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《Devil Hunting Master》brief introduction

Devil Hunting Master

author: 死翼耐萨里奥

This is the story of a technical house-boy that saves the world. House boy Roddy, who is estranged from real life due to indulging in games, is one of the most famous rangers in The Crack. However, a crossing made him unexpectedly enter the game world, and returned to the delicate historical node two years before the service. The ruined country was still maintained, the beloved woman had not yet died in the orcs’ war. The shadows of the undead still hovered at the border, and the hypocritical masks of the nobles had not been taken off. When all this is not yet alive, All Rody can do is to hold the bow and arrow tightly, looking at the land that has not been disintegrated by the disaster, and embark on the journey destined to become an epic legend... (Chinese Name: 狩魔领主)

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new chapter: Chapter Directory 1228 The Finale 【End Of The Book】

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