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Chapter Directory 460 Chapter 54 Is Mine, No One Wants To Grab
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     The fifty-fourth chapter is mine, no one wants to grab it

     The fifty-fourth chapter is mine, no one wants to grab it

     Ye Ci couldn't help it anymore. She laughed in a low voice. Although it is noisy in Hall K, it is because Ye Ci is close to the two people, and it is also the washing area, which is relatively quiet. Although the voice was not loud, it was still heard by the two of them. Fleeting Time looked up, only to see Ye Ci leaning against the doorpost of the washing area and looking at the two people with a smile. He couldn't help but sink in his heart and quickly said: "Ye Ci..."Unexpectedly, Ye Ci shook his hand and motioned him not to speak. Fleeting Time thought for a while and finally closed his mouth. He suddenly relaxed, looking at Ye Ci's raised eyebrows, his smile gradually stained his face. Mo Ling was taken aback by Ye Ci's voice, and when she heard Fleeting Time, she quickly looked back, only to see a woman in a green shirt leaning against the doorpost. She is very young, but in her early twenties, her looks are not outstanding, but her eyes are dazzling, and the corners of her eyes are flying, and there is a faint sullen expression. Although there is a smile on her face, she does not hide her eyes. Fierce. She was very thin, with long black hair and thick black hair, which was tied high into a ponytail, and her hair braids flowed down from her head like a waterfall, and fell on her chest and behind her like this. The skin was extremely white, even sickly white, with no blood at all, and it was even more dazzling when compared with the green dress.

     She heard Yi Qingchen call her "Ye Ci". Who is Ye Ci? Mo Ling was taken aback for a moment, then she thought she knew who she was.

     However, unable to wait for Mo Ling to speak, Ye Ci had already spoken first. Her voice was lazy, but there was a calm pressure: "White fairy tale."

     Mo Lingping was robbed of the opportunity to speak, and she couldn't help feeling a little bit of hatred secretly. She chilled her voice and raised her eyebrows at Ye Ci: "Are you Gongzi You?"Ye Ci smiled at Mo Ling's provocative voice, and raised her eyebrows. Fleeting Time was a little unhappy. He said to Mo Linghan, "What are you fierce..." But before he finished speaking, Ye Ci gave him a sideways glance, and he closed his mouth in an anguish. , Stop talking.

     Mo Ling was sour because of Ye Ci's appearance, but she was even more angry when she was drunk by Fleeting Time. She turned her head and glared at Fleeting Time and wailed: "Yi Qingchen, you yell at me? You actually did this for this one. Woman shouting at me"

     "Fleeting Time, you really shouldn't be like this." Ye Ci said to Yi Qingchen with a smile: "You should be polite and polite."

     Fleeting Time Hearing these words, his mood improved. The smile between his eyebrows and the corners of his eyes became heavier, so he nodded and said, "I know." Then, he looked at Mo Lingdao. : "I have a bad attitude, sorry."

     Mo Ling had never felt this kind of gentleness and courtesy before, but this kind of gentleness and courtesy was obtained under the instruction of another woman. Mo Ling suddenly felt ashamed and angry, and said angrily at Ye Ci:" Gongzi You, why must you have trouble with me"

     "Oh?" Ye Ci's raised eyebrows did not lower, and the smile on his lips deepened: "So what makes you a good time?"Mo Ling only felt that blood was gushing out all over her body. She hated Gongzi You. She could confirm that she hated Gongzi You. She had never hated a person like she hated Gongzi You, and she had even deepened her bone marrow-like disgust and hatred. . She took away all the attention of Yi Qingchen, she took away the love that should belong to her, and now she is standing in front of her like this, how could there be such an angry person in the world? She took a deep breath and calmed down: "Gongzi You, I once asked you to talk about Fleeting Time."

     "I also told you very clearly that my man doesn't need to discuss with other women." Ye Ci still leaned on the doorpost, the light hit her slanting figure, and rude interrupted her directly. "What? I didn't make it clear at the time, so you plan to go over me and discuss it directly with my man?"

     Mo Ling's face was flushed with anger and turned blue in an instant, but Fleeting Time curled up her mouth because of this sentence. Mo Ling seemed to be trying hard to restrain something, and it took a long time to calm her trembling body, but Ye Ci seemed a little impatient: "It seems that I made a wrong decision last time. , Let’s do it, since you want a chance so much, I will give you a chance. If you don’t say anything now, I will rude.”This seemed to irritate Mo Ling even more, making her finally calm down and angering again. This time she could no longer control her emotions. She angered Ye Ci: "Why are you, why can you stand? Saying this here, you know how much I have paid for him, do you know that I have loved him for seventeen years, do you know that I have been with him in my entire life. You have nothing, why are you? Can you stand beside him? You don’t give anything. What qualifications do you have to say to me rude..." Mo Ling laughed lowly, "Who is rude to whom..."

     "The so-called giving depends on whether the other party needs it or not. The unneeded giving is a meaningless waste. What if he has not responded to you after seventeen years of love, it means you reap what one has sown for seventeen years What if you are him in your whole life? But what is the point of proving that you have no self at all? I really have nothing, but I am Gongzi You, which is enough to stand beside him. As for What qualifications do I have to say..." Ye Ci's puckered mouth is very beautiful: "How simple is this question, because he is my man."

     Mo Ling trembled all over, and she even shook her voice: "I love him, I just love him. Does this have anything to do with you? Isn't it okay for me to love him?""Yes" Ye Ci snapped his fingers: "No one said no, you can love anyone, but if you want to love, just love it in your heart quietly, don't beat the gongs and drums to make everyone know. This makes us very annoying." Ye Ci straightened up as he said, and slowly walked to Mo Ling's side, bending his eyebrows: "However, I admire you very much. You have been so unilateral for 17 years. If you are bothering others, you can't beat and scold, but this face is actually quite invincible."

     "You..." Mo Ling couldn't stand it anymore. She squeezed her fist and just raised her hand to greet Ye Ci, but she heard a crisp sound and a buzzing in her ears. She looked forward in disbelief, the person who did it was Yi Qingchen... Mo Ling's eyes widened, almost bleeding, she muttered incredulously: "You, you actually beat me..." Then she yelled furiously: "Yi Qingchen, are you a man, you actually hit a woman?"

     "In my eyes, there are only two kinds of people, my own and outsiders, regardless of gender." Fleeting Time smiled: "Also, I want to do this for a long time, but now I have a chance."

     "Yi Qingchen, I hate you, I hate you" Mo Ling screamed, turned her head, staggered towards the outside, her low and stern cry came, Ye Ci only felt that the goose bumps were getting up. Up.Ye Ci leaned out and looked at Mo Ling's away back, suddenly feeling a bit desolate. In fact, there is nothing wrong with loving someone, but if you are too paranoid, it will not be good. I only hope that she can really let go this time, otherwise, she will only hurt more thoroughly. Why should women embarrass women, and why bother themselves.

     She was watching, and someone embraced her from behind, and the hot lips immediately pressed against her neck. Ye Ci's rude pushes him away, but Yi Qingchen is about to get tangled up again. However, before he can start, Ye Ci is slammed against the wall. She grabs the chin of Fleeting Time and lets him look at his own. The eyes and lips were smiling, and the corners of the eyes were evil: "Yi Qingchen, you can't do things."

     "Why?" Yi Qingchen was slightly taken aback by Ye Ci, but soon recovered, he raised his eyebrows at her.

     "It's been seventeen years, and you haven't solved it. Your efficiency is very poor." Ye Ci's hands are getting harder, and the pinching Fleeting Time's jaw hurts.

     "I apologize, you can punish me." Fleeting Time's peach eyes became softer and softer.

     Ye Ci narrowed his eyes, and the smile on his lips seemed to be charming: "How is it? A beautiful woman has loved you for 17 years, do you feel very proud?""If you step on a pile of shit and can't get rid of it, will you feel very proud after taking it with you for 17 years?" I have to say that sometimes Fleeting Time is really nasty, and a mouth is so cheap.

     "I can change shoes." Ye Ci raised his eyebrows, but this time his smile gradually dyed his eyes.

     Listening to her words, Fleeting Time couldn't help it anymore, and laughed lowly: "You are indeed very clever, why didn't I think of it."

     Ye Ci raised her gaze slightly. She saw a decorative mirror on the wall against which Fleeting Time was leaning. She suddenly squinted her eyes, raised her hand and pushed Fleeting Time's already leaning body onto the wall again. , Then she lifted a slender leg and jerked Fleeting Time's waist and hips, pressing her lips toward his lips.Her kiss came on quickly and eagerly, and it caught Fleeting Time's lips at once. Fleeting Time could feel the slight alcohol in her mouth mixed with the unique sweetness of her body pressing towards herself Come here, let the lips and teeth fragrant. Fleeting Time only paused for a while, and then he held her closer to him. He put one hand around Ye Ci's back, and the other hand stretched under her hips and gently lifted it. She lifted easily. Ye Ci originally had to keep his head up, but now he can bend his head directly to deepen the kiss. Her tongue slid in along Fleeting Time's lips, but she didn't expect to be wrapped around Fleeting Time's lips in the next moment, causing her a little pain.

     At this moment, Ye Ci lifted her eyes slightly and looked into the mirror from the corner of her eye. She saw that the yellow figure that had just turned back finally fled in a hurry, and a small smile appeared on her lips.

     It's mine, don't want to grab it.


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