《Nine Yang Sword Saint》brief introduction

Nine Yang Sword Saint

author: 沉默的糕点

The freshman boy Yang Dingtian has the body of Jiuyang(Nine Yang) out of hundreds of millions, and the fire of Yang is extremely strong. On the night of his 19th birthday, he decided to bid farewell to his virgin life and tasted the forbidden fruit. As a result, his body spontaneously ignited and burned! Then he crossed. Traveled to another world, a world where Wu force is respected. The originally catastrophic body of Jiuyang(Nine Yang) has become the Jiuyang(Nine Yang) Xuanmai(Vein of Qi) that has not been encountered for thousands of years. He saved a mysterious old man. At the end of his life, the old man accepted him as a disciple and betrothed his daughter to him. So inexplicably... (Chinese Name: 九阳剑圣)

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