《Great Tortoise Shell Army》brief introduction

Great Tortoise Shell Army

author: 唐家三少

A deep secret, a game called Great Tortoiseshell, nine mysterious and strange dices, the heir of God ’s bloodline, the mission of rebuilding the Protoss: ... Faced with all that came suddenly, what choices the god-punished boy will make? Do you still remember the undead holy dharma god Electrolux in "Sealed Divine Throne" who was "holding the sun and the moon and picking up stars, and there is no one like me in the world"? The Great Tortoiseshell technique that he did not hesitate to pursue is finally here! Even in the Doulu Continent II The Exceptional Tang Family, the power of God that he would never forget before he died will also be shown to everyone. In front of the Great Tortoiseshell technique, even if it is a god, he can't avoid its role! A talented teenager, who failed to go on the path of being a cultivator through selection, suddenly possessed a magical ability and was given The mission of rebuilding the Protoss, after several mysterious dices suddenly appeared... (Chinese Name: 大龟甲师)

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