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Chapter Directory 459 Chapter 53. Off My Fart
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter Fifty-Three

     Chapter Fifty-Three

     "Okay, if you let me stay away, I will stay away. If you let me not touch you, I won't touch you. As long as you don't ignore me, it will be fine." Mo Ling quickly withdrew her hand, even He took a step back and stood quietly beside Fleting Time, his eyes gleaming. Her nose was a little red, and looking in the mirror, she was extremely aggrieved, as if she was the one who was treated unfairly today.

     Fleeting Time looked at Mo Ling from the mirror even more annoying. He slowly turned his head to look at Mo Ling.

     Mo Ling's gaze was immediately obsessed, but gradually, she became a little uneasy. If she is bored, upset, and impatient with her gaze at Fleeting Time, then Yi Qingchen's gaze is already lonely when she sees her, not even a bit of human emotions. Such calm and loneliness made Mo Ling suddenly flustered. She could endure the anger of Fleeting Time, the boredom of Fleeting Time, and even all the negative emotions of Fleeting Time towards herself, but she could not tolerate Fleeting Time without any emotion, so Her calm and ignorance made the warmth in her heart gradually cold."Qing Chen..." I don't know how long I have been standing like this. I just walked back and forth several people who went to the bathroom. Yi Qingchen still didn't make any movements. He just stood there like a lifeless figure. statue. Mo Ling felt more and more flustered. She raised her hand to touch Yi Qingchen, but she immediately took a step back when she saw the other party. She only felt as cold as gray, and put down her hand dejectedly: "Don't be like this."

     "Mo Ling, what do you want?" Fleeting Time took a deep breath and then spit it out slowly. His voice was quiet and there was no anger at all. No, it should be said that there is even a bit of emotion. No more, just like the construction steel stacked on the construction site, cold, hard, and lifeless.

     "Qing Chen, you should know." Mo Ling exhaled, and she looked at Yi Qingchen: "My mind has never changed from the first time I saw you until now. You should know."

     "If you said you want me to respond to you, then my answer is the same from the first time I saw you until now. I think you should know it too." Fleting Time is still calm. Looking at Mo Ling, it was like a silent portrait."How can you do this, I don't want much, you just need to give me a chance, I will let you know that I am good, I will let you know that I am better than anyone, I will not lose to anyone, You don’t even need to pay as long as I come. I am ready for everything, as long as you are willing to give me a chance and give yourself a chance." Mo Ling took a deep breath and slowly said about herself. Thought: "I know that in the eyes of everyone, my entanglement for so many years is paranoid, meaningless, redundant, and even annoying, but there is no way for me. I like you, I just like you." She shook her head, "No, I love you."

     "...Ten men, seven stupid, eight staying, nine bad, and one everyone loves, sisters jump out... (Sorry, although the time in the article is many years later, how do I know that after so many years There is a hairy song, I can only find it in the current song, um, you have to be good, you have to understand, you are not allowed to pick the hairy)" Fruit Jelly and Fang Susu were dancing in the room with microphones Jumping around, like two rabbits, they cooperate perfectly. It sounds like they have been rehearsed. It is not like a stranger who meets and sings for the first time. It attracts people in a room to whistle and sing. Shake the tambourine and scream.Not only that, there are also many single men who have begun to howl: "I am the man everyone loves, come grab me, come grab me"

     Ye Ci smiled so much that he was lying on the lap of Ideal Height 1.7m, and his dream height also laughed and howled: "No one wants it, no one wants it, no one wants it, curse you, no one wants it" she said. Yes, I even jumped up and snatched Fruit Jelly's microphone. "I'll sing the next paragraph and I'll sing the next paragraph. You Maiba, let me take a while." He said that he could not help but threw Ye Ci to Fruit Jelly. He jumped up and continued to sing with Fang Susu.

     Fruit Jelly sang dry mouth and tongue, took a few sips of cold beer, sat next to Ye Ci, and said, "You can sing a few too."

     Ye Ci shook his head and smiled: "I can't sing such a fast song. I have a bad tongue, but I can't keep up." Despite that, she still hummed along with the song.

     Fruit Jelly smiled happily, "By the way, is your Fleting Time the man everyone loves?"

     Ye Ci glanced back at her: "Who knows."

     Fruit Jelly suddenly remembered something and slapped her hands: "Oh, I remembered something. I just went to the bathroom and saw your Fleeting Time in the washing area."Ye Ci's gaze remained on the screen, it didn’t matter at all. Who wouldn’t go to the bathroom, she just groaned, but Fruit Jelly obviously didn’t think so, and she kept pulling her and saying, "Hey, you Don’t be like that. I don’t think he went to the bathroom. That face is so black that he is almost catching up with Bao Gong. His hair and clothes are all wet. I don’t know if it’s a fight or something. Why don’t you go check it out?”

     Ye Ci turned his gaze back and glanced at Fruit Jelly, and raised his brows: "Injured?"

     "It doesn't seem to be, I didn't dare to take a closer look. That face is like killing someone. How dare I stare at it? I glanced in the mirror a few glances, heart alarmed, trembling in fear, and didn't even dare to say hello. I slipped away.” Fruit Jelly said while pouring another glass of beer, then wiped the wet corners of her mouth with the back of her hand, and said, “Go and see.”

     "What's so beautiful? Isn't there a policeman in case of an accident?" Ye Ci wanted to see it, but felt embarrassed. He lingered there for a while, muttering.Fruit Jelly rolled her eyes and said, "Okay, yesterday he went to the relevant department to protect you. Today you go to the relevant department to protect him. This is still a tie." She said, "Oh, no, yesterday you were assisting in the investigation. Today, he is gathering for a fight. He wants to be detained and cannot be saved.” She saw Ye Ci's agitated sitting or standing appearance, and patted her on the back: “Don’t you go to the bathroom, drink so much, and be careful of pee "

     The sound of the song was already loud, but many people heard this and laughed. Ye Ci was embarrassed by Fruit Jelly and couldn’t sit down anymore, so she stood up and went out. Walk towards the wash area. As I walked and mumbled, what's going to happen, Fruit Jelly, you have been back for a long time, he left most of the time, what am I going to do, I really want to release the water, but even though he muttered so much, Ye Ci's feet still didn't dare Stay and walk quickly. She heard someone talking inside the washing area before she even reached the washing area. She didn't know what happened. She actually leaned directly against the wall next to the washing area and listened with her ears erected.In fact, it's immoral to eavesdrop on people's words like this, but Ye Ci doesn't know what's wrong, her footsteps lead her directly to the side. Just avoiding her, she couldn't help but scold herself, what is it, really. She wanted to walk over freely, but she heard a familiar voice. That was the voice of Fleeting Time. His cold voice was as dry and emotionless as wind and sand. He said: "If you are talking about making me respond to you, then from the first time I saw you to the present The answer is the same, I think, you should know it too."

     Ye Ci subconsciously listened more carefully, what's wrong, she seemed to have heard something that shouldn't be heard. However, I am really curious. After hearing those three words from Mo Ling, the first thing Ye Ci actually thought of was Fruit Jelly's words just now, is your Fleeting Time the man everyone loves? She thinks she can go to Fruit Jelly and tell Fruit Jelly, he is. No, shouldn't she think about this now, should she say something? It seems that on TV, the heroine in the novel should feel a little bit distressed when encountering this kind of thing? She touched her chest and felt it seriously, but she felt nothing.

     A few black lines floated on her head, she is really the best iron heart, she didn't feel it."What then?" Ye Ci was sighing that she was a cold-blooded animal with no emotions and heard these words Fleeting Time pop up again. She was taken aback, and then couldn't help but laugh. What is this guy doing? Someone just confessed to him, is it okay? He shouldn't say something, such a cold and hard three words are what is going on.

     Obviously, those who choked on these three words, not only Ye Ci, but also Mo Ling. She looked at Fleeting Time with a crying expression like this. After a while, she sniffed and continued to slowly say: "In this case, I hope you can let me be your girlfriend. , You can feel, me, I will definitely be better than Gongzi You."

     "And then?" Fleeting Time is still so cold and hard.Mo Ling has been made not knowing what to do by these three words, she can only continue to say slowly: "I admit that Gongzi You is very tough, but Qing Chen, such a tough woman doesn't know whether to tolerate or not. If you know that you give up, you have a very strong personality. If you are strong and strong together for a long time, there will be problems and you will be tired. Why don’t you give me a chance to make you feel inclusive. I don’t I beg you to choose me, but, would you give yourself a chance? You have no comparison now, and there will be no objective comments without comparison. You can reject me, but can you please compare before deciding, you A smart person knows what is best."

     "Why?" Fleeting Time was expressionless.

     Mo Ling was stunned again, and for a while, she said, "Because I love you."

     "It's my ass."


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