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    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter Forty-Nine

     Chapter Forty-Nine

     Ye Ci leaned on the chair behind him, stretched out his limbs, and looked at Zuo Xiaolan quietly. She saw her face filled with smoke. From her perspective, she had an unreal feeling. Looking at it, she didn't know why her eyes were so wet. She only felt that her nose was a little sore, so she subconsciously inhaled, and then slowly said, "Mom, I know.""Fool, if you really know, I won't have to say it today." Zuo Xiaolan took another cigarette, and then slowly vomited it out. In the smoke, her face became more and more blurred, it looked like It is so soft and kind: "You child has been stubborn since childhood. No one can say what you are looking for, and no one can say anything. I remember that when you were young, you watched TV once and there was a show on TV calling for the city. The children here go to the country to eat and have fun with the country children. You are about to go. I feel distressed. I won’t let you go. Your dad won’t let you go, but you want to go. Your dad and I will be leaving the next day when we know about it. Your dad beat you up so badly, you still have to go. We are so helpless by you, we can only follow you in the end. Bring you before we go. I had a lot of things, but you didn’t bring it with you when you left, but you took a lot of money. After half a month, you came back, black and thin, covered with bug bites. I asked you if you were suffering. You said no. But, when you called Liu Chang, I heard it. You said it was very uncomfortable, but you didn’t say a word in front of us, and the money was given to others. You said, you kid, what’s the matter? I don’t even know how to make a detour? You looked at the pitiful child at the time. You told me and your dad that we can donate both of them. Why do we have to go by ourselves? What happens if you tell us a few good things? How about serving us softly? You are our daughter. If you would act like a baby, your dad would like to pick you off the stars in the sky."Ye Ci remembers this, but the time has passed for too long, so long she has forgotten what the rise and fall of the terrain is all about, but vaguely remember, she was stubborn when she was a child Do a good thing to help others, a meaningful thing, and then there will be this thing Zuo Xiaolan said. Thinking of this, she couldn't help but laugh in a low voice. When she was a child, she was so innocent and happy. Such a little thing was more important than life and death. She seemed to remember it again, that time she fell into the country. She almost drowned in the river, she was scared to death at the time, but when her parents asked her how well she was doing, she abruptly stiffened her small neck, and replied crisply, "Good life."

     Back then... It was a good time.

     "Xiao ci, don’t be too stubborn. If you really choose that man, you will be softer. I know how strong you are, but Xiao ci, no matter how strong you are, you are also a girl. If you are strong, he is also strong. Years or two are okay, and longer time will make you tired." Zuo Xiaolan stretched out her hand, crossed the table, and held Ye Ci's hand tightly, speaking clearly and cautiously.Ye Ci raised his eyes and looked at Zuo Xiaolan, opened his mouth to explain something, but he didn't know, but couldn't say anything. She looked at Zuo Xiaolan, and she couldn't say a lot. She can't tell, Mom, I can't do it, I can't sacrifice anything for my love like Dong Yin, I can't make a puddle of water for my love like Susu. I am Ye Ci, and I am Ye Ci after rebirth. I am so tough, I just don't know how to be soft. She smiled slightly at the corner of her mouth, squinted at Zuo Xiaolan through the smoke and nodded gently: "Okay, Mom."

     Seeing her like this, Zuo Xiaolan didn't relax at all. Instead, she took a sip from her wine glass and sighed: "You, just perfunct me. I know what you are thinking about, you damn girl. Play this set of outward devotion but inner opposition with me."

     "No." Ye Ci smiled and looked at Zuo Xiaolan who was drinking, looking innocent and cute like a little girl."Anyway, I told you that if you are not serious, just wait to suffer a loss..." Zuo Xiaolan knows Ye Ci very well, so when Ye Ci answered so obediently, There was a sullen fire in her heart rushing upwards, making her feel uncomfortable. She really wanted to poke Ye Ci's head away to see what the girl was thinking. She said, "Remember. No matter who you follow in the future, be gentle, be gentle, use softness to conquer strength if you don't understand."

     Ye Ci still has eyebrows crooked, she nodded obediently: "Understood, Mom."

     "Really understand?" Zuo Xiaolan looked at such obedient Ye Ci suspiciously, and didn't believe it.

     Ye Ci still smiled: "I really understand."

     When Zuo Xiaolan saw this, although she was not at ease, she couldn't say anything. She could only pull Ye Ci and say something about everything in disorder and went to bed alone. Only Ye Ci was sitting on the balcony alone. She looked up at the soft and cold moon and exhaled slowly. She understood, but she couldn't do it.

     Four years passed in a flash. For Fate, this was a big event, but it was also a big event for Ye Ci. She is about to graduate.Yes, although Ye Ci has been working very hard, the rebirth obviously did not bring her any good news in her grades. She almost missed the course several times at a risk, so the graduation certificate was a bit hanged. Fang Susu looked at Ye Ci who was preparing for graduation and said, "Is the paper ready?"

     "It's done, but..." Ye Ci looked at the title of his thesis, then looked up at the sky, and sighed: "Who knows if he can get his graduation certificate smoothly."

     "Definitely." Fang Susu nodded affirmatively.

     Ye Ci looked at Fang Susu with a touch of emotion. It was better for Susu. She herself didn't have much confidence in herself, and she was so confident in herself. Fang Susu looked at her and said, "As you paid so much tuition, the school will give you a diploma."

     Ye Ci suddenly felt that a group of crows flew over her head, and they flew and screamed. The inner cow was full of faces.

     "You will only reply next month. Would you like to go to the Fate headquarters this month to attend the fourth anniversary party?" Fang Susu put his chin in his hand and smiled at the way Ye Ci was choked by her. It was not easy, asked. Ask who else has seen Gongzi You's slumped look? I'm so happy, I should have taken a photo with my phone just now.

     "Why? Listen to your tone and you are going?" Ye Ci glanced at Fang Susu."It was originally going to go, but our Guild's quota is not enough. If Qin Chu didn't take me." Fang Susu pouted and was very aggrieved: "You said, you said this kind of man is so hateful that he didn't take me, he must I'm going to the party to find the little girl."

     Ye Ci was so amused by Fang Susu's sour tone, she patted her shoulder: "If he doesn't take you, then follow me."

     "Really? You go too?" Fang Susu came to the spirit, and then she smiled again: "I knew that you would go too. If you don't go, then no one is qualified to go."

     "But, you have to be my follower. It's up to you to carry the suitcase." Ye Ci snorted and put on an act with a smirk.

     "Ye Xiao ci, why don't you die?" Fang Susu rushed forward and pinched Ye Ci's neck and smiled happily. Ye Ci also followed her and smiled happily. The laughter of the two girls rushed across the sky like silver bells and went straight to the sky.

     Sitting on the plane to S city, Fang Susu looked left and right, and couldn't help but sighed: "The treatment of the great gods is different. They are actually first class. I heard Qin Churuo say that they are all economy class. ."Ye Ci was looking boringly at the advertisement magazines on the plane. They were full of house advertisements. The apartment-style villas were all dazzled. When Fang Susu sighed, she said without looking up, "If it was Qin Churuo. If he can be famous for being like me, he can also fly in first class."

     Fang Susu remembered that Ye Ci’s most conspicuous in the game ranking is the guilt value. She has always been at the top of the list five times the distance from the second place. She touched her nose, approached Ye Ci, and looked at her beautiful He turned his face and asked gently and slowly: "Ye Ci, how many people have you killed?"

     This question can be asked. As soon as Fang Susu's words fell, he immediately saw the serving stewardess looking towards the two of them. Those beautiful eyes were whizzing like knives, and a pretty face was pale. Ye Ci sighed silently. She turned her head to Fang Susu and spoke slowly, just as the voice heard by the stewardess clearly said: "Miss Fang, would you please add the attributive? I'm only playing games. Have you killed players in here? Don’t say such misleading words."

     Fang Susu looked at Ye Ci, then looked at the stewardess who was glaring at the two people as if facing an enemy, flushed, and squatted and said, "I, I was wrong..."Ye Ci glanced at the flight attendant again, and saw that the flight attendant had already walked towards their resting place. If I remember correctly, there is a phone that can notify the ground and the captain. She couldn't help picking up the magazine and covering her face, and sighed: "Fang Susu, you killed me this time."

     Fang Susu blinked, blinked again, and finally found out where the problem was.

     The journey was very peaceful, but the stewardess no longer took the initiative to pay attention to the two of them, as if avoiding them like a snake, but the calmness made Fang Susu feel a lot at ease, and she felt that the crisis had passed.

     In fact, this is the fact. Just when you feel that everything is peaceful, dog blood will be spilled on one pot after another.

     The plane just landed, and Ye Ci's mobile phone hadn't been turned on yet, and a few people who seemed to be upright came, friendly confiscated their two mobile phones, and asked them to go to the relevant department for tea. Ye Ci sat in the small black room and stared at Fang Susu, and said in a vicious voice: "Fang Susu, why don't you die, why don't you die?"

     Fang Susu hugged his head, squatted in the corner and cried, crying, and said, "Ye Ci, this is the first time for others. It is the first time I have come to the relevant state department. Can you please make me sad again? ."

     Ye Ci gnashing one's teeth, but looking at her pitiful appearance, she couldn't say anything.This is really an unexpected trip. At least Ye Ci never thought that he entered the relevant department under such an oolong situation. Fortunately, this is not a detention. It’s just that there is a wanted order recently. A female murderer flees, and all departments are more serious, so she was brought to Baffling for routine inquiry. However, even this Ye Ci is enough to vomit blood, what is this all about.

     However, she didn't stay in the relevant department for too long. It didn't take long before someone came to protect her. Of course, there were all oolong criminal ringleaders, main offender Fang Susu.

     Ye Ci watched Wang Jiangnan's mouth twitching violently, but when she saw Yi Qingchen, who was walking towards her with a smile while passing the cigarettes to the police after completing the procedures, she felt that she could even smoke her face.

     Yi Qingchen stood in front of Ye Ci, his jet-black eyes were so bright that he almost dazzled his eyes, and the light in the room sprinkled on his hair, warm as winter sunshine. The corners of his mouth curled up, and he smiled at Ye Ci: "Ye Xiao ci, can I interview you how you feel now?"Ye Ci was originally full of anger, coupled with a little inexplicable nervousness and a little bit of fear. His face was so ugly that it made people unbearable to look at it. But after hearing him say this, she didn’t know why, she suddenly wanted to laugh. I really want to laugh. She hooked the corner of her mouth and said to Yi Qingchen, "It's not bad, but you can't surf the Internet."

     Yi Qingchen laughed out a sound, stretched out his hand and hooked her into his arms, buried her face in his chest, feeling her hot breath spraying through the shirt on his skin, he lowered Head, a kiss was printed on her hair: "Fool, you really don't worry about it."

     Ye Ci was warmed by his soft voice, but her mouth was not subdued at all. She sniffed her nose, her voice was a bit small, but in the right and self-confident: "I didn't call you again. Come, I have found the organizer. If I don’t come, I’ll be relieved.”

     Fleeting Time heard these words really harsh, his gaze swept over Wang Jiangnan who was going through the formalities there, and it happened that Wang Jiangnan also looked towards him. Although it was only a moment, he still saw Wang Jiangnan. The corners of his mouth tightened when his eyes fell on Ye Ci. His eyes narrowed, then he smiled not a word or movement, lowered his head and said softly, "No way, I was born to worry about my life." Then, he took Ye Ci to pick up the luggage. Say hello to Wang Jiangnan and take Ye Ci to leave.And Ye Ci didn’t forget that he was carrying an oil bottle, and he quickly declared that he would carry the oil bottle along with him. This obviously made Yi Qingchen, who was already a little uncomfortable, a little uncomfortable. He squinted his eyes. Just like Fang Susu, Fang Susu immediately felt that there was a lot of ice around him.

     In the end, there was no way, and the four of them had to go back together again, sitting in a car looking south of the Yangtze River. Originally, Fang Susu wanted to sit in the back with Ye Ci, but under Yi Qingchen’s fluttering eyes, she suddenly felt stressed, so she touched her nose, and when she got into the car, she actively asked to take the co-pilot. went.

     Wang Jiangnan didn’t to glance sideways along the way, concentrated on driving, and didn’t even say a word to Ye Ci. Fang Susu pretended to be dead because of his huge mistake today. The co-pilot pretended to be dead, leaving Ye Ci and Yi Qingchen, one He was so tired that he closed his eyes and leaned on the seat, while one squinted his eyes and wondered what to think. As a result, the carriage that should have been lively froze into an ice cave in the midsummer.

     When I arrived at the hotel where I was staying, Wangjiangnan took a few people to check in. Yi Qingchen had already checked in, so only Ye Ci and Fang Susu checked in. After checking in, Wang Jiangnan handed over the room card to Ye Ci, and then smiled slowly: "Take a good rest, the day after the activity starts, if you want to go to the company tomorrow, I will pick you up.Ye Ci smiled and shook his head: "Come on, you guys are busy, I won't go, I will go shopping tomorrow, I didn't have much time to go out last time."

     Yi Qingchen, who had been standing behind several people, moved his ears, the last time? His not a word or movement gaze swept from Ye Ci to Wang Jiangnan, and from Wang Jiangnan to Fang Susu, then the corners of his lips hooked.

     "Ah, can I still try new content this time?" Although Fang Susu has been pretending to be dead, she immediately became happy when she heard Wang Jiangnan's invitation. The last time she tried the new content, she went back proudly. .

     Wang Jiangnan looked at Fang Susu with a look of excitement, then smiled and nodded: "Although I didn't plan to put too many new content out to try it out, but for the sake of an old friend, of course it can."

     "Ah ah, Xiao ci, let's go together tomorrow, let's go together..." Fang Susu didn't finish her words, and suddenly felt the coldness behind her. She looked at it from the corner, and only saw Yi Qingchenzheng. Looking at her with a smile on her arms, her voice subconsciously loses confidence. "S City seems to have a few nice scenic spots. We didn't go to play last time, but we can actually go and see it this time." Fang Susu didn't know what was wrong with herself, she looked at Yi Qingchen from the corner of her eye. I couldn't help but shiver, and then such dog-legged words came out of my mouth.She even saw that after she said these words, Yi Qingchen raised her eyebrows in satisfaction, and she couldn't help but exhale. Then, she continued to pretend to be dead again, until she returned to the room for a while, classmate Susu Fang finally reacted, why should she be afraid of that guy, she didn't seem to owe him money, nor did she offend him. What did he do when he looked at himself shadily that night? It made her feel like a rat on top of a poisonous snake, almost the soul flies away and scatters this night. So, she decided to play the role of a so-called best friend. She turned over and snorted to Ye Ci on the other bed: "Ye Ci classmate, is that guy your fight today?"

     Ye Ci was wiping her hair. She raised her eyebrows when she heard Fang Susu's words. She thought about Fleeting Time and Fang Susu's adjectives. She couldn't help but laugh: "Fight?"

     "Isn’t it, look at his eyes, boring... Ye Ci, I think this person is unkind, he stared at me all night, and I didn’t offend him. You have to consider such an unkind person. "Fang Susu bulged her cheeks.

     Ye Ci didn't know what the Fleeting Time was doing tonight, and when she looked at Fang Susu's appearance, she felt very funny. She nodded, "Well, Qin Churuo is very kind.""You, you, Ye Ci, you are broken" Fang Susu was so stuffed by Ye Ci that he couldn't say a word, and after using her finger for a long time, she said bitterly, "No wonder you can see him. people who don't belong together, don't get to live together ."

     Ye Ci didn't bother to care about her. After drying her hair, she fell down and was about to go to bed, but she heard Fang Susu's voice again. She said, "Xiao ci, he is Fleeting Time, isn't it?"

     "Yeah." Ye Ci hummed with his eyes closed.

     "Ye Ci Ye Ci, he's really not a kind person." Fang Susu recalled that he had been pierced by Fleting Time's eye knives just now and felt more aggrieved, but she still said slowly: "However, he treats you that's nice."

     "Huh?" Ye Ci was puzzled by the words. This is the first time Fang Susu has seen Fleeting Time. I don't understand anything. Where did this word come from? "How do you know he is good to me?"

     "Eyes." Fang Susu smiled: "The look in his eyes is very warm and warm when he sees you, which is different from when he sees others."

     Ye Ci moved slightly in her heart, and softened quietly, but she didn't show it for half a minute. She turned around and said, "Fang Susu, you read too many romance novels."

     Fang Susu glared at Ye Ci and said bitterly: "You can be proud of yourself. If you catch someone used to you, you can be proud of yourself.""Family, don't be so sour. Your man will be here tomorrow. I will let you run away immediately. Don't inked with me." Ye Ci yawned and was about to go to bed.

     Fang Susu felt embarrassed when he heard these words, and after humming a few gossips with Ye Ci, she also planned to go to bed, but before going to bed, she still said to Ye Ci: "Ye Ci, I think Fleeting Time is really good to you, really, don't let it go." She looked over, only seeing Ye Ci's back and hearing her even and thin breathing, she also fell asleep in a daze.

     The corners of Ye Ci's lips curled up slightly in the dark, and they were a little higher.

     Early the next morning, Ye Ci received a text message from Fleeting Time when she woke up and told her to go downstairs for breakfast. She invited Fang Susu to go with him. Fang Susu heard that he was going with Fleeting Time, again and again. Shaking his head, he said that he was not interested in being an electric light bulb, and also that he wanted to find his own spring. Ye Ci couldn't help but twitched the corners of her mouth when she left the room, this guy, what are you talking about?When I went downstairs to the lobby, I saw Yi Qingchen sitting in the lobby bar. He was wearing a light-colored T-shirt and extremely casual trousers. He sat there with his head down and didn’t know what he was looking at. The sunlight came through the glass. It shines on his skin, coating his face with a layer of light, shaking Ye Ci's eyes, she walked to his side, and he also raised his head to look at her, the smile on his face was so impressive *Bright and beautiful.

     He slowly said to the person in front of him, "Hey, childe, it's been a long time."


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