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Chapter Directory 451 Chapter 45 Some Things
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 45 Some Things

     Chapter 45 Some Things

     The night is very beautiful, the kind of whisper that belongs to the **** is like a summer insect **** lingering in the faint water vapor, the bonfire is crackling, and it seems that more **** is burned. It looks average.

     Ye Ci drank some alcohol, and Fleeting Time also drank a lot. Both of them seemed to be a little drunk, but they were sober. They sat on the rock and talked differently. Since Ye Ci restarted leveling, they can be counted on one's fingers for the time they can get along so leisurely. Fleeting Time lifted the bunny from the campfire, which had been roasted so much that it was so yellow and oily, and pulled out a dagger from his waist, neatly tickled the bunny bones, cut them into small pieces, and put them on a large leaf Pass it to Ye Ci. Ye Ci also rude, and took the fragrant rabbit meat. She looked at the dagger in Fleeting Time's hand and felt a little regretful. At least it was orange equipment, which should have been more useful, but Now she was reduced to cutting rabbit meat for her. If the dagger had emotions, it would definitely cry.

     Fleeting Time certainly does not have so many boring and boring thoughts from Ye Ci. He took down another rabbit, deboned and sliced meat, and slowly asked: "Did the breeze come to you today?""How do you know?" Ye Ci was a little strange. When she met Qingfeng today, Fleeting Time should be playing against him. How did he know.

     "Oh, my friends in the prosperous age told me that it was the breeze that came to find you today." Fleeting Time replied softly.

     Ye Ci nodded. There are many situations like this. Guilds have put a lot of eyeliners in other Guilds. She believes that Shengshi is in Genesis, and Genesis is also in Shengshi. There is nothing strange. She exhaled and said slowly: "Qingfeng told me that Shengshi is going to quit Fate."

     "Huh?" This surprised Fleeting Time, but it was only very surprised, and did not affect his work. He just raised his eyes to look at Ye Ci, and then continued to lower his head to cut. Rabbit Meat, shook his head: "My dear, it's really a thing. Genesis let so many people in, and no one found out about it.

     Ye Ci glanced at Fleeting Time with slanted eyes and snorted: "Such a secret thing must be covered by the family for two days. If you only make a decision, you will know it, can it still be called a secret? "

     "That's right." Fleeting Time never refuted Ye Ci's words. He smiled at Ye Ci and turned to the subject: "Would you like some fruit? I brought some milk coconut from Hero City.""It's a rich man. I'm willing to buy such expensive fruits. It's a waste." Ye Ci reached out and took the expensive fruits from Fleeting Time. Although he complained, he didn't plan to save at all.

     "Money, it's spent for my wife when I earn it. How can it be called a waste." Fleeting Time said naturally, but Ye Ci was a little embarrassed to hear it. She coughed slightly and then changed the topic very embarrassingly. Turned back: "The breeze asked us Upward Ho to accept some players who were unwilling to quit the game. I refused."

     "This is a good thing for development and growth, why did you refuse it?"

     "First, I just ask about Guild. It's better to find Bai Mo. Second, who knows what Qingfeng will make. Although I am not afraid of him harming me, there is always nothing wrong with being cautious."

     Fleeting Time just laughed and said nothing.

     In fact, on such a night, there is no need to say anything, just sitting two people like this is a good thing.

     Tomorrow, the same day will pass, Fleeting Time will have Fleeting Time, and Ye Ci will have Ye Ci. At daybreak they want to go separate ways again, and such a night becomes more precious.Heaven, the fierce heat, the hot air rolled over Ye Ci's exposed skin as if it was about to burn, and it hurt like a string of blisters. Ye Ci stood on the edge of the cliff and couldn't help cursing Naga lowly. How could he choose such a place to be his nest? She looked down at the distant place under her feet again. There was a large area of magma. From time to time, a flaming bubble was gurgled, and a flaming bubble was gurgled from time to time. It seemed to be something with extremely high temperature, Ye Ci. After moving a bit, a stone at his feet fell, and with a puff, there was only a trace of green smoke, and it disappeared without even a bubble. Ye Ci rolled her eyes. She knew that Fate was real, but such a real game actually had its disadvantages. Look at the current situation. If she accidentally falls, she probably won't even have to come back to pick up the corpse.

     Ye Ci couldn't help but started cursing Naga again, can't you be a little innovative? If you have to put your old nest in such a place, are you afraid of turning into kebab?

     Despite this defamation, Quest still has to be completed. Ye Ci can only drink another bottle of heat-resistant potion and continue walking forward against the cliff. She raised her head and looked at the hideous look on the highest mountain. She sighed at the skull-like hole, how much medicine she had to waste...After nearly half of the medicine on Ye Ci's body was used up, she finally climbed to the entrance of the hideous cave, stretched her head and looked into the cave. It was not like the rugged rocks she had imagined, but a very harmonious environment. Uncoordinated spaciousness. It is not only spacious, but also very gorgeous. Stairs, railings, indoor fountains, and sculptures are no different from the most luxurious Western palaces Ye Ci can imagine, except that it is covered with thick dust. Look It has been a long time since no one has cleaned it. Ye Ci walked towards the cave. There was a faint light in the palace. When she walked in, she found that the dust here could not be described as thick. When she stepped on it, not only did she fly up a lot of dust, It also printed a deep footprint on the ground.

     Hey, judging from the thickness of this dust, no one here has been here for some years, not a few hundred years, but also decades, or even longer.

     Doesn't this situation increase the difficulty of finding things invisibly? Ye Ci couldn't help but stretched out her hand to cover her mouth and nose while walking towards the depths of the palace. The flying dust almost choked her to death, but she did not dare to cough for fear of inhaling more dust like that. Fortunately, there are no monsters in this palace. If she fights here, she will be suffocated by the dust even if she is not killed by the other party.This palace is very big, Ye Ci kept running towards it, her footsteps were light and she tried not to raise more dust, except for the bleak yellow lights that didn’t know how long they had been on, there were no more lights along the way. Other things are as desolate as a tomb. This is actually too different from the Devil’s Lair imagined by Ye Ci. According to past experience, the devil's lair is generally crowded with beasts, corpses and dead bones everywhere, countless wandering souls and smell of rotten. However, these things are nothing here, and they are not challenging at all. It's really, really unpleasant.

     Originally Ye Ci received this Quest. Naga said that Ye Ci was a little excited when she asked her to go back to her palace to pick up something. After all, fighting every day would be annoying. She also wanted to challenge her without IQ, but her combat effectiveness was very strong. Pve, boss, now since going to the Demon King’s Lair, there will naturally be a fierce battle. Ye Ci excitedly prepared a package full of things for this, but she didn’t use anything except anti-burning medicine, even Even a blood bottle is useless. This feeling is really uncomfortable. It's like you are watching the male and female protagonist blushing on the TV and performing their preparations for sports. Just when they are about to approach the goal, the two people suddenly Smiled innocently at the audience and said loudly: Actually we are playing around.Does this feel maddening? How other people think she doesn't know, she is crazy anyway.

     Ye Ci, with a breath of breath in her heart, had nowhere to vent, she could only rush to the highest level. While balancing on the eaves, she searched no corner to see if she could find it. Something to make up for your inner unhappiness. Soon, she was on the last floor. On the last floor is an extremely empty hall with two rows of huge and thick pillars, and a tall throne stands in the deepest part of the hall. The shape of the throne is very simple, except that the high backrest highlights its stand out from the masses.

     However, the thing that attracted Ye Ci's attention the most was not the throne, but the several stone platforms on both sides of the throne. Suddenly, a strong **** drove Ye Ci to walk towards those stone platforms. What on earth was there? She slowly walked to the edge of the stone platform, but her pupils suddenly shrank.

     There are a lot of nine weapons neatly listed there. These are nine professional weapons, and at the moment they see these weapons, Ye Ci has almost guessed who these weapons are."Ah, I knew you would be interested in these." Just when Ye Ci stared at these weapons, a leisurely voice suddenly rang behind her, and Ye Ci almost immediately bounced out, pulling He opened the bow and made a defensive stance. This series of movements was completed in the blink of an eye, and they were clean and neat in one go. After doing all this, Ye Ci can see who the speaker is, and who else will be besides Naga.

     Ye Ci exhaled, slowly put away his weapon, looked at Naga and said, "Why are you walking without making a sound?"

     "Walking noises? How do you make a soul walk noises? You speak one for me to see?" After getting acquainted with Naga, Ye Ci discovered that no matter how terrifying the Great Demon King is in the rumors, at least the current Naga He was quite immature, as if he was no different from a rebellious kid when he said these things with his eyes wide open.
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