《Great Tang Idyll》brief introduction

Great Tang Idyll

author: 田园如梦

Idyllic Datang, warm sunshine, golden wheat, and egrets flying. Zhang Xiaobao: "I don't think that my own ability can change anything. My idea is very simple, that is, to change my own life. But there are many times when things don't develop as you think, just when I try to improve A lot of things happened in the process of family living standards, how to say, um... The simple point is the wings of a butterfly? No no no, this metaphor is too glamorous, more popular, I was put in a pot The rat shit." Wang Juan: "Since arriving in this era with international fraudsters, I declare that there are no more scammers in this world." ***** Group: 9~6~6~4~5`8 ~3~3 Follow ~ then ~ to enter, anyone can enter 59969957 same ~ on 59969217 same ~ on, there are nine positions. If you think "The Pastoral Datang" is good, don't forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ group and Weibo! (Chinese Name: 田园大唐)

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