《Guts of a Thief》brief introduction

Guts of a Thief

author: 发飙的蜗牛

Dancing at the fingertips of Bleach, writing the legend of a lone thief, the road of a thief's kitchen knife. Ancient tombs of the necromancers of ancient tombs, chants of demons in the dark abyss of distant hell, ancient war songs of the old tauren priests of the orc tribe, technological civilization lost in the goblin kingdom, ancient ruins of the forest of Tula Leon, mysterious treasures of the Emerald Island, endless The peculiar race of the sea, the same Enzes, different legends. Snail's new book "Blade", please stay tuned, the same game background can definitely write a different taste. ~~ PS: The snail novel "Online Game Honghuang God Weapon" has been completed, and it is 6000+ every day after being put on the shelf. The "leveling expert for online games" has been completed, and it will be 6000+ every day after being put on the shelf. (Chinese Name: 贼胆)

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