《My Girl Friend Is a Ghost》brief introduction

My Girl Friend Is a Ghost

author: 太乙大真人

In one courageous act, Shen Nian accidentally rescued a girl ghost who was so unbelievably beautiful and kept absorbing Qi of Yang! From then on, Shen Nian's ordinary life suddenly became full of naked moments... Shen Nian looked at the girl ghost whose expression was 'desire unsatisfactied' in front of him and said helplessly: All right, it’s ok to inhale Yang, but can we change to a healthier way? The girl ghost gave him a cold glance: what way do you want to change to? Shen Nian probed: For example ... (words after "for example" were "harmonized". Readers please make up your own headcanon!) (Chinese Name: 我的女友是只鬼)

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