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Chapter Directory 448 See You In Chapter 42
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 42 See you again

     Chapter 42 See you again

     Amidst the tide of shouts and enthusiastic applause, Ye Ci used his peripheral vision to see a person crossing the crowd of people, walked straight to his side and sat down. He is wearing a cloak just like himself. In fact, nowadays, there are more people wearing cloaks, whether it is really low-key, whether it is to hide from enemies, or want to pretend to be b, this cloak is really a good thing, so many needs can be met.

     It's just that Ye Ci Weiwei is a little strange, why is this person sitting next to him?

     This matter is somewhat related. I don’t know when, whether it’s in or outside the game, as long as Ye Ci goes to public places, no one sits beside her, including Bai Mo, her parents, and Tan Polang in the future. It seems that no one is aware of it. When it comes to this problem, but I don't know why, the place next to her is always empty, and Ye Ci gets used to it over time. She even thought, maybe she was exuding a kind of ultra-low negative air pressure that no one could resist, otherwise...otherwise, how could she have been around for so many years, whether it was eating fast food or watching a movie, the place beside her was always empty? ?It’s like, she’s watching the game now, it’s a normal thing, her equipment is so ordinary, even the position is casual sitting, but in the overcrowded Arena, it’s really strange, the position beside her is again. Empty. Just when Ye Ci felt that this was too ordinary, someone was sitting next to him. Is it raining in the sky?

     It is for this reason that when this person climbed through the layers of people and came to sit upright next to him, Ye Ci spent more time looking at him a few glances, but it was just a few glances, and she took it back. Lost his gaze. She came here today just to watch the game. She really didn't need to care about other things, let alone such a trivial matter.

     The cheers of the audience grew louder, and Ye Ci took the remaining light back and focused all of his attention on the battle that was about to start. This was the first time she saw the scene of a tusking sheep, and she needed to figure it out seriously. After all, watching the recorded video will be due to the limitations of the recording player's angle, and the recorded video will also have many limitations. Watching the scene is not the same, especially for this kind of live broadcast. Players can also open the small screen for three hundred and sixty-six. A ten-degree adjustment can clearly see the entire state of an opponent that has never been met before.Fleeting Time's start is extremely fast. If Ye Ci is not very familiar with his fighting style, I am afraid that he will be dazzled by his movements at this moment. He only saw his figure shake slightly, and he completely disappeared from the venue. Everyone began to subconsciously look for the figure of Fleeting Time. Only Ye Ci immediately pulled his perspective towards the sky. Sure enough, he saw it. A black spot shot at the fangs sheep like an arrow. Although the tussled sheep was hesitated by the sudden start of Fleeting Time, but it also reacted very quickly. Before Fleeting Time arrived, he turned back a few somersaults and stood neatly. Out of the range of the bow and arrow, he opened the short bow in his hand and fired an arrow towards Fleeting Time, which had not yet arrived.

     And the figure of Fleeting Time still floating in the air seems to be unable to hide it at all, but no one thought that he just turned his body slightly, and the arrow flew past his face, seemingly thrilling. , But the difference is a thousand miles away. When it was even more strange, Fleeting Time's body seemed to have broken away from the new gravity of the center of the earth. When it avoided the arrow, it turned a direction in the air and attacked the tusks again. .Inside the door to see the door, the layman to watch the fun. This is only a matter of a few seconds, but it has already made countless players call for good. However, there are also a few players looking at this operation with a gloomy expression. But Ye Ci, who was sitting in a crowd of people, narrowed her eyes slightly. After she dropped to level 1, she hadn't played against Fleeting Time for nearly ten months. This guy has improved again, even with this kind of trick. After playing it, people have to hate gnashing one's teeth.

     The long-toothed sheep obviously did not expect such a trick from Fleeting Time. He could only dodge the attack of Fleeting Time, and a little embarrassedly jumped to the left, seemingly avoiding the pair in the hands of Fleeting Time. The double-sword attack, but Ye Ci saw the system reminder make a sound. The toothed sheep was hit by Fleeting Time once. Although it was not a fatal attack, it was the first time for two players who are good at long-range attacks. The attack hit was hit at close range, and it had to be sighed and convincing.

     "Who do you think the two of them will win?" Just as Ye Ci was watching the pvp battle with all his heart, a very familiar voice came from her leisurely. Ye Ci's originally relaxed body immediately tightened. She turned her head back abruptly, looking at the person next to her who had wrapped her whole body in the cloak, her eyes were sharp, and the corners of her mouth were tightly pressed. She seemed to hear a voice that she shouldn't have heard."What? I'm making Gongzi You weird here?" Maybe Ye Ci's gaze is too sharp, maybe is Ye Ci's expression is too horrible, in short, the player in the cloak said slowly again, and then again Slowly turned his face to Ye Ci, then stretched out his hand and slowly took off the hood of the cloak, revealing that very handsome face.

     Ye Ci's amber pupils suddenly shrank, her eyes seemed to have ten thousand sharp needles, and they stabbed at the man with great stamina. And that person didn't put Ye Ci's sharp expression in his eyes at all, and a comfortable smile appeared on the corners of his lips: "It's been a long time, Gongzi You."

     Ye Ci squinted his eyes, narrowed the ferocious, bloodthirsty light in his eyes slightly, and the corners of his thin lips curled up with a smile that seemed like nothing: "Isn't it, breeze, we really are It's been a long time."Qingfeng's eyebrows are very soft, not like a super Guild leader who shoulders tens of millions of people. Sitting next to Ye Ci, he looks quiet and kind, as if he is a familiar old friend from the neighbor's house. His eyes have shallow smile lines, and they look exceptionally soft, but such softness makes Ye Ci ring the alarm bells all over her body. She is not afraid of conflict with the breeze. She is just speculating that this man appears at this time. What is it for in front of yourself?

     What is it for?

     After that battle, Ye Ci completely faded out of the competition for the top of Fate. She was low into the dust, starting from scratch, from scratch. Although the news about her in the game is still flying in the sky, and the hunting orders are everywhere, but this also shows that everyone knows that Gongzi You is not terrible anymore, and Gongzi You is no longer the one standing at the top of the world. God, she has fallen to the bottom of the dust. It is precisely because of this that all talents dare to chase and kill her, and all dare to trouble her. Although Ye Ci doesn't mind this kind of life, it's just that all of this is nakedly stated that Gongzi You is nothing but ephemeral.At this time, why did Qingfeng come to her? She didn't believe that the location of Qingfeng was here. Her instinct told herself that there must be something Qingfeng came here. However, she couldn't guess what was going on. She, who hadn't asked about the world for a long time, really didn't know the direction of the game. After Sodom’s battle, Ye Ci suddenly felt that she was very relaxed. She completely relieved her huge burden and was immersed in her own world. Whether it was killing or being killed, it was a life of the ultimate self. This kind of life made her a little slow.

     However, no matter how dull the lion is, it will always be a lion and will not become a cat.

     Ye Ci grabbed his mind, turned his head and looked at the 360-degree big screen in the Arena Center, and then slowly said, "Although it seems that the strength of both sides is equal now, I believe that the winner will be the last one. It's Fleeting Time."

     "Because he is your man?" Qingfeng smiled, sounding very friendly.

     Ye Ci gave her a white look, and the white eyes stared at him naked, seeming to say: You are so gossip.

     "Isn't it?" Qingfeng shrugged his shoulders. Of course he understood the expression in Ye Ci's eyes, but he didn't think he was wrong."Fleeting Time is just "Fleeting Time", just like I am just Gongzi You. I believe that the person who wins in the end is "Fleeting Time". There is no one thread, one hair relationship with him and my personal relationship." Ye Ci said lightly. She seems to seldom discuss Fleeting Time with people so peacefully. No, she has never talked about this man with people at all, but she actually talked to Qingfeng today. So, I have to say, what a mysterious thing Fate is.

     "Oh? Why are you so sure?" Qingfeng began to feel a little curious. He looked at Ye Ci's beautiful side as a sculpture, curled his eyebrows, and smiled gently.

     "Because I can only win him, so he can't lose until I win him." Ye Ci's indifferent voice was not loud, but when he said these words, Qingfeng was stunned. His gaze looking at Ye Ci's profile also became deeper.

     Then he laughed again: "Gongzi You, after a long time no see, you are still so arrogant."

     Ye Ci twitched the corners of her mouth, turned her head, quietly looked at the breeze, squinted her eyes, and smiled heart alarmed, trembling in fear: "Arrogant? This is self-confidence." Then, she stopped that again. A sharp expression, looking serene: "Light breeze, long time no see, you are still so cunning, come on, why are you looking for me?"The breeze laughed loudly, looking very happy. He straightened his body and stretched his waist: "Gongzi You, this is the only thing I like about you. You are direct enough."