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Chapter Directory 456 Chapter 50
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter Fifty You Must Be Well

     Chapter Fifty You Must Be Well

     Probably because of not being in the game, Ye Ci suddenly felt a little awkward with Yi Qingchen. She is not Gongzi You, not the great god of Eastern Continent, nor the first dark player, she is just Ye Ci, but, Fleeting Time still seems to be Fleeting Time.

     Ye Ci was sitting under a parasol on the pedestrian street. The waiter in the cafe brought her milk with ice. She squinted her eyes and took a sip, looking sideways at the huge screen across the street, which was playing Fate’s During the game time, I don’t know how much Honor spent, and it’s so extravagant that I envy and hate the time spent promoting Fate in such a crowded downtown area. At this moment, the showdown between Fleeting Time and Jù Dú is now playing on the big screen, which is very exciting.

     Yi Qingchen just looked at her profile and saw that her thick black hair was tied up, and her hair tails flowed down like a waterfall, falling on her light green skirt, making her skin white. Dazzling. She supported her chin with her hand and turned her head to look at the big screen. The hot air smoked her cheeks slightly red. There were a few broken hairs on her face. Fleeting Time felt itchy, and she really wanted to. Lifting up those hairs in this way, I really want to touch her white skin and reddish cheeks with my fingers.Yi Qingchen's gaze was really hot, and Ye Ci was a little awkward to see. She secretly retracted her gaze from the big screen, then glanced at him secretly, and his torch-like gaze made Ye Ci very hot. She quickly retracted her gaze. She was a little thirsty, and quickly grabbed the ice milk on the table and took a sip, then took another sip. Why is it so hot today?

     Fate’s fourth anniversary event attracted many people. In addition to players who were officially invited from all over the country, there were also many players who spontaneously come to play in S city and surrounding provinces and cities. On this pedestrian street closest to the Fate headquarters, Naturally, a lot of players are packed. Now they are also looking at the big screen, and from time to time there are exclamations from the crowd. They are lamenting the visual experience of carved in bones and engraved in the heart that this top player brings to them.

     It’s not a solution for two people to be so stiff. Although the Fleeting Time doesn’t matter, Ye Ci hasn’t left Ye Ci for a moment, but Ye Ci can’t stand it as the one being watched. She almost drank the cup and sirloin. In the end, I couldn’t help but say: "You came early, have you met Jù Dú before?"

     Yi Qingchen didn't take his gaze back, but just snorted softly, which was regarded as a response. Ye Ci couldn't help but lowered his head when he saw this, and said bitterly, "Can you not stare at me.""Okay." Yi Qingchen spoke very well, and immediately turned his gaze around, looking here and there, then he moved his gaze back and continued to stick to Ye Ci's body.

     Ye Ci had just breathed a sigh of relief. After blinking, Yi Qingchen's gaze came back again. She was even more embarrassed, frowning and saying, "What are you doing, I turned back again"

     "Other places don't look good." Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci. The corner of his mouth was curved, and his peach eyes were even more brilliant. His voice was low and deep, bright and dark like honey, sweetening the whole street.

     Ye Ci’s face became a little hotter again, she pursed the corners of her mouth, did not speak, just turned her head and continued to look at the big screen, but Fleeting Time discovered that her ears, which were originally like white jade, were already at this time. It is so red that it is no different from cooked shrimp. It was as if a small hand stretched out in his heart and scratched it gently, uncomfortably comfortable.

     Hanging out with Yi Qingchen for a day, it seems that I didn’t know where to fly to at that point in the morning. Although Ye Ci didn’t talk much, he and Yi Qingchen shared quite a common point of view along the way. They can do little things. Discussion for a long time. When the sky reached the sky, the two people returned to the hotel. As soon as I entered the hotel, I heard Fang Susu's voice yelling: "Come here, I know she won't miss the meal. You see, come back."Ye Ci looked over at the shout, and saw Fang Susu petting her and waving vigorously. It was Qin Churuo standing beside her.

     The official invitation this time is Guild, which ranks among the top three in various continents. In Eastern Continent, only Wolf Clan, Tang Dynasty, and World Conqueror have been invited. Although Upward Ho has developed rapidly, it is not in the top three, but because of Upward Some players with outstanding contributions in Ho have also been invited, such as Bai Mo, Fruit Jelly, Timely Rain, a Golden Man, a Pea Cake, real water without fragrance, etc. Upward Ho and World Conqueror have always been close. So, these invited players are now standing with World Conqueror players. Just now everyone was still discussing Gongzi You, and I heard Fang Susu say that Gongzi You is back. As soon as she said hello, everyone looked over here. If not unexpected, they saw Yi Qingchen and Ye coming in from outside. Ci.

     Of course, what attracted everyone's attention most was the claw that Yi Qingchen landed on Ye Ci's wrist. At that moment, it seemed that everyone knew something, so I only saw an extremely **** smile on everyone's face. On the contrary, Qin Churuo stood there blankly. He stared at Ye Ci, up and down, and up and down several times before he cried out strangely: "Ye Ci, you are Gongzi You."Ye Ci raised his eyebrows, turned his head to look at Fang Susu, but saw Fang Susu's proud face, as if three big golden letters "please praise" written on each face, Ye Ci couldn't help but smile. , Said to Qin Churuo: "Yes, senior brother Qin, it looks like your wife's mouth is tight enough."

     "That's, don't look at who I am, I definitely killed me and I won't say it." Everyone laughed, but looking at Yi Qingchen standing beside Ye Ci, someone began to tentatively say hello: "Fleeting Time? "

     Yi Qingchen still smiled. It seemed that he was not surprised by being recognized. He smiled and greeted him. He was very humble. After a few clicks, he became a group of people. Everyone felt that the Great God was far from in the game. It is so far away as a cloud on the horizon, so everyone is in a good mood. It's a pity that Bai Mo was unfortunately caught back by his parents to go on a blind date. It was too late to participate in this grand event, which made the players present at Upward Ho feel a little regretful.

     During the meal, although Fleeting Time was reluctant to do so, Absalom was taken back to the Genesis table. Here, Fruit Jelly sat beside Ye Ci with a gossip look obsessed, and asked Ye Ci: "Hey Childe, when will we have wedding candy?"Fruit Jelly has always spoken so straightforwardly, Ye Ci is also prepared, but sometimes some words are still unacceptable even if they are prepared. So after Fruit Jelly asked questions, Ye Ci glamorous was choked. After a low cough, the topic on a table clearly deviated from the theme of the future development in Fate, and moved towards the gossip of Ye Ci and Fleting Time. I ran along the road, but I couldn’t pull back.

     Wang Jiangnan represents Fate toasting to the players who participated in this party. Of course, he was filled with a lot of people. When he happened to arrive at Ye Ci and their table, his face was completely red, and it was not white. Yes, if you drink it white, it is estimated that Wang Jiangnan will already be lying on the ground. He stood at the table swayingly with a glass of red wine and said a lot of words, his tongue was big, but everyone didn't mind. Wang Jiangnan is young and has no pretensions. Players like him very much, especially because of his good looks. Many single female players have long been ****ing him. I feel more embarrassed.

     Ye Ci also held the cup and looked at Wang Jiangnan. He suddenly remembered the scene when he first met him four years ago. At that time, he was an inconspicuous little planner, stubbornly running for his dream. , And now? He is already the master planner of Fate. It is really a white steed flits past a crack.Wang Jiangnan said a lot, on the scene, under the scene, he was a little excited. Everyone understood, and even pulled a chair for him. He did it and talked again, and finally turned to Ye Ci while holding the cup. Under the light, although his face was flushed, he looked more like a crown jade. , Red lips and white teeth. His eyes flashed a lot of inexplicable things. He smiled at Ye Ci. I don’t know why. Ye Ci looked at that smile and felt a little reluctant. He said: "Ye Ci, Gongzi You..." After calling these two names, I stopped there, my throat was tight, as if I couldn't say anything.

     Ye Ci also looked at him with soft eyes and a soft smile.

     Wang Jiangnan looked at that smile, sniffed his nose, and wanted to say something, but after all he didn't say anything, just reached out his hand and wiped his face, then said: "Don't say anything, don't say anything, thank you. Really."

     "Wang Jiangnan, you did a great job." Ye Ci also lifted the cup, banged against his cup, and made a crisp sound. She looked at Wang Jiangnan as if she saw the bits and pieces of her walking all the way. , I suddenly felt a little emotional. She was saying blessings, but only the blessings she could understand, she looked at Jiangnan with crystal clear eyes.Wang Jiangnan only felt that his throat was getting harder. He nodded, nodded again, raised his hand and touched Ye Ci's cup again, raised his head, poured the wine in the cup into the mouth, and stood up. He stopped for a while and looked up, only to see that in the distance, a person was quietly looking at this side, his eyes were so dark, so persistent, and fell on the woman beside him. He couldn't help but sniffed. Forget it, don't talk about some things. If you say it, you lose your taste. He thought so in his heart, but he was not reconciled in the end. His hands were so heavy that he could not lift them up, but he still lifted them up. Put it on Ye Ci's shoulder, patted, patted again.

     Ye Ci looked up at him, just in time to see Wang Jiangnan lower his head, his eyes seemed to be rippling with water mist, shadowy and incomprehensible. He twitched the corners of his mouth, and finally said: "Ye Ci, you have to be good."