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Chapter Directory 462 Chapter 56 Some Words
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 56 Some words

     Chapter 56 Some words

     After a day of viewing one's past as miserable and one's present as happy, the conference was not boring to the end. When it was almost over, I had a few cosplay performances. Watching the coser walking around wearing various uniforms on it, Ye Ci still felt that it was warms the heart and delights the eye, which was compared to games. In the end, the movement is not neat and tidy. On the one hand, Fruit Jelly didn’t know where he got a telescope, and she praised it as she watched it, “Wow, that guy who plays the human Sorcerer is so handsome. There is also the guy who plays the Priest of the undead. Enchanting, wow wow, and that wizard Rogue, slobber, my slobber, are these cosins selected by the Glory Pageant? The quality is too high..."

     Ye Ci rolled her eyes while listening, she felt, why is she not the same as Fruit Jelly's focus?

     It stands to reason that watching this kind of performance mainly depends on the degree of similarity and the exquisiteness of the costumes, right? So she felt that she should correct it, "I think the clothes are done well, you see, the flying set is still very similar to the game."Fruit Jelly glanced at Ye Ci like a monster, then turned her gaze back to look at the coser wearing the flying suit that Ye Ci pointed to. She curled her lips and said, "Look, that looks too long. It's faint, even with such heavy makeup, you can see that he is an ordinary person, he can't hold down the clothes at all."

     "I said, looking at this is originally based on the degree of clothing and similarity, not the face."

     "The face is the most important thing, okay?" Fruit Jelly put down the binoculars and glared at Ye Ci: "Of course, your Flying Time god is a good-looking person. Tiantian's eyes are getting used to it, so do you too? I like these unsightly ones. It's like a person who is used to eating big fish and big meat, after all, wants to eat some clear soup and side dishes, that is you, you can't put your bad habits on those of us who have not yet eaten meat. , Gongzi You, this is immoral."

     Ye Ci's mouth was so twitched that he couldn't close it. What kind of words did she talk about? The words were so many that she ended up getting around herself in the end. It was simply anger and grievance.

     Coser's performance soon ended, and the next is the awards of this pvp competition. The top ten are all rewarded, especially the top three rewards are even more generous.Ye Ci felt painful from the corners of her eyes and eyebrows to the apex of her heart after listening to the rewards. In fact, she could win the prizes too. The more she thought about it, the more irritable and sad she became. She decided to leave without listening to the first ten. Anyway, the next thing is to eat, there is nothing substantive, and it has little to do with her. She didn't want to continue to feel uncomfortable here. So she stood up, and Fruit Jelly on one side watched her stand up and asked, "What's the matter?"

     "Stuffy, go out to breathe." Ye Ci's voice was dull.

     Fruit Jelly looked at the podium, and now the award has been awarded to the seventh place, so he screamed and didn't ask much, just don't let Ye Ci go out. Ye Ci just walked outside slowly while saying sorry to the players on the road. Just as Ye Ci squeezed out a row of people step by step, and step by step to the exit of the conference hall, suddenly a voice rang: "The classmates in front of door number 4 over there, the meeting is not over yet. Isn’t it a bit bad for you to leave early?"

     Zé Zé.The voice really turned to ashes, Ye Ci remembered it alive. The corners of her eyebrows and mouth twitched again, and she even felt the sensation of countless people turning their heads and casting their gazes on her back together. It was really, really going to be burned out of a hole. Ye Ci pretended not to hear, and continued to dawdle outside, while a few players on the side had already said: "Hey, hey, beauty, the God of Fleeting Time is calling you."

     Ye Ci rolled his eyes and moved faster. Of course she knows that Fleeting Time calls her. In the world, besides the unflattering Fleeting Time, who else would call him so unable to differentiate good from bad. And under the gaze of so many people, it was almost ashamed. She took a deep breath and told herself that she could not hear her.

     However, Ye Ci's self-deception was obviously not felt by Fleeting Time. At this moment, this man with peach-eyed eyes is standing on the podium, holding a microphone in one hand, raising his eyebrows and looking at the woman who is pretending to be deaf and mute and is continuing to walk out cheeky, his lips are raised. With a bigger smile, he threw out an even more nasty sentence: "Gongzi You, what are you doing so fast? I'm still on the stage."The gossip of Fleeting Time and Gongzi You has long been nothing in Fate. As a player knows, even many old players can tell how these two people beat and kill as if enumerating one's family valuables. Kill, that power is really beyond the reach of current newbie players. Therefore, after Fleeting Time yelled such a sentence, the people who hadn't looked back turned their heads, and the people who had turned their heads back turned their heads back again, and the eyes of those who had never looked back at all turned back. The thieves are bright.

     It turns out that this is Gongzi You.

     Of course, after thinking about this matter, there is another sentence that is more worth thinking about. Fleeting Time said, "Why are you walking so fast? I'm still on the stage."

     what is this? This is simply a naked hint, that these two people have developed from the Internet to reality? No, no, judging from that familiar attitude, even in reality, he is quite familiar. Really, it really makes people can't help but explore.After hearing these words, Ye Ci finally felt that her legs were so heavy that she couldn't lift them up under the gaze of so many people "as it was". She sighed, turned her head, and just stood in the hall like this At the door, sharp eyebrows were raised and staring at the people on the stage. At this time, the host who had been deadlocked for a long time was stared at by Ye Ci's sharp gaze, and he seemed to remember his duties in a daze. He quickly interrupted Mr. Fleting Time's continued shame, and said: "Fleeting Time, about Do you have any acceptance speeches for this pvp championship?"

     Fleeting Time was looking at Ye Ci below, when he was suddenly interrupted like this, and his heart was full of discomfort. And he is that kind of person, he feels unhappy, and even if he can live a good life, he still has to make you feel uncomfortable. So he slowly retracted his gaze, and then slowly looked towards the host, smiling, but the host shivered for no reason. But without waiting for him to froze, Fleeting Time spoke again: "Oh, this way, I do have something to say."

     When Ye Ci saw that Fleting Time had something to do, he immediately turned around and left. If he doesn't leave now, I'm afraid he will be caught by this guy again. Her mind suddenly recalled what happened yesterday, and her face was a little hot. What is this all about."I actually don't like this kind of public occasion, but I still came. It's not because I care much about this award, nor because I am interested in this event, but I have a few words to talk to someone Said." Fleeting Time's eyes have been chasing Ye Ci, and the voice is steady, shooting past like an arrow from the string, rightly setting Ye Ci's footsteps on the spot.

     Ye Ci actually didn’t know why she had to stop. She looked up at the sky and couldn’t see. Only the high ceiling and countless LED lights were shining brightly. Well, there was a light on the edge that looked like it was about to break. , It's obviously gone, it is estimated that it will be reimbursed for two more flashes. Although she kept keeping herself out of the situation, her ears just wanted to listen, and her eyes seemed to desperately turn to look at her. All the hairs on her body were erected, as if all she was clamoring: What is he going to say, he is going to say what?

     Although Fleeting Time didn't say who to tell this, Ye Ci felt that it was to tell herself, which was a bit cheeky, but that was what she felt in her heart. However, these two days have been so embarrassed, even if this is not said to her for a while, how can she lose a few more points? Thinking of this, Ye Ci took a deep breath, turned around generously, walked a few steps forward, standing in the middle of the last row of seats, with clear eyes, be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time, that look seems a matter of no concern to oneself in general.Is it really a matter of no concern to oneself?

     Fleeting Time smiled and looked at Ye Ci, who was standing at the farthest place from her. She was holding her arms leisurely, just because they were too far apart, Fleeting Time could not see the expression on her face, but he I can always feel faintly, now that the leisurely and relaxed Ye Ci seems to be clamoring fiercely, if the person you just mentioned is not me, you will be dead, and I must let you die so that you can’t even find the ashes. Really, she didn't do anything, she didn't say anything, but that's how Fleeting Time felt.

     The smile on his lips became more arbitrary. What to do, I really want to say that it's not her, I really want to tease her. However, when Fleeting Time was thinking this way, he suddenly felt that Ye Ci's evil spirit was heavier. He could still feel it even at such a distance. Fleeting Time sighed and touched his nose. Alas, what should I do, It seems that in the next few decades, there is no possibility of his coming out...

     Well, he looked at the ceiling, his good days had really come to an end. Hmm, that's because better days are coming... right."Oh, that's true. I just said something I wanted to say, but at this moment, I found out that I actually wanted to say quite a lot." Fleting Time smiled, he was very skin-conscious. Well, it was originally a hidden faceless person, and coupled with the wind and water in the game, this is the first time many players have seen him. Although in the game everyone may have fought, may have had grievances, but outside the game, everyone has born a lot of sympathy. Now that Fleeting Time has said this, not only are people not anxious and angry, but they have an attitude of joining the fun. So, after Fleeting Time said this, many people still laughed and shouted, don't mind, just say it.