everyone is moving towards the teleportation stone in a unified pace. Ye Ci is no exception. Although the sunshine here is very good, her goal is also a teleportation stone.

     In fact, if the goal is the teleportation stone, it is not always true. Ye Ci and these players have the same goal, all of which are the hero Arena of Eastern Continent Hero City. Today, there will be an eye-catching game-a six-to-five match in the first pvp competition. The two sides of the game are a player from the southern continent. In this pvp competition, they emerge as a new force to be reckoned with, rushing into everyone’s eyes with the fangs of a black horse, and the other is Fleeting Time.The long-toothed sheep is Rangers, and the hunter is the same agile profession. However, Rangers is more like a panacea in the three agile professions. It is not as good as hunters in terms of balance, not as good as Rogue in terms of agility, and dps output is not as good as both. , But there are a lot of Control Skills. The most shameless thing is that this profession also has heal skills. If it's an ordinary Rangers, it would be horrible to fight with hunters. However, Ye Ci believes that he must be exceptional for the top ten Rangers, otherwise, such a person really does not deserve to be a top player. Before this game, Ye Ci had not watched the video of the toothy sheep game. First of all, he felt that there was no need, and secondly, there was really no time. Therefore, before the game started, after knowing the two players in today's game, Ye Ci went to the forum to find part of the fighting video about the tusking sheep to watch.

     From this point of view, Ye Ci couldn’t help but handle this tusks sheep well. He was a long and burly figure, but he was not cumbersome. He even improved his figure in walking and maneuvering. The extreme saturation exerted by the superiority of the above, runs faster and bounces higher. Although he sometimes turns around a bit slower than himself and Fleeting Time, it can be seen that his strength is very large. On the other hand, It fills up the weakness that is not naturally top-level dexterity, this is indeed a good opponent.With such a good opponent, Ye Ci couldn't help but ignite a raging flame in his heart. I really want to fight him once. Unexpectedly, there are such top players in the Southern Continent besides the autumn water and dust. It is really exciting. Ye Ci couldn't help it at first. She wanted to know who were the players who finally made the top ten after she was forced to withdraw from the audition competition. She wanted to check, and then paused. No, it's not the time yet. When the competition is over, she finally left them behind.

     Including, Fleeting Time.

     Sitting in the Arena of Hero City, Ye Ci looked at the 360 big screen in the middle of the venue. From here, you could see the live broadcast of the game. Because this pvp competition is really the most important thing in Fate recently, so since entering the top 500 competition, every game has a live broadcast. Players only need to enter the Arena in each city and buy a ticket. I can see the broadcast.

     Because all the communication between the two people entering the arena is cut off from the outside world, so they are not afraid to contact the outsiders watching the game.

     Ye Ci sat quietly in a corner of the Hero City Arena. She raised her head and looked through the big robe. The host was introducing the two people who appeared on the stage. The audience was enthusiastic."...The next thing we want to ask is..." After a lengthy introduction, the host finally paused as if it were sold out: "Fleeting Time"

     The audience screamed again. Ye Ci sat quietly in the crowd. Seeing the man with long silver hair on the screen, she couldn't help but soften a bit. She sighed: What a pity.