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Divine Tamer

author: 净无痕

In the Eastern China, there are emperors who preached the emperor, preached by the sages, preached by the princes, and the powerful princes. There were thousands of unrest in China. At that time, the generation of Ye Qingdi and the East Phoenix Emperor were born and cut off. The emperor, the master sage, the vassals of the princes, the unification of the Eastern China! Then, Emperor Ye Qing suddenly died, and all the statues in the world were destroyed. He was removed from the world and became a taboo; from then on, only the East Phoenix Emperor was the only one in China! Fifteen years later, Qingzhou City in the East China Sea, a teenager named Ye Futian, opened his legendary path... If you think "Fu Tianshi" is not bad, please don’t forget to ask your friends in QQ group and Weibo Recommend! (Chinese Name: 伏天氏)

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