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Lord of Daobrief introduction

Lord of Dao

author: Ծǧ

The story of an earth god-level tomb robber who broke into the realm of cultivation... There is singing in Taohuayuan. Qingshan outside the mountain, Baigu Mountain. Wuhuama, Qianjin Qiu, Yitianjian, should be affectionate to me, tweeting ghosts, beautiful beauties. The world is endless, who is the best, the blue sky is yellow, and the ancient buildings are high. Fight for dominance! Fight for hegemony in troubled times! Hello, Xianxia! Author's custom label: Battle for hegemony, if you think "Dao Jun" is not bad, please don't forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ group and Weibo! (Chinese Name: )

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