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Chapter Directory 461 Chapter 55 Some Things
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

In any case, sometimes, a man is indeed a symbol of strength. As it is now, Ye Ci, who originally occupied the initiative, did not know when he was pressed hard by Fleeting Time. His lips were soft and hot, and they ran over her lips. His tongue was dexterous, and her Their tongues are intertwined, like two people dancing tango vertically, like glue and lacquer, inseparable from life and death. Ye Ci hugged Fleeting Time's head tightly, her forehead dropped the fine hair and swept it on Fleeting Time's face, itchy and soft, as if a little hand has been holding a place, and said Unbearable.

     Fleeting Time is very powerful, but it is actually within the acceptable limit of Ye Ci. It seemed to be a forceful tearing, and the situation changed color, vividly and vividly. Ye Ci felt that Fleeting Time’s mouth smelled of wine, like a wine that has been aged for many years, and people would drown in it immediately after drinking it. His breath was so hot that it blew on her face to make her His face seemed to be hotter. It seems that no one wants to end this kiss like this, until Ye Ci feels she is suffocating, she pushes the Fleeting Time away forcefully, but unfortunately, Fleeting Time obviously does not want to end like this, even if Ye Ci pushes him away, he Still chasing and continuing on her cheeks, pieces of hotness fell on her lips."No more..." Ye Ci said diligently, but, I don't know why, her voice sounded like a cat, she couldn't help shaking herself, and even cleared her throat.

     "Satisfied?" Fleeting Time's voice was low and hoarse, and a faint alcohol smelt echoed between the two people's lips and teeth.

     "What?" Ye Ci was taken aback for a while, squinting his eyes, the smile on his lips seemed a little unclear.

     "Take advantage of my business." Although Fleeting Time said so, he was not angry at all. He just added two more fires to Ye Ci's hot skin.

     Ye Ci laughed happily. It seems that Fleeting Time knows that someone came back and left just now, but she didn't necessarily feel embarrassed at all. She said, "Huh, people are born to be used by others. Besides, Don't you want me to use it?"

     "This kind of use is also delighted to (do sth, idiom) several times." Fleeting Time smiled low, saying that as soon as he turned around, he pressed Ye Ci against the wall, and his lips immediately pressed against it. However, Ye Ci was stunned and quickly blocked such a kiss. Her eyes appeared so bright in the dim light, and the corners of her lips were adorned with a smile: "Using this kind of thing, one time is enough, too much. It hurts feelings."Fleeting Time's eyebrows were raised. Taking advantage of this effort, Ye Ci's wrist slid out of Fleeting Time's embrace like a snake. She jumped off Fleeting Time's body. All of a sudden, she only felt how the air was still quite strong. cold. However, she seemed to understand something in an instant, she couldn't help biting her lip and smiled, and no longer cared about Fleeting Time, she walked quickly towards the box of World Conqueror, but before she reached it, a powerful arm stopped her. He hugged her and put it in her ear and said in a low voice: "Those who don't care if they use it all will be retributed."

     Ye Ci turned to look at Fleeting Time, and saw the burning fire in his eyes. She blinked her eyes as if she understood something. She was also a little ashamed. She bit her lip, then raised her eyes, looking frivolously. Fleeting Time: "Then what do you want?"

     Fleeting Time looked into her eyes, his face was uncertain, for a while, he finally sighed, pulled her over and pressed her against the wall, pressed her against her neck, and bit her badly. After speaking, she threw her away, turned around and walked towards the box of Genesis, with a little forbearance as she walked: "Go fast, don't wander in front of my eyes."Ye Ci watched his back not move, even she herself didn't notice, a huge stone in her heart slowly, slowly letting go. She reached out and touched her neck. There seemed to be the hotness of the corners of Fleeting Time's lips. She had been watching Fleeting Time walking into the box of Genesis before slowly turning and walking towards the box of World Conqueror. As she walked, her eyebrows slowly softened, and she was softly dyed with a smile. She couldn't help but remembered, if, if he insisted just now, would she refuse? can you? Won't it?

     Really... Ye Ci exhaled, feeling his face getting hotter. It turns out that no matter how real the game is, there is still such a big gap between it and reality.

     Fruit Jelly saw Ye Ci swaying in again. Although she was still singing, she kept her eyes on her body. She kept staring at her until she sat down, and she threw the microphone to someone else. It was embarrassing. Go up and look at Ye Ci with a pair of cat-like eyes. Ye Ci was embarrassed by her and glared at her: "What are you looking at. There are no flowers on my face"

     "There are indeed no flowers." Fruit Jelly nodded, and then said with a smirk: "However, you seem to be smiling with the arrival of spring."

     Ye Ci immediately reached out and squeezed Fruit Jelly's cheek, with smiling anger between his brows: "Who do you say laughs, who do you say laughs""Look at your face, isn't it?" Fruit Jelly was not afraid of Ye Ci, she waved her hand away with a paw, and put it on without face and skin, and went to Ye Ci and said, "Go ahead." For so long, have you done something shameful?"

     "Hey hey hey" Ye Ci was ridiculed by Fruit Jelly to the point of burning, and her cheeks became hotter and hotter: "What are you talking about?"

     "Oh..." Fruit Jelly prolonged her voice, and her eyes rolled around. She accidentally swept Ye Ci's neck. There were a few red spots. She suddenly seemed to have discovered the New World. She stretched out her hand and touched it. It's terrible: "Yeah, Fleeting Time is really anxious, I just wiped it out after only a while."

     After being touched by Fruit Jelly like this, Ye Ci seemed to remember the few kisses on her neck just now by Fleeting Time severely. She thought it was just a kiss, but she did not expect to leave traces of crime. Almost immediately, her hand was already He lifted it up, covered the hickey on his neck, and stared at Fruit Jelly with wide eyes. Fruit Jelly just watched. Under the dim box lights, Ye Ci's already red face rose redder, redder, almost bleeding. It looked like she was going to run away, Fruit Jelly smirked, how can such a funny thing be let go, she grabbed Ye Ci's hand, and said again and again: "You guys are not really that. , This place is not so good..."She had a caring tone, but the expression on her face was gossip, and Ye Ci became more embarrassed when she saw it. She gritted her teeth and squeezed out a few words: "No."

     "Ah, the God of Fleting Time didn't even start." Fruit Jelly was even more surprised. Fortunately, she lowered her voice. Otherwise, she would have been choked to death by Ye Ci in the next second, and then she sighed again: " Fleeting Time, I’m afraid it’s not good, it’s all like this, but I still don’t want to start..." But under Ye Ci's eyes that almost eat her, she still coughed seriously, cleared her throat, and posted Ye Ci. He got closer, and said cautiously: "Great God Gongzi You, have you ever thought that if you have all reached this point, if you don't go on, the other party will have problems... If you don't solve this problem, you will be a widow."

     Ye Ci finally couldn't help it. She stretched out her hand, and severely twisted it towards Fruit Jelly's waist. Fruit Jelly immediately screamed like a pig, drawing everyone in the room towards both of them. Looking over, Ye Ci calmly retracted his hand, while Fruit Jelly had two packs of tears in his eyes, and waved his hand aggrievedly: "It's okay.

     There was nothing wrong, and everyone quickly forgot about it. Only Fruit Jelly was rubbing her waist while pouting at Ye Ci: "Gongzi You, you will be retributed."This is the second person to say that she will be punished tonight. Ye Ci couldn't help thinking, could she really be punished? Thinking of this, she couldn't help but laugh again. Ye Ci leaned his entire back on the back of the sofa, looked up at the luxuriously decorated roof, and didn't know where his thoughts had gone. When she recovered, it was Fang Susu patted her shoulder and said, "I think you are tired from walking on the street today. You can still sleep like a dead pig even in such a noisy situation."

     Ye Ci raised her confused eyes, looked here and there, only to find that everyone was about to leave. Looking at her with smiling eyes, she asked ignorantly: "What time is it now? Up?"

     "Hurry up." Fang Suso yawned, and stretched out her hand to pull her: "Go home quickly, you have slept, but I'm going to die of sleepiness, let's go back to sleep quickly."

     Because she was tired and drank a lot of wine, Ye Ci's head was not very bright. Fang Susu said what she said. She stood up and followed her to the hotel. On the way, she met many Guild's. Everyone greeted each other cordially. It was harmonious and beautiful, but it was a pity that she didn't see the people of Genesis come out. She didn't know if she left first or not, and she didn't think much about it. She was really confused and sleepy. When she returned to the hotel, she didn't even take a shower. She fell asleep as soon as she fell on the bed.Fang Susu looked at Ye Ci, who was hovering between life and death, with his hair dried in bed. He thought very unkindly, what did you do today? So tired? With the dim light of the bedside lamp, she saw the hickey on Ye Ci's neck sharply, and she laughed sensually. It turned out to be such a thing. These two people are really passionate enough to go shopping for most of the time Business, really rippling, really rippling...

     This rippling continued until the next morning. Ye Ci went to have breakfast with Fang Susu. Fang Susu specially ordered Ye Ci a brown sugar egg. Ye Ci looked at her with a weird look: "You are here. ?"

     "No." Fang Susu looked calm while eating the bread.

     "Then why are you ordering this?" Ye Ci looked even stranger when he saw the waiter holding brown sugar eggs in front of him.

     "Give you some."

     "I didn't come, okay."

     "You lost too much blood yesterday, and your physical exertion is too great. Your man doesn't know that he feels bad for you. My sister doesn't know that he feels bad for you. Are you not too bad?" Fang Susu looked at Ye Ci, his face looked like She is serious about it, but how does Ye Ci feel that she has a gossip success, and she really wants to let people go up and down.

     After hearing these words, if not unexpected, her face turned dark, even darker, and finally turned into a black pot bottom.Although Ye Ci is free and easy, she doesn't care much about what others say, but she still has to make a statement. After all, she can't do without eating pork but just come back with the name of the whole pig banquet. So, with her face that was already so dark, she said seriously to Fang Susu: "Susu, you think too much."

     Fang Susu continued to eat the bread and drink the milk, staring at her with a pair of big eyes, and nodded as if I knew it, "Well, okay, there are many people who didn’t bleed for the first time, but you are always It took a lot of physical energy, so make it up."

     Ye Ci's extremely dark face turned dark again. She tugged at the corner of her mouth and took a deep breath, desperately suppressing her desire to scream, and said to Fang Susu again: " I said you think too much, there is no such thing as you think."

     Fang Susu was stunned, then lowered his head and laughed a few times: "Oh, don't be embarrassed, I understand that everyone is young, and I won't say anything."

     Ye Ci finally didn't want to explain anymore. At this time, the more you explain, the more you slander it, that's all, she can think what she likes. She lowered her mind, sighed, looked at the bowl of brown sugar and eggs in front of her, but couldn't eat it anymore. After a long pause, she finally stood up and went to order a bowl of miscellaneous noodles to eat.The so-called 4th Anniversary activities, after all, are some ordinary routines.

     The morning is the fourth anniversary of the conference. The first half is a review of the games in the past four years, and the second half is looking forward to the future development trend of games. There were a lot of people in the conference hall. Ye Ci looked at that there were no three thousand but two thousand, a dark mass. She was sitting a little behind in the middle, which was the site of World Conqueror. He felt sleepy. . If you want to say familiar things in Fate, I'm afraid no one can beat her. Such a familiar thing has to be tossed back and forth, and I feel tired. She tilted her head and leaned on the back of the chair, sleeping in dark sky and black earth without any effort.

     It is a buffet at noon, the dishes are good, and the cold drinks are even better. It was about yesterday that Ye Ci was more or less unable to let it go. When she was eating, her eyes were very bright. When she saw the people of Genesis, she immediately slipped away, but she did not dare to stay to meet Fleeting Time. Fruit Jelly is a little strange to see her such brisk appearance, but Ye Ci has always had no rules to follow in doing things, and Fruit Jelly didn’t think much about it. As usual, she sat next to her in the afternoon, looking at the huge podium from a distance. The eyes of the video played on his screen are straight. She kept hitting Ye Ci with her arm: "Hey, hey, look, this piece of information is really shocking."Ye Ci, who was already drowny, narrowed his eyes and looked at it, only to feel even more sleepy. These things, she has been here thousands of times in the previous life, so what's the shock. She yawned, muttered a few words and fell asleep again.