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Chapter Directory 452 Chapter 46—Mission
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 46 Quest

     Chapter 46 Quest

     Well, in fact, Ye Ci felt that there was no need to care about some things with this naive npc, so she simply asked herself the question she most wanted to know: "Naga, why are you here."

     "This is my palace. Of course I can be here. Why do you ask such an idiot question." Naga snorted, saying that he has no good feelings about this kind of lower IQ problem.

     Ye Ci held the hand hidden behind the cloak tightly, and then let it go. Ye Ci took a deep breath and told herself, in fact, she didn't need to be familiar with this kind of naive NPC, right? Is he just a set of data? Even if he looks good, he is still a ghost, isn't he? After doing a lot of psychological construction for himself, Ye Ci was finally able to speak to Naga tranquil and even-tempered: "Of course I know that this is your palace, and of course I know that you appear in your own palace. Not surprisingly, the question is, since you are here, why did you let me come here to get you something?" Ye Ci endured and suppressed the phrase "you are an idiot".However, her face-saving was obviously not affirmed by the other party. Just after Ye Ci explained her thoughts so tactfully, Naga was actually very shameless and brazenly yelling at her: "I'm a ghost, okay, ghost? Is the entity good? How can you let me, an intangible ghost, come to pick up things? Did the elves evolve for so long and IQ has evolved lower and lower?" Naga hummed his nose, and then floated by Ye Ci, who fits his own identity. Floating away, yes, it’s not wrong at all. This untasteful demon floats up and down without his feet on the ground. Obviously, he already likes this way of walking very much. Pulling his robe, watching that gorgeous and somewhat transparent robe draw a decadent color in the dark palace.

     Obviously, Naga's childish words made Ye Ci very upset. She didn't frown or show displeasure. She didn't even have any expressions on her face. She just relaxed her body, quietly leaning against the stone platform, looking at the smelly beauty. Naga touches her hair and her robes, like a peacock with hair shaking her tail feathers, she has no expression on her face, not say a word, but it is a strong representation The unpleasant breath has spread throughout the palace.It is said that beasts are also very sensitive, and they can always feel a dangerous breath in peace. This sentence is not wrong at all. Naga, who was still stinking, suddenly felt something wrong. He turned his head, blinked his extremely beautiful eyes and looked at Ye Ci, and then floated over again, almost Looking at Ye Ci, he finally found something: "Elf, are you angry?"

     Ye Ci rolled his eyes. This Great Demon King seemed to have been lonely for too long, and actually became a bit dull. Did you discover this kind of thing? However, this is obviously not the time to discuss this issue with him. She didn't bother to pay attention to the Naga who was still floating around her. She just turned around and looked down at the nine weapons placed on the stone platform. After a while, he said quietly, "How did you get these things?"

     "Oh, these things." Naga stopped floating on the edge of the stone platform, he quietly looked at the weapon on the stone platform, and suddenly a brilliant smile appeared on that stunning face, and then he said: " Of course these things are my spoils."Ye Ci thought for a while, too. According to the record, when the battle was most like wildfire, the heroes of the nine major professions combined all the powers of Naga to fight to the death, but they didn't want to be controlled by others. Naga killed them all. However, Naga didn’t get any better, fighting against so many heroes by one person didn’t end up laughing too long. His corporate body was sealed by the magic circle made by the nine heroes with their own bodies, leaving only His soul was able to escape. After this, all the orders of the light world were reshuffled, and the dark world was also in chaos because of the loss of the highest king.

     This chaos continued for a long time, and the snobberies of both sides were constantly regrouping, and they were constantly looking for ways to awaken their respective kings. The main line of Fate's game happened at this time, and the game's Quest is to get players into the proposition that is already a mess, in an attempt to make such propositions more regardless of the law and of natural morality.

     Ye Ci stretched out her hand and lightly flicked each weapon. These weapons are all unique in shape and exquisite. From the outside, she knows that this thing is not a random product. She lowered her head to let her look on these weapons. One flicked across, and finally raised her head to look at the big demon who was looking at herself smiling very brightly. She sighed: "After all, Naga, what do you want me to do for you?""Ah, you are not the same as Dole at all, how can you be so direct? You should go around with me and argue with me about the importance of the difference between good and evil, and then reluctantly said this question is right... …" Naga crackled and said a lot.

     Ye Ci looked at him impatiently. After a while, seeing that he still didn't stop ****, she finally opened her mouth and saw that her cold face was even more expressionless. , The whole person looked like a lifeless plaster statue, she said: "Naga, how many years have you been sealed?"

     "Huh?" Naga was obviously still immersed in the topic he talked so eloquently just now. He didn't expect Ye Ci to change the topic suddenly, which made him a little no time to deal with it. He would not react for a while, and he paused. Then he raised his head and dragged his chin and thought about it for a while, "It's probably a few thousand years, maybe even longer." Then he spread his hand and shrugged his shoulders: "You know, if you can't see tomorrow, in fact, time has passed. After a long time, there is no meaning to remember."

     "Among them, is there someone next to you who talks to you?" Ye Ci raised an eyebrow at the answer, showing no special emotions."How could it be?" Naga said of this, his eyes burst into flames, and his face became ugly. Shadily made Ye Ci feel that this kind of Naga is indeed worthy of the so-called Great Demon King. He sneered a few times: "Those hostages sealed me one by one. Naturally, there is no Who around me. However, I sealed nine of them. I had known that I would not seal them together, and sealed them one by one. Different places make them often feel like they have not been accompanied to speak for thousands of years...

     Ye Ci listened to Naga's sullen voice, looked up at the gloomy ceiling, and sighed, she was a little black line. Sure enough, after not communicating with people for so long, the terrifying Great Demon King has become a bit cloudy. More importantly, the direction of his anger seems to be wrong. After understanding Naga's so much nonsense, Ye Ci once again interrupted Naga's nutritious complaint: "Say, let me do something for you."For Naga, who was interrupted to state his anger again, he was obviously upset. He shifted the shadily's gaze to Ye Ci's body, bared his teeth and just wanted to say something, but when he didn't say a word , Ye Ci's voice rang: "Naga, according to the current situation, the unlocking of the nine kings has gone smoothly on the Guangming side. You should know the consequences of their unlocking. , I think you know more clearly, what is the situation when they unlocked the seal and you are still being sealed? Do you think the other party will give you a chance to be so leisurely again? Now in the dark department you choose someone Although they all use one to ten, but the number of people is much smaller than that of the other party. Although the number of people is not a great thing, but in a big battle, the party with more people will definitely win. This is the law of unchanging since times immemorial. Now our progress has fallen behind. Now that we have lost our advantage in numbers, how far do you want to lag behind in progress?" At this point, Ye Ci raised the tip of his eyebrows slightly, and his lips were taped. He ridiculed: "Or, Naga, you are already impatient and are going to be killed by the other party? If this is the case, don't pull me as a backstop."Naga's gaze became more gloomy. He condensed the childish face just now, and sneered at Ye Ci: "Do you think I don't know what you said? It's just..." He pointed to the nine weapons. He wanted to say something, but in the end he didn't say anything. Then he floated before the bow and said to Ye Ci: "This is Dole's weapon. Now it belongs to you." As he said, the shape of the bow was unruly. His bow immediately flew towards Ye Ci, and Ye Ci reached out and took the bow.

     With a heavy sink, Ye Ci weighed the weight of the bow in his hand. According to the strength of this bow, she couldn't use it flexibly without one hundred levels. She is now only eighty-nine, which is still eleventh. Look. To use this bow, she also needs to open the Kill Discipline. She looked at the bow and could only see the name of the bow-the bow of the evil king. And under the name of the bow is written a line of characters, and the attributes can be seen after being equipped. This bow, Ye Ci, can be taken, but the red appearance means that she is not equipped with enough attributes, so we can only look at the shape.

     Just as Ye Ci's attention was on the bow that used to shine in King Dole's hands, Naga's voice came slowly: "Fairy, what I need you to do is actually very simple."The business is coming. Ye Ci put away the bow, looked up at Naga be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time, and the other party's voice came again: "Go, get my head back." "