《History's Number One Fellow Apprentices》brief introduction

History's Number One Fellow Apprentices

author: 八月飞鹰

For the first time, Yan Zhaoge traversed into a different world where the martial arts were prosperous. He slammed into the shrine library building where completed collection of classics in the world were stored. But the shrine was destroyed in a world-wide disaster. Then, for the second time, his soul came to the same world, who knows how many years later. People excavate the remnants left after the destruction. The martial arts civilization here is starting again, and it is still in the development stage of a new generation. Transversing to the current era with his mind full of secret scripts and classic collections from the shrine, Yan Zhaoge is like a person who was used to hell mode and is suddenly thrown itto simple mode. It couldn't be more cool! But before that, he had to solve a problem. "I'm not the protagonist? It's the antagonist who is fighting with the protagonist for girls?", "This script is not right!" (Chinese Name: 史上最强师兄)

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