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Chapter Directory 467 Chapter 61—Air Combat
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 61 Air Combat

     Chapter 61 Air Combat

     The battle in the sky is far more intense than the battle on the ground. After all, fighting on the ground is like fighting on a plane. You only need to pay attention to the enemies around, but fighting in the sky. This is 3D space combat. The enemy you have to pay attention to is 360 up, down, left, and right. There is no dead end. This also requires that players in air combat must have strong adaptability.

     From the very beginning, there was no air-riding, and now all Guilds have air-riding, Fate’s air-riding system has gone through four years, and it has matured a long time ago. If it is said that the air knight in the beginning can go to the sky as long as the mount can be caught, then the air knight now obviously selects more skilled trades from the skilled workers. After four years of hard work, especially in the few years after the opening of the dark player, the friction between the dark player and the light player has also increased, which has made everyone's requirements for air riding higher and higher. .

     The current air cavalry players are not only more high-end than the marine players, even their mounts are carefully selected. There is such a saying, an air cavalry, you can wear a commoner, but your mount must be a top-level equipment, otherwise, you go to jump off the cliff.This is true. Because the equipment of air cavalry is relatively scarce, the price is generally not cheap. In addition, every air cavalry wants to make his mount better equipped, so the best air cavalry equipment is often fired high. This also caused the air cavalry to be basically poor, and the more advanced the air cavalry, the poorer. This is reflected in the extreme saturation of Ye Ci. Fortunately, Fleeting Time is a very profitable owner. If it weren’t for Ye Ci, he would have borrowed usury. However, despite this, the awkward Ye Ci still insisted on giving Fleeting Time. Hit white strips. That day, Fleeting Time had nothing to do and took out the white bars that Ye Ci had typed for himself and counted them. There were already more than fifty sheets...

     Ye Ci sighed. Why is she still so poor? She turned out to be quite rich...Although he was thinking about indulge in flights of fancy, the sixth child had already rushed to the place where the firefight was the most chaotic. She switched the Leader Channel to the Air Riding Channel, and immediately heard the Leader’s regular and thorough Leader. His voice was calm and crisp, as if this world-shaking battle was just one of countless practice battles, so ordinary It's not worth wasting too much Stamina. This person's original name was not found in the classics. It was after the dark department started the air battle, he went to the light wind to sign up. The name is also very ordinary, called Tuesday. It is not the first time that Ye Ci has listened to his leader. He knows better about his routine. Of course, the other party has obviously seen Ye Ci riding that wispy old sixth flying into the sky to join the team, and immediately issued an order to him. Command: "Gongzi You, make a surprise attack from the rear right, and cooperate with the first phalanx to double-team the opponent's black dragon. It is best to annihilate it in the shortest time."The Leader has always been clear on Tuesday, and there is no more nonsense. In the beginning, such a leader was not subject to any dark players. After all, this leader was really ordinary. Before he was admitted to the leader officer, he was simply ordinary and had nothing to boast about in the past, but it was just such an ordinary one. On the day of the dark air cavalry leader exam day, the unrecognizable player was shocked by his skills. With overwhelming strategies and quick, accurate and ruthless strategies, many big-name Leader officers were eclipsed, and then he became dark. The first leader officer of the air rider.

     In fact, the first time he was Leader Gongzi You, he was quite nervous. After all, the opponent's height was really impressive, and he was afraid that he would not be able to control such a top player. His prestige is even problematic for players who are a little more masterful, but he did not expect that in the first battle, after his first command to Gongzi You, the woman who made people think she was standing at the top of the world. He actually obeyed his orders to the point that almost made people feel instructive. It was precisely because of the high degree of obedience of Gongzi You that Tuesday that the position of the first leader of the dark air knight was further consolidated. Until now, he has reached an unshakable height. Turning his head to see, in fact, the person he is most grateful for is Gongzi You.Of course, after that time, he asked Gongzi You why Gongzi You obeyed her orders so much. She just said calmly: "On the battlefield, there is no difference between a master and a non-master, only the difference between a Warrior and a leader. I am a soldier, so I obey the order, and you are the leader officer. Therefore, you are responsible for your decision. I don’t think there is any problem with this.

     This is the sentence that made Tuesday find his place. What I don’t know on Tuesday is how many years Gongzi You has devoted to such a sentence.

     "Received." Ye Ci replied calmly, and then rushed in the direction specified on Tuesday with lightning speed. She quietly stared at the player sitting on the black dragon, an old friend- ―Shui Wuyue Shang. He is now one of the strikers of the light-based player's mid-air riding unit. Not only does his mount have a strong offensive power, but he is also very powerful. The shiny mount equipment dazzled Ye Ci's eyes. She was not without jealousy, after stepping into the distance, she opened her longbow and shot at him. No matter how long it took, she was still a careful person after all. Seeing that other people’s equipment was better than her own, Ye Ci wanted to kill him now, and then stripped off the shiny equipment from his black dragon one by one. .Just when the fierce arrow was about to approach Shui Wuyueshang, I saw a fiery red figure suddenly rushing to the vicinity of Shui Wuyueshang, and then opened his mouth to spray out the First Squadron fire, and the arrow's offensive The transformation of life is at the most critical moment.

     Ye Ci's eyes narrowed narrower, she was a little annoyed. When she was running Quest, it was still a bit annoying for someone to stalk without stopping to sleep or have a rest, even if she wanted to decide the outcome, Even if she wanted this opportunity to defeat him completely, but in such a battle, this idea was obviously inappropriate. However, there is no way. As long as she is entangled in Fleeting Time, she basically can't get out of her body and can't continue to execute her Quest. She can only report the situation here to Tuesday and ask him to send another forward. Come sneak attack.

     Tuesday’s interception of Fleeting Time was not surprising at all. He immediately changed his strategic direction and joked easily: "Gongzi You, are you murdering your husband?"

     While Ye Ci rolled his eyes, the leader quickly moved away from Fleeting Time with the sixth.It’s just that Shenglong does not fly as fast as the Phoenix. Not only that, Fleeting Time seems to have equipped his phoenix with acceleration equipment. This thing was snatched from Ye Ci's hands. When he thought of this, Ye Ci thought The grief and anger became more and more. My luck is still so bad, I actually lost what I got to Fleeting Time by 1 point of 9s100. Originally, Phoenix was fast, and coupled with the acceleration equipment, Fleeting Time quickly caught up with Ye Ci. Although the two people are far apart, they can still be heard if they speak loudly.

     Ye Ci heard Fleeting Time say: "Oh, this acceleration gear is still worth it. It's a good flight." She is gnashing one's teeth more and more, but she can't think of any rebuttal, so she can only turn her head and stare severely. I took a look at Fleeting Time, and then continued to operate the sixth child and flew away. However, even so, she could still hear the beating voice of Fleeting Time behind her and said: "Oh, childe, don't you want to do this, isn't it a black hand? Once, you have never been popular anyway."

     Ye Ci felt more grief and indignation. She turned her head back, stopped abruptly, and then stared at Fleeting Time and said, "Yes, I am a black hand. If I am not a black hand, how can I meet you?"Fleeting Time also stopped, as if thinking about this question very seriously. Then he nodded as if he had found the answer, and suddenly realized: "Your black hand is not because you are bad luck, but because you have spent all your life trying to meet me. Good luck is all used up."

     Ye Ci was mad, and she roared, unrudely pulled her longbow and shot towards Fleeting Time, and then the leader kept attacking the sixth mother at Liuniang. This air combat is different from land combat. Fleeting Time can’t be as relaxed and comfortable as combat on land. What's more, Ye Ci is now angered by him, and the offensive is rushing and fierce. At the beginning, Fleeting Time was repelled repeatedly. There is almost no resistance. Seeing that his phoenix was sprayed with dragon's breath several times by Ye Ci's sixth child and was poisoned, he made prompt decisions, not in love with war, and the leader quickly left with the phoenix.

     His speed was already fast, and he was flying fast. Ye Ci's sixth child stretched his neck to bite the phoenix, but in the end he only got a bite of the feather. This annoyed the old sixty, and yelled angrily to chase the phoenix that pulled the wind and flew away. Ye Ci watched the flying longing Fleeting Time while letting him catch up with him, he pulled away the longbow in his hand. , All the skills have exceeded the Fleeting Time and greeted them, only to see the top of Fleeting Time's head a red cloud cover, a green cloud cover, and a dark cloud cover, colorful, very beautiful.These few times really caused Fleeting Time to be a little painful. While flying, he poured red into his mouth to pull the health bar that had been consumed too much. As Ye Ci continued to release various domineering skills towards Fleeting Time, he saw Fleeting Time suddenly turn around, his figure flashed slightly, and a golden arrow flew towards Ye Ci. The arrow was too close and flew too fast, giving Ye Ci almost no chance to dodge, and an arrow on his shoulder caused a lot of pain. She gritted her teeth and pulled her youngest to fly up and down in the air, do sth when least expected flight dodge, although she has dodged the Arrow of Fleeting Time many times, but it is very thrilling.

     However, Fleeting Time is obviously not much better. Although the speed of the Phoenix is a little faster than that of the Holy Dragon, it is also a reminder of the huge mount, and its sensitivity is slightly inferior to that of the Holy Dragon, which causes the Fleeting Time to be manipulated. Need to spend more thought.

     After going around a circle, he saw Ye Ci raise the bow towards himself again, he smiled, although a little hastily, he also raised the bow in his hand.