《The Great Ruler》brief introduction

The Great Ruler

author: 天蚕土豆

The boundless universe where all planes meet, thousands of ethnic groups stand, and numerous heroes gather. One after another, from the next plane to the supreme heaven, yearning to be legend and pursuing domination. Endless fire plains, Flame Emperor in charge, ten thousand fire burning the sky. Within the martial arts world, the prestige of the ancestors of Wushu frightens the universe. The Temple of the West Heaven, the emperor of a hundred battles, the invincible war power. The Hill of the North Wilderness, the Land of Ten Thousand Tombs, the Lord of Undead guarding....The young man comes out from the northern spirit realm, riding the Nine Nether bird, and charges into the wonderful and diverse world. The road to dominance, who will rise and fall? This colorful world, ten thousand Daos competing, I am the great master. (Chinese Name: 大主宰)

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