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Chapter Directory 454 Chapter 48—Night Talk
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 48 Night Talk

     Chapter 48 Night Talk

     Because it is the championship and runner-up contest of the pvp competition, the broadcast of this competition is not only in the Grand Arena, but also in the centers of major cities to broadcast the competition. Ye Ci was standing next to the **** in Twilight, holding a piece of barbecue in his hand while tearing it off and putting it in his mouth, while looking at the two people on the screen.

     Fleeting Time and Jù Dú.

     A hunter, a Druid.

     In fact, the two professions are not mainstream professions, but these two fringe professions interpret to everyone the highest state of fighting and fighting. Gorgeous skills, dazzling operations, pets, traps, transformations, and control. The fighting skills that belong to the two professions are like a super movie blockbuster, which floods every viewer's eye. This is not just a pvp duel, but more like a parade of Fate games, letting people see the most shocking people's heart thing in Fate in just a dozen minutes.Less than three minutes before the end of the battle, Ye Ci threw the last bite of meat into her mouth and chewed it a few times, squinting her eyes as if she was enjoying the beautiful feeling, and then she stood up. , Cleaned up the crumbs that fell on her body, turned her head and walked towards a gloomy small house on the edge of the square. That was the place she bought in Twilight. Now her identity is not very good. I always go to cities on several continents, and buying a small house here is a must.

     Walking into the house, Ye Ci seemed to have shut all the information about the pvp competition outside the house. She leaned against the door and took a deep breath, and then chose to go offline.

     It was still early, Ye Ci walked out of the house, planning to take a bath and get ready to sleep, but she happened to ran into Zuo Xiaolan. She looked at Ye Ci with surprise: "I have a convulsion today? Why did she go offline so early ?"

     "No, I just feel tired, so I can take a break from the assembly line as soon as possible." Ye Ci wiped his face, twitching the corner of his mouth and showing a smile. Zuo Xiaolan looked at her a few glances again, then walked towards the living room, and said as he walked: "I have something good, would you like to try it?""What?" Ye Ci wanted to go to the bathroom to take a shower. When Zuo Xiaolan said this, she turned her head and watched her beautiful mother, wearing a cotton pajamas, trot all the way to a concealed living room. By the side of the cabinet, he opened the door of the cabinet, reached in for a while, and then turned his head and smiled at her again. Ye Ci became more and more weird. She looked at the other rooms. Bai Mo and Tan Polang were still in the game room. Her father should also be in the game room. For a while, only herself and her mother were left in this room. , And her mother's mysterious appearance made her curious.

     She also followed her to her mother's side, saw her stuffing something in her pocket, and then ran to another cabinet, took a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses out of it, and she blinked at Ye Ci Her eyes, a wise smile, and the quirky expression are very inconsistent with her age. She carried the wine bottle in one hand and stuffed the two cups into Ye Ci, then turned the hand and took Ye Ci’s wrist and walked towards the balcony. After she dropped the lock, she sat on the ground or the floor, and then turned the hand. On the small table in front of the red wine and glass house, he raised his head and said to Ye Ci: "Why are you standing stupidly? Sit down."

     Ye Ci looked at Zuo Xiaolan like this and twitched his mouth: "Mom, are you taking me to drink?""Why? Can't it?" Zuo Xiaolan laughed haha, Ye Ci could only sit down when she saw it, and then Zuo Xiaolan did another thing that made her dumbstruck more, and saw Zuo Xiaolan from her pocket He took out a pack of cigarettes and threw it on the table, took out one from the inside, took a deep breath, and slowly spit out the confused smoke.

     Ye Ci stared at Zuo Xiaolan with wide-eyed eyes. She saw her white face, her hair curled like seaweed draped over her body, her fingers were long, her nails were rounded, and her cigarettes were lit up and disappeared, as if all of a sudden. After going backwards for many years, she seems to be the enchanting woman in the old Shanghai paintings. This is Zuo Xiaolan who Ye Ci has never seen before. She didn't even know that Zuo Xiaolan would smoke. And looking at her neat and proficient posture, you know that she is definitely not a newbie who just smoked.

     "Why look at me like that? Are you stupid?" Zuo Xiaolan looked at Ye Ci's stunned look, smiled happily, and then spit out a cigarette on her face. Ye Ci was still stunned. Without blinking her eyes, she coughed a few times with a blank expressionless muffled voice. It took a while before she seemed to find her voice: "Mom, you can smoke..."

     "Is it strange?" Zuo Xiaolan raised her eyebrows, so enchanting in the moonlight that she couldn't look away.Ye Ci knew that Zuo Xiaolan was very beautiful since she was a child, but she didn't even inherit her eyebrows at all. According to the common people, some children are very guild leaders, specializing in the good-looking places of their parents, and she belongs to the kind of people who are not guild leaders. Her parents are good-looking people, but they are very ordinary. She looks so unsatisfactory about her parents. This used to make her depressed for a long time, and then... she got used to it. However, she never knew that the beautiful Zuo Xiaolan would have such a side, which surprised her.

     She tilted her head and nodded after thinking for a while: "I always think you are a good wife and mother."

     Zuo Xiaolan immediately raised her eyebrows, stretched out her hand and patted Ye Ci's head with a slap: "Dead girl, you mean I am not a good wife and mother now."

     "You said it yourself." Ye Ci muttered while rubbing the area being photographed.

     Zuo Xiaolan's eyes were so cold that she glanced at her, turned her head, grabbed the wine bottle and poured a glass of wine into her glass, um, a full glass. Ye Ci continued dumbstruck, and then she murmured: "Mom, it seems that red wine is not drunk like this."

     Zuo Xiaolan disdainfully "cut" and said, "The so-called Fate of wine and water are the same. They are all poured into the stomach. You can drink it."Ye Ci touched her nose and looked at the sky. Okay, she's nosy. Zuo Xiaolan filled her own cup and poured another full cup for Ye Ci, with a cigarette dangling from the corner of her mouth, and proudly said: "Drink, there is not enough here." This time Ye Ci even had her head blown. There were countless black lines, and the corners of her mouth twitched more and more. Zuo Xiaolan raised her eyes and snorted, "What? Don't tell me you haven't even drunk alcohol or smoked cigarettes." Yes.” Ye Ci felt that she was really petrified. She sat there looking at Zuo Xiaolan, not knowing what expression she should use to say that she had never drunk or smoked in reality in this life, and Zuo Xiaolan was even more so. Arrogant: "Small, not as good as me, I used to..." She paused, and waved her hands proudly: "It's nothing, drink, I know you need a drink."

     "Mom, what do you want to say?" Ye Ci looked down at the glass of wine, the scarlet color swaying in the moonlight, like a woman singing and pushing a cup on the Qinhuai River. It was so beautiful that it made people's eyes look so beautiful. Messed up. She deepened her thoughts, and finally raised her head, looking at Zuo Xiaolan and asking in a cool and cool manner.

     Zuo Xiaolan paused slightly, and the smile on her lips softened and softened. She stretched out her hand and rubbed Ye Ci's hair, her eyebrows and her eyebrows were charming and charming: "Xiao ci, what's wrong in your heart? Yes, can you tell mom to listen to it?"Ye Ci opened his mouth and really wanted to say something, but after so many words rushed to his lips, he didn't know where to start. In the end she could only sigh, picked up the glass of red wine, took a small sip, and let the sour taste linger in her mouth.

     Zuo Xiaolan was still smiling. She suddenly said, "Xiao ci, in fact, for a moment, I don't think you are like the real Ye Ci."

     Ye Ci was shocked. She didn't dare to raise her head right away. She just lowered her head and let the shock fade in her eyes before looking up at Zuo Xiaolan. She smiled and said, "Then I'm a fake?"

     "Cut." Zuo Xiaolan smiled again, ignoring her plan, and continued to speak slowly: "Since four years ago, do you remember that you told me and your dad that morning that you would be a professional player? In fact, the day before that, you had a big fight with us. Your rebelliousness and paranoia made me very sad, but, the next day, you seemed to be a different person. Your dad and I couldn’t accept it for a long time, we pretended Do not know what to do, in fact, there is always a knot in my heart, can you tell me?"Ye Ci looked at Zuo Xiaolan quietly, looking so relaxed, but her hand under the table was tightly pinched, and her joints were white. She always thought seamless heavenly clothes, but there were still flaws in the end. She overlooked, what should parents say about the meticulous care of their children? Should I say it? She fixedly looked at Zuo Xiaolan for a long time, and finally exhaled: "Mom, I have a secret that no one can tell, but I am Ye Ci, that's all."

     Zuo Xiaolan was not surprised by such an answer. She didn't say anything, but continued to look at her with that gentle gaze. After a long time, she said, "Then don't say it, no one will say it."

     Ye Ci still sat there, without any relaxation, looking at Zuo Xiaolan quietly, her back was straight, like a green pine that is not afraid of wind and rain. Zuo Xiaolan's heart softened and sighed. This is Ye Ci. Whether it was four years ago or now, Ye Ci has always been so stubborn, whether she is going for the good or the bad. Go, she has always been like this, lonely and stubborn makes people feel distressed. She took another cigarette, smiled and turned a topic: "Is it right? Is it Fleeting Time?"

     Ye Ci was taken aback again. She looked at the red wine on the table and her heart became foggy.Zuo Xiaolan looked at her silent look, smiled quietly, and slowly said: "Xiao ci, when a person is young, he will go crazy once, whether it is wrong or not, whether there is a chance to correct it. Don’t plan everything well, and don’t follow the prescribed order, it will lose a lot of fun."