《Tales of Demons and Gods》brief introduction

Tales of Demons and Gods

author: 发飙的蜗牛

As soon as the demon god came out, who would compete with each other. Nie Li, the strongest demon spirit master, was reborn in a young age in a mysterious book of demon spirits in time and space, practicing the strongest exercises and the strongest demon power, and set foot on the peak of martial arts! The enemies of the previous life are all liquidated. Since rebirth, I will be the king of all gods in this life, let everything tremble under my feet. ~~ "Yao Shen Ji" is a fantasy work carefully sculpted by snails. It will be a unique fantasy story. In addition, the comics of "Yao Shen Ji" are also released at the same time with Tencent's anime. stand by. ~ ~ Share books "Demon Gods" Author: freak snail (Chinese Name: 妖神记)

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