《Start from scratch》brief introduction

Start from scratch

author: 雷云风暴

[Signed works of the first editorial team of the starting point] If you want to exchange game currency for real currency, you must have a strong economic entity to guarantee its convertibility. This entity can only be the government of a country. But why does the government come forward to guarantee the real currency exchange ability of a game? War can also be fought this way. A soldier can kill a country like a blood knife. A game that can exchange real money, a super money machine. Its name is called "Zero" an outright financial bomb. ———————————————————— The author's starting point is nickname: God King Tyrant ———————————————————— The author is writing a new book (not yet uploaded), so the recent update is not stable, and the book is almost over, so do n’t worry about not seeing the end. If you think that "From scratch" is good, please do n’t forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ group and Weibo!

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